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Board game tins are a popular form of game storage used to transport board games. It is a convenient option for those who want to store and transport their board games with ease. It is especially useful for collectors of rare gaming pieces, as the tin can provide safe and secure protection against damage or theft. By comparison, paper or plastic packaging tend to break easily and some boxes may be too large to easily transport. Board game tins also look aesthetically pleasing with their metal designs that range from traditional simple designs to more unique and decorative ones. The upside of using a board game tin is that it will protect your gaming pieces from dust, moisture, humidity and other environmental conditions while providing an attractive container for the game pieces. The downside is that tins cannot hold as many pieces as larger boxes and they can be more expensive than other forms of game storage.


Board game tins have been utilized as a form of packaging since the early 1900s. Originally, the hard metal containers were used to protect board games from dust, humidity, and water damage. Later on, these tins began to adopt more decorative purposes for different genres of board games. Over time, manufacturers started printing custom artwork on their tins in order to enhance their game’s appearance.

Today, board game tins are increasingly popular among players and collectors alike due to their visually pleasing designs and protective properties. They have become a creative medium for illustrators and graphic designers to express themselves through vibrant artwork. Game publishers have taken up this art form with many developing lines of themed tins featuring characters from classic literature or movies as well as independent art created specially for them. Nowadays board game stores showcase collections of limited edition collector items that often come in immaculate tin packages – a notable example being MONOPOLY┬« Anniversary Edition which commemorated the 70th anniversary of the classic world-famous game.


Storing and preserving board games in tins offers a number of benefits. Tins protect the contents from external factors such as moisture, dust, and dirt. In addition, they provide a space-saving option due to their stackability.

The material of the tin can play an important role when it comes to choosing the right one for storing board games. Metal tins tend to be more reliable with respect to keeping outexternal influences, while plastic tins are usually cheaper.Metal tins will usually also have sealing tight closures that plastic fails do not have quite as successfully so they may be preferable when it comes to long term storage. However, plastic tins do offer increased protection against crushing whereas metal containers may eventually dent or warp which could cause problems for protected game pieces inside the containers.

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Ultimately the choice between metal and plastic really depends on preference and purpose but there are clear benefits for using either type of tin for preserving board game pieces and sets.

Types of Tins

Board game tins come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. When selecting the right one for your game, it is important to consider the size and Shape of the tin as well its likely usage.

Some tins are made from metal, such as tin-plated steel or aluminum. These options can be printed with logos and artwork giving your product a professional look. Metal tins often have round lids making them easy to stack while keeping your game components safe inside the container.

Plastic board game tins come in varying thicknesses and colors like clear, or opaque black or white. They are typically rectangular in shape but may also have custom curves for added style and interest. Some styles feature sliding lids with snaps for a secure closure; ideal for cards and small pieces that require extra protection from dirt or damage due to everyday wear and tear.

Cardboard board game boxes come in many different shapes and sizes ” from miniature 2″ x 3″ boxes ideal for single decks of cards, to full-sized 12″ x 12″ x 6″ boxes designed to match theme games or even accommodate an entire collection of cards. Cardboard boxes are generally lightweight and inexpensive, but they can still protect against moisture damage while offering ample space storage within the box top and bottom trays.

Finally some board games come in heavier Duty & waterproof plastic cases which provide superior durability along with specialized divider inserts that aid in organizing large card collections into distinct categories such as character types, locations etc. These containers are best suited for large format games where safety and security against water damage is desired most!

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining board game tins is key to keeping them looking great and prolonging their life. To keep the tin in prime condition, first make sure to properly clean it before and after each use. Use a slightly damp cloth or non-abrasive cleaning product. Avoid any cleaners that contain abrasive particles as these can damage the surface of the tin.

Once your tin is cleaned, dry it thoroughly with a soft dry cloth to prevent possible rust or mold forming on its surface. Store your games away in a climate-controlled storage area where they will be safe from extreme temperatures and excessive moisture or humidity which can damage the tins.

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Finally, inspecting your board game tins periodically is important for maintaining their condition. Look for any signs of corrosion or rust and address them right away to prevent further damage occurring. Also be sure to apply a protective layer such as car wax over the metal parts helps keep them looking shiny and new while also protecting against wear or tear from extended play over time. With proper care you should have many years of gaming fun with these beloved tins!

DIY Options

One simple way to make a board game tin from cardboard is to begin by cutting two identical rectangles from sturdy cardboard, each measured to fit snugly around the board game that it will contain. Next, cut four strips of cardboard that are slightly longer than the length of each side of the rectangles. Connect each end of one rectangle and one strip together with glue. Then, connect each end of the second rectangle and strip together with tape. Finally, secure all four pieces together at the corners using reinforced glue or screws.

To customize, decorate your tin with paint, stickers or other adornments that suit your style. Use matching ribbon and buttons to create eye-catching visual effects, or print out logos and images onto adhesive paper to apply vibrantly colored images directly to your tin. Furthermore, you can also add handles on either side of your tin so it is easier to carry around when you’re taking it on trips!


A board game tin is a great storage option for anyone who loves to play board games and wants to keep their games organized and organized and easily accessible. Board game tins keep dust off of the pieces, add an extra layer of protection for your precious games, and even look nice when displayed on a shelf. The use of tins makes it easy to quickly pull out the necessary pieces at each game night, as well as providing a secure area in which to store your games when not being used. By using a board game tin you can be sure that your beloved pieces are kept clean, safe, and organized for any future gaming nights!

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