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Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is an iconic board game that has had a major impact on the industry. Since its release in 1981, it has been immensly popular among board game enthusiasts. Today, there are numerous other detective-style, narrative-driven games that owe a great deal of their development to this revolutionary title. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective’s brand of adventure gaming has influenced just about every storytelling game since its debut. It has proven that investigative storytelling could be captured on a board and create the same type of excitement as video games or films. Players explore meticulously crafted mysteries as they play through multiple cases with friends or alone.

The game experience itself is unique, as one does not simply “win” the game; rather, players solv clues to earn points by working together to solve the case successfully. This simulates the unique excitement and thrill of a strong mystery story and creates an intense atmosphere where players must be highly attentive in their discovery journey. In addition to Investigations mode, other scenarios exist including Head-to-Head and Versus mode which require additional strategy and offer different variations on the gameplay experience.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective not only created ripples throughout the physical board game arena but also revolutioned online gaming as well. Games like Clue (Hasbro), Watson and Holmes (Gigamic), Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game have all taken some inspiration from Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, pushing forward both digital and analog gaming systems alike across all age groups seeking immersive entertainment experiences fit for detectives-in-training!

The Top Board Games Like Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

Catan: Catan is one of the most popular and beloved board games of all time. Since its release in 1995, it has sold over 25 million copies worldwide, making it one of the top-selling board games to ever have been released. Despite being a strategy-based game, it has an incredibly accessible theme that focuses on building and trading resources within a colonial America themed universe. The objective is to complete development milestones while gaining supremacy over other players.

Ticket to Ride: Ticket to Ride began as a classic railway-themed board game set in the 1900s, but with numerous spin-offs and expansions since then. This series now includes maps from around the world, allowing players to connect major cities using different feats of transportation – making it one of the most challenging yet engaging titles on the market. Over eleven million copies have sold worldwide since its 2004 release, as well as five Golden Geek awards for best strategy game, making it a cult classic today.

Agricola: Agricola is another popular board game often compared to games like Sherlock Holmes due its turn based, decision-making components. It focuses on farming animations where players create their farms with an aim toward optimizing production at each turn – cultivating livestock such as cows, sheep and horses amongst other tasks such as both feeding their family and harvesting crops like wheat and barley, This mechanic encourages careful planning throughout each round as points are awarded accordingly. It has since been followed up by several expansions including Farmers Of The Moor in 2012 which improved upon its core mechanics further, resulting in placing 19th places in BoardGameGeek’s Top 100 list by 2020.

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In-depth Gameplay Analysis

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective is a classic game that is sure to entertain any detective enthusiast. The game focuses on the prominent investigative skills of the iconic character and tests players’ sleuthing abilities.In this collaborative, case-solving game, players are faced with a variety of clues found in historical newspapers and handouts. To successfully solve a case, each team must use their detective skills to unearth concealed details from combination of evidence sources.

Involvement in the game is made easy with its interactive maps, vivid character depictions and artful design. Players start by choosing one of ten cases from the ‘Street Guide’, each containing an intriguing storyline that requires crime solving capabilities. After picking a case, players can examine pertinent objects or sources for helpful nuggets of information related to their investigations. As players progress through their respective mission, they use these clues to unravel what happened by piece together an assortment secret facts contained in multiple news clippings and corresponding outcome charts”all while managing limited funds and counting down to beat the clock on predetermined deadlines.

The gameplay also incorporates visual elements such as copies of historic newspaper clippings revealed during investigations, illustrious blue-tinted graphics that accompany major plot pointsand official documents like medical reports presented when a particular task is required to be completed. Additionally, every location visited adds further vibrant color and detail to the story as notable landmarks can be seen seen via special scenes illustrated in captivating watercolour paintings . Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective offers fantastic visuals which bring you straight into world mysterious intrigue Sherlock Holmes himself!

User Reviews

Reviews of board games like Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective are heavily positive. Players praise the game for its living environment, one that allows people to place themselves into the shoes of investigators in Victorian London. The impactful stories and themes bring a deep sense of satisfaction as players interactively investigate their suspicions.

Each similar game has its own pros and cons that can be compared with Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. For example, some critics commended Mystère et Magie: Conflit à Loch Ness for being creative in its narrative while others opined it was over-engineered with too many rules and puzzles. Similarly, ‘Cthulhu: Death May Die’ offers an excellent collaborative experience while at times feeling overbearing with excessive amounts of cards or pieces to manage; whereas Holmes is good at easing new players into the investigative spirit of the game. In comparison, ‘Black Orchestra’ places focus on whether or not an objective will be fulfilled at all; giving players a suspenseful sensation regardless if they succeed or fail. It also requires solitaire play rather than cooperative/competitive situations like Sherlock Holmes Certification Detective does.

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Ultimately, it’s clear why players enjoy this genre so much – thrilling plots that give you a challenge and make you feel involved in stunningly realized worlds from history or fiction alike.


Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective has been credited with inspiring new trends and ideas in the board game industry, from its immersive narrative-driven play to inventive mechanisms. Inspired by this game, other designers are now looking to create games of a similar style that not only challenge players using deductive reasoning, but also immerse them into a unique story. This type of activity is driven by an ever increasing interest and appreciation for complex narratives within the board game space.

Furthermore, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective has also inspired an increase in cooperative play designs, allowing players to work together as they try to solve scenarios. With these mechanics at the core of many titles being released now, it will be interesting to see how far game designers can explore and evolve such concepts.

Additionally, due to its influence across the industry and growing popularity among players, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective won itself accolades such as Spiel des Jahres , paving the way for more award-winning innovative games going forward in the board gaming industry.

Overall, the future impact of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is expected to be long standing – not only encouraging more cooperative and narratively immersive experiences but also providing accessibilities for different levels of player involvement. It has undoubtedly become an inspirational classic in the board game world and as such it shall remain a cornerstone in the conversation about trend setting titles for years to come.

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