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The Sherlock Board Game is a fun and engaging strategy game for players aged 8 to adult. Developed by Winning Moves Games, this unique board game incorporates themes from the popular TV series, Sherlock, such as evidence collecting, deduction, crime solving and more. Players must work in teams of two to solve a case before their opponent. To do so they must question suspects, search for hidden clues, make deductions and ultimately solve the crime! The game also encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills while providing hours of entertainment with its balanced combination of an immersive storyline and thrilling chases. Players can become fully immersed in the world of Sherlock Holmes as they move around the board outsmarting fellow players. With new cases full of twists and turns being added each time it’s played, no two games are ever the same – making it a great way to bond with friends and family over a unique competitive experience.

Details of the Game

Sherlock Board Game is a fast-paced detective game for two to six players. In the game, each player takes on the role of either Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Watson and works to crack a case by solving puzzles, gathering clues and attempting to gather the most evidence. The objective of the game is to be the first player to identify the criminal based on the clues they’ve gathered.

The board in Sherlock Board Game consists of eight colorful squares, four representing each character’s property: Baker Street, 221B, St. Bart’s hospital and Holmes’ Clubhouse. At the start of the game, 15 tokens are placed face down in a random pattern across both sides of board. Each token contains a clue relating to one of four suspects (Redbeard, Moriarty, Mrs. Hudson and Watson) which has been classified as a question or double sided clue card/puzzle piece representing visual and verbal information.

Each player also receives an envelope filled with 9 pieces: 1 read aloud mechanism (bulletin board), map cards, 3 thin red line maps and 4 suspect identification cards that must remain hidden until the solution is revealed during end-game scoring. These pieces are intended to be used by each player throughout their investigation journey in order to figure out who’s guilty after students have collected 10 or more evidence tokens within one side of board layout correctly – hence having selected all correct answers amongst several multiple-choice selections provided on each evidence/clue token turned over along their case study process conducted hereby before successfully ringing that bell located within Holmes’ clubhouse (which marks completion) thus becoming s first one successful detective at this challenge combined with deductive thinking skills involved unto truly uncovering criminals identity (aka “victim”).

Gameplay Overview

The Sherlock Board Game is a strategy game based on the popular detective series. Players take on the role of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson as they investigate crimes and solve puzzles. The game includes all of the classic elements, such as clue cards, suspect tokens, and deduction boards. It also incorporates story-telling and character development.

Set Up: To begin playing the Sherlock Board Game, players should decide who will take on the roles of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. Next, players must choose a scenario to play out by reading through one of the various provided crime descriptions and laundering for clues to solve puzzles. Once this has been determined, pieces such as character tokens and clue cards can be set upon their corresponding spaces on the board. Depending on which scenario is chosen there may be extra components needed (i.e certain objects) that must be setup before gameplay can start.

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Gameplay: The game is turn-based where players roll dice to move around the board collecting clues which must then be used to progress in solving puzzles as you move around different points in London specifically related to your chosen case. In addition to clues, each player may attempt to helpful Discovery cards that give bonus information or hints towards an answer during their turns. These cards are could be examples or stories that have already happened during other cases handled by Holmes & Watson during inspections or interviews previously conducted by them within past cases handled by them throughout their adventures & analytics our pair have found themselves in within literature they are associated with.. Additionally while making deductions or attempts at answering questions correctly during gameplay there are occasional Dice tests that take place when characters lands onto evidence markers during their moves around London which can help give pairs a boost in points when successfully collected correctly due to understanding gathered after careful analysis off data collected + wit & luck too!

Winning: Ultimately once all puzzles are solved satisfactorily from both parties you win, however If only one team solves all the mysteries first then they nullify any chance for either competitor for winning” leaving only one choice for victor !… So if it’s Holmes against ever-reliable Watson ” both must use every skill learned & asset acquired so far… With Holmes acting more aggressively whilst Watson being more intellectually methodical.. And hence overall if it’s done carefully enough Our Doyle trio should succeed eventually ” which indeed would make any London Police Dept proud!

What Sets It Apart From Other Board Games

The Sherlock board game stands apart from other classics like Monopoly and Clue as it is specifically designed to test your detective skills. Players assume the role of ace detective, Sherlock Holmes, travelling around in a cab searching for clues leading to a mysterious criminal’s hideout. Players will interrogate witnesses, visit crime scenes, and use their deductive reasoning skills to uncover who or what the criminal is hiding from. Along the way players must collect evidence and memorize useful information that can be used to succeed ” all while racing against other players. The gaming experience even features Jack the Ripper as a game character so viewers can join in on the intense action. A key difference between this and other popular board games such as Monopoly and Clue is that you are encouraged not only to collaborate with your team, but also race each other by using strategy and logic rather than luck; you may need to outsmart your opponents just as much as work together!

Popular Strategies and Tips for Maximum Enjoyment

Sherlock is a board game that invites players to solve various mysteries and puzzles. Players piece together clues and use deductive reasoning to outsmart the villain and prevent disaster. It’s become a popular game for families, groups of friends, and even those who fancy themselves puzzle experts. As the game grows in popularity, many people are scouring the internet for strategies and tips on how to get maximum enjoyment out of it. Here are some of the most commonly discussed tactics:

1. Pay Attention to Clues: Take note of all the information available from all sources as this could help you deduce which suspect is behind the main crime. Examine every clue meticulously and pay close attention to time frames or matters of coincidence.

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2. Rethink Your Choices: If your deduction seems like it should have led you away from a certain outcome, consider whether you missed something earlier in the process that might change your opinion or warrant a second look.

3. Ask Questions: Make use of incidental facts in order to question suspects or suggest alternative possibilities for what happened in the story. This can be a great way to elicit more information from both suspects as well as other players.

4. Keep Track of Actions: It’s important to remember that all actions can have an impact on the outcome, so writing down every step taken by yourself and your opponents will help inform your further theories and deductions throughout gameplay.

5. Practice Deduction Techniques: Deductive reasoning is crucial in Sherlock, so practicing typical deduction exercises such as mind palaces can boost your cognitive abilities while also making sure you stay sharp during intense sessions of Sherlock play!

Reviews of the Game

The Sherlock Board Game is the perfect game choice for families and fans of mystery. The game features a mysterious cast of characters and creative components such as hidden items, maps and symbols that give it an atmosphere of suspense. Players use deduction and keen observation to identify who among them is the criminal, what objects were stolen, where clues are located and more. Critics are praising this board game for its clever design, challenging puzzles, replayability and enjoyable gameplay experience. Fans of the genre are especially pleased with how closely it replicates their favorite detective stories. With mystery elements such as false leads and unpredictable plot twists, players must remain vigilant in their investigation if they hope to come out on top. Even experienced players can find themselves having difficulty determining who among them is guilty or innocent.


The Sherlock Board Game is a great way to have fun and engage in stimulating puzzles. It can be purchased online at major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Target. What makes it such an enjoyable experience is that it combines elements from deductive reasoning games, cooperative play, and interactive murder mysteries. Players take on the roles of Inspector Lestrade and Sherlock Holmes to solve a murder in Victorian London. Through detective work, players inspect clues with alibis, weapons, motives, suspects, and more in order to find what happened during the night of the crime. As each puzzle piece falls into place, the whole mystery begins to unravel around you providing hours of fun for all players involved. The game adds an extra layer of excitement by allowing players to compete against each other as they try to figure out who the culprit is before their opponents. With incredible replay value high difficulty levels that can be adjusted on the fly, this family favorite will provide countless hours of entertainment while you sharpen your mental muscles solving mind-bending logic puzzles as you pursue justice within time constraint of Victorian London’s foggy nights!

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