Starship Captains Board Game

Introduction to Starship Captains Board Game

Starship Captains Board Game is a science fiction-themed board game designed for two to five players, aged 10 and up. The game was originally published in 2010 by WizKids Games and it quickly became popular due to its unique blend of strategy, adventure and exploration. Players take on the role of Starship Captains as they explore a dynamic universe filled with aliens, derelict spacecraft, dangerous situations, valuable resources and magnificent wonders. The goal of the game is to outsmart your opponents in advancing your ship’s crew and technology in order to gain dominance over other players. To add even more variety, expansions are available featuring new maps, ships, civilizations and characters.

Overview of Components

Starship Captains Board Game is a sci-fi strategy game for 2-6 players set in deep space. Players command their own ships and compete to become the most renowned starship captain of the universe. Players take turns choosing moves on an interactive board, where they can build ships, trade resources, explore distant galaxies, upgrade ship systems, and engage in epic battles against rivals.

Players will need to understand basic rules of the game ” such as which resources are valuable and how to move around the board ” as well as more complex Strategies for making decisions about when to fight or flee from opponents, make trading deals, and time upgrades for maximum effectiveness. In addition to mastering these strategies, players need knowledge of star systems like distance between starships, alignments of stars, type of propulsion used by rival captains etc., which allows them to calculate the odds in battle situations or predict their opponent’s movements. Players also have access to specialized tools such as radar systems, energy shields and weapons systems that can be used against foes for added advantage during tactical play.

Design and Artwork

The game pieces in Starship Captains Board Game are made of plastic and are designed to be detailed and realistic. The 6 captain figures included in the game are finely sculpted from head to toe, wearing space garments and full regalia that give each individual character a unique look. Each captain will have a base for them to stand on, and also includes transparent hexagonal tiles that represent their starship, making it easier for players to recognize who is controlling what when playing the game.

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In addition to these figures, there is also an impressive selection of artwork featured throughout the game. There are vibrant and colorful space maps sprinkled with star constellations that players explore when playing the game – these maps give insight into the different galaxies and starsystems available for players to traverse. Included with the box-set come miniatures made of plastic featuring various Sci-Fi designs like planets, asteroids, moons – all of which can be mixed with other miniature sets within the collection or used as part of building decorative playset terrains.


The Starship Captains Board Game is a game where players take turns as captains of different starships. The primary objective of the game is to move their spaceships around the board and arrive at their destination before the other players. On their turn, each player rolls a die and then moves their spaceship in any direction for the number of spaces indicated by the roll. As players make their way from one point to another, they must also avoid obstacles, collect points, activate power-ups and much more. In addition to trying to arrive first to each location, players are also competing with each other for resources such as fuel, technology upgrades and more. Players can use these collected materials during the game, either helping or hindering the competition whenever possible. The game ends when one player successfully reaches their destination first, claiming victory over all opponents!

Strategy and Tactics

Players can use many strategies to win the Starship Captains Board Game. Getting the most victory points is usually the path to success, so players should build their fleets and colonize planets with an eye towards obtaining victory points. For example, players may want to acquire advanced technologies or focus on gaining diplomatic victory points by forming alliances. Certain strategies can help players depending on the gameplay level; for instance, advanced strategies like timing strikes for maximum damage or dedicating resources for more gain can help more experienced players at higher levels of play. Simple strategies like defending key vessels from attack or colonizing planets with bonus victory points are helpful for those just starting out. Overall, different levels of play require different strategies in order to achieve success in the game.


The Starship Captains Board Game has several special scenarios available for different levels of play. For the most experienced players, there are advanced specific scenarios that may require a few extra rules. These can be challenging to master and will add an extra dose of excitement and competition to the game.

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For beginners, there are easier scenarios designed to teach the game in a more relaxed way. They still provide all the same fun as the advanced strategies but are tailored for those who may be unfamiliar with playing board games or new to this particular game.

Players and/or groups can also use campaign-style play, which allows them to work through the game from start to finish in one sitting, making decisions that help shape their ship’s fate between battleships, pirates, and asteroids. Players can also customize a character that changes depending on certain world events during playtime, providing each game with its own unique feel and depth. Different players or even separate groups can create their own custom campaigns allowing them to tackle as many or as few hazards as they please while staying challenged at all times.

Concluding Thoughts

The Starship Captains Board Game is a great addition to any game lover’s collection. It is an exciting, strategic, and fast-paced game that takes place in the depths of space. Players vie for control over ships and cargo while battling against alien foes. The components are top-notch, featuring intricate models of starships that players can upgrade and customize with their own unique tactics. An interesting variety of scenarios pit players against each other or against the computer in thrilling battles that require thought and strategy. With its captivating theme and engaging game play, this game makes for a great addition to any collector’s library ” whether you are playing alone or with friends. My personal opinion on the game is that it is a fun way to challenge yourself, hone your tactical thinking skills, and have a great time with friends or family. Highly recommended!

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