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With the advent of technology, playing with board games has been replaced with virtual experiences like video and online gaming. But there is still a growing trend in board games ” ones that you can play in the dark. Whether it be for Halloween festivities or a fun night indoors when you don’t want to turn the lights on, these types of board games are becoming increasingly popular amongst groups both large and small.

These board games use different elements such as glow-in-the-dark pieces, illuminated dice, and velcro to replicate a more traditional style of game play but also add a unique twist in playing without traditional light sources. Such games will often contain components that require reading instructions being able to do so in the absence of any external lighting source. Board games played in the dark can provide greater skill development opportunities by straining players to think outside their comfort zone and use tactile skills that they would normally take for granted when playing under artificial light.

In addition to this new way of board game experience, these nighttime gaming sessions have become something of an adventure due to its immersive atmosphere where people really focus on their strategies and outsmart each other within minutes with no distraction from external lighting sources as competing against one another howls from within the darkness. Moreover, it’s also great way to engage everyone at the table as nearly everyone participates instead sort being split into watchers or non participants when vibrant colors fade away completely as darkness takes over by removing any visual biases players may have when engaging in classic game plays throughout history.

Many people describe these nightly excursions not only as thrilling adventures but accommodating communal reunions necessary while during covid time where family gatherings allowed under reasonable social distancing regulations are scarce making them an enticing centerpiece for entertainment after long days spent indoors alone or within your quarantine partner(s).

Best Practices for Playing Board Games in the Dark

Board games can be a fun and exciting way to spend time with friends in the dark. However, it is important to ensure the game is set up and played safely in order for everyone to have a safe and fun experience. Here are some tips for playing board games in the dark:

• Consider using glow-in-the-dark pieces or other luminous materials to make the game pieces easier to identify in the dark.
• If you’re using traditional pieces, opt for heavier materials so they don’t move around when someone is making their turn. Similarly, use boards that are weighted or heavier so that the board won’t move when navigating it.
• Have some flashlights available so anyone can take turns shining on a certain part of the board game if necessary throughout each player’s turn.
• Place candles or glow sticks throughout the room at strategic points – not too close to flammable objects – as decoration but also as additional light sources while you play..
• Make sure your safety remains paramount; monitor any open flames closely, remove any tripping hazards from the area before getting started and use caution during your playtime.

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Creative Ways to Enhance Your Board Game Experience in the Dark

1. Incorporate glow-in-the-dark pieces. This is an easy way to make your board game more exciting in the dark. You can find different glow-in-the-dark figures and tokens, like dice, pawns, and cards, that you can use to enhance your game night experience.

2. Utilize strings of lights. Draping a few strands of battery operated string lights around the game area can help provide some light for you to see the pieces without having it fully illuminated in the dark. This can be a great way to add some atmosphere during your games.

3. Wear Glow Bracelets/Necklaces/Glasses (Available at craft stores). Adding glow accents with accessories like bracelets, necklaces or glasses will help draw attention and create an exciting environment as you play your board game in the dark.

4. Add LED Light strips under tables: Place LED light strips under tables or on furniture around your playing area will give just enough of ambient light without requiring flashlights and spotlighting you when you take a turn.


Types of Board Games Best Suited to Play in the Dark

1. Mystery games: Mystery board games, such as detective and horror games, often involve trying to collect clues or solve a mystery in order to discover the solution from within the darkness.

2. Strategy Games: There are many strategy board games that don’t require an extra light source and can be played in the dark. Examples include Chess, Chinese Checkers, Go, Risk and Carcassonne.

3. Party Games: Popular party-style board games can also be adapted for playing in game in the dark. For example, Mysterium is a game of deduction where one player takes on the role of a ghost who needs help to identify a murderer among players in complete darkness who have no idea what is going on!

4. Trivia Games: Many trivia board games come with cards and pieces that are tactile within the dark, making them great choices for playing without light sources. Titles like “Quiz Up!” or “Trivial Pursuit” stand out as examples here.

5. Action/Adventure Games: Quick paced polyomino-style adventure games like Flash Point can rely heavily upon memory alone when playing in dimly lit rooms with no light source available during gameplay.

Tips and Tricks for Lighting Up the Night and Keeping the Fun Going

Playing a board game in the dark can be a unique and exciting experience. Flashlights, glow-in-the-dark stickers, and items that have been prepped with reflective markers are all excellent tools to help create an entertaining atmosphere while still allowing you to stay safely in the dark.

When preparing to play a game in the dark, be sure that all pieces of the game are clearly visible even in dim light or moonlight. Consider adding small LED lights to your game pieces if it’s too hard to see them otherwise. You could also attach glowing stripes of tape to each player’s piece as this will make it easy for both players and bystanders alike to distinguish between each move.

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Adding music or sound effects can add an extra layer of excitement to the game. Music can also further set an atmosphere associated with suspense and mystery, perfect for playing games in the dark. Furthermore, when playing with multiple people you can use string lights along walls or between pieces on the board so everyone has an idea of where they are located as they navigate around their turns.

Another great way to add some fun is by using scented candles! Different scent combinations create different atmospheres for your game night ” from fun and upbeat scents such as bubblegum, lemonade or cinnamon rolls, or mysterious fragrances like sandalwood, incense or sage ” allowing you choose a fragrance according to the type of game being played! With these tips and tricks you can keep the fun going on into the night while still keeping things safe!

Safety Considerations When Playing Board Games in the Dark

Safety should be a top priority when playing board games in the dark. Some precautions to consider include: keeping all areas clear of any clutter that could lead to tripping or other accidents, using a flashlight so you can clearly see game pieces and instructions, avoiding any potential fire hazards like candles or lighters as a light source, being aware of sharp edges on components such as dice and cards, and ensuring all players have adequate space to move within the game area. It is also important to monitor noise levels within the room, as noise could distract or even anger other players. Setting out rules for the room before starting a game in the dark can help ensure everyone’s safety, and is an effective way to structure your experience. Having fun safely should be the main objective of any board game night!


Board games are a great way to have fun with friends and family. But when you play them in the dark, something unique and special happens; a type of magic that is hard to replicate in more traditional settings. Instead of competing against one another, players are united as they attempt to navigate their surroundings in an effort to progress further along in the game itself. By relying on their sense of hearing, touch and team spirit, each person is challenged by the darkness laced with intrigue and mystery. Ultimately, playing board games in the dark brings a sense of newfound unity that cannot be experienced in any other manner. Together, you create unforgettable memories while having a lot of laughs along the way”an experience that can only be achieved when playing board games in the dark.

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