Board Games Of 2019


Board games are a timeless tradition, enjoyed by people of all ages, genders and backgrounds. For centuries, people have been enjoying classic games such as Chess, Checkers and Monopoly. With the surge of technology in recent decades, board games have also adapted, taking on a new look and feel while still maintaining their core gameplay mechanics. 2019 is no exception.

This year’s popular games include everything from classic favorites to innovative new creations that can please even the most experienced gamers. Not only do these games bring social fun and entertainment but they can also help build family bonds, create conversations between players and even encouraging teamwork in cooperative missions. There are so many exciting options out there when it comes to board game selections for 2019 ” if only you had enough time to play them all!

From collector’s editions of much-loved classics to imaginative journeys into fantasy worlds, there’s something for everyone when it comes to board games in 2019. Games like Settlers of Catan provide a challenging gaming experience with plenty of room for strategy and clever decisions, while other titles create immersive stories with intricate miniature figures that allow gamers to “live” through quests and puzzles. Fantasy-appreciation lovers will enjoy playing Mice & Mystics which puts players face-to-face against some truly thrilling adventures while others will appreciate nostalgic remakes such as Clue ” Master Detective or Yahtzee Retro Edition are great ways to relive past memories without sacrificing gaming quality. For those looking for something a little more fast-paced and adrenaline-filled then titles like Risk: Ultimate Edition or Macao make excellent choices that promise hours of entertainment full of intense competition.

Simply put: The array of different board game selections available this year is vast and ever growing! Just remember this obvious truth ” having too many board games isn’t really an issue (unlike having too many video games). You’re never going to run out of ideas or ways to entertain yourself with these wonderful collectibles that just keep expanding across generations!

What’s Hot

2019 has been a standout year for board games, with a variety of exciting new releases and updates of classic titles. In particular, there have been some absolutely phenomenal cooperative games that have taken the world by storm. From the acclaimed series Pandemic to the Harry Potter-themed game Betrayal At Hogwarts, cooperative games challenge players to work together to achieve victory rather than compete against each other. Detective Mysteries, such as Scotland Yard and Chronicles of Crime, allow players to work cooperatively toward solving complex crime scenes. And abstract strategy titles like Azul: Summer Pavilion show that timeless classics can still be adapted for modern gaming experiences. Party games are also experiencing a resurgence in popularity with Composure by Wonder Forge taking center stage – this quick-paced tile laying game will take the laughs along with it no matter where you go!

For Strategists

Exploding Kittens: This card game, beloved by many, pits players against one another in a battle of wits. The strategic component lies in the fact that each player must think on their feet and quickly assess risk, rewards, and blow up possibilities. At its core, Exploding Kittens is all about outsmarting opponents with well-timed plays.

Twilight Struggle: This strategy game takes two players head to head as they vie for political power over the Cold War era. Players move armies and engage in significant events that shaped history from 1945 through 1989 in a geo-political fight across three continents. Reenacting real-world events adds an interesting twist, a sense of shared fate often missing from classic board games.

Terraforming Mars: In this sci-fi themed board game, players compete as rival corporations working to make Mars suitable for human life. With cards fueling every move, including purchasing resources and launching new projects, Terraforming Mars tests your resourcefulness while allowing you to build different strategies to come out ahead. The ever-evolving maps also add dynamism and unexpected outcomes no matter how many times you play it.

Azul: This aesthetically pleasing tile pattern building game has picked up multiple awards since it was released at the end of 2017. Opponents will attempt to score points be collecting tiles and filling various rows with clever combinations of tiles while avoiding penalties like the incomplete line penalty or staying within the row limits per turn. Azul takes only 30 minutes to play but requires intense focus throughout “the exciting challenge lies in finding the best way for each player take advantage of existing patterns as it changes per round..

Scythe: An award winning steampunk board game Scythe puts two army leaders face-to-face as they strive for control of Eastern Europa after a great war between Eurasia’s Machine King Alliances. In this strategy epic there are multiple paths available to win objectives that must be carefully considered” from building mechs and gathering resources; recruiting allies; advancing technology; developing territories using action cards – all done while kicking butt which makes Scythe intensely rewarding when played right!

Classics Remixed

If you’re looking for a great way to entertain friends and family in 2019, consider the resurgence of classic board games with a modern twist. Some of the most popular classics are being remodeled into fresh new games with unique features that cater to both adults and children alike. For example, Monopoly is available in various versions such as Millennials Edition, Cheaters Edition, Old School Edition and San Francisco edition – all re-imagined to reflect contemporary times. Additionally, the digital version of this game is also becoming increasingly popular. Matching puzzles have been turned into fast-paced strategy games like Check twice, where players must use decryption cards to figure out each other’s information before it’s too late or be the first to solve their own case. Finally, traditional card games such as UNO continue to captivate millions; however, recent editions like UNO Flip offers double playing action and bring an exciting new element of surprise (and frustration)to the game! Whether played digitally or on a board in your living room, these updated classics offer plenty of fun for all ages.

How To Play Monopoly Cheaters Edition Board Game

For Connectors

If you’re looking for the perfect way to liven up a party with a lot of different people, board games can be the perfect creative outlet. Here are five fun interconnected board games that spice up any gathering:

1) Pandemic: In this cooperative adventure game, players work together as a team to prevent epidemics from ravaging the world. Each player takes on the role of a specialist and attempts to cure four diseases before humanity is wiped out.

2) Mystery Express: On this train ride-inspired board game, players must solve mysteries and score points in order to become victorious before their opponents. In this “whodunit” game of deduction, everyone works together to uncover clues and figure out who committed the crime!

3) Clue Harry Potter Edition: This classic murder mystery game gets an exciting makeover with a wizarding twist! Step into Hogwarts and use your magical skills to uncover information about the Dark Arts teacher’s mysterious demise.

4) Mysterium: An oracular ghost invites all players to solve the mystery of their own death in this psychic deduction board game. Everyone must collaborate in order to discover clues through visions or risk being locked away forever!

5) The Resistance: Avalon: Fantasy and intrigue combine in this heart-pounding rebellion against evil plans. Players must work together while they decide if each mission succeeds or fails – will you be able to conquer evil?

Board games are not only just for children – with themes like these it’s easy for adults too! Whether you’re looking for some cooperative fun, detective work or thrill-seeking action ” these five interconnected board games will surely liven up any party!


Board games are a great way to connect families and friends of all ages, but 2019 brought an influx of options that are tailored to different age brackets. Look for these 5 board games if you want to pick the perfect game for a specific age group:

For Toddlers: Snug as a Bug in a Rug. This adorable game requires players to match the bug cards with their corresponding rugs using memory and observation skills. It is great for younger children as it is extremely lightweight and comes with easy instructions, making it perfect for toddlers!

For Pre-teens: Breaking Bad. A great strategy game featuring all of your favorite characters from the hit show, this game is sure to ignite conversations among preteens who are both fans of the show and have an interest in card games. Players must outsmart each other by gaining points through crafty decision making.

For Teens: Risk Legacy. Teens looking for longer-term gaming options will appreciate this title from HasbroGames, which evolves over 15 games full of surprises that’ll keep them engaged for hours at a time. They’ll get competitive building their empires through luck, tactics and diplomacy!

For Adults: Betrayal at House on the Hill . Perfect for three ” six players located 12 years or older, Betrayal is an excitement-filled horror and mystery theme exploration title akin to Dungeons & Dragons but without having to rule-learn first. Two teams must work together while one person secretly works against them -the twist awaits!

For Senior Citizens: Yahtzee Challenge . A classic counting dice board game adapted specially for seniors, Yahtzee Challenge combines speed and strategic thinking into one fun package so senior citizens can join in on friendly competition with maximum fun!

Family Fun

This year has seen an abundance of entertaining, engaging and educational board games for the whole family! Here are five favorites from 2019 that you’ll be sure to enjoy:

1. Password: Aptly titled “Word Game” this game is a family classic and is perfect for any day at home with the gang. Players take turns giving clues to their team mate, who must guess the secret word. This simple game encourages children’s vocabulary development and communication skills, whilst providing hours of creative fun.

2. Snakes & Ladders: This well-loved (and equally challenging) game combines elements of chance, strategy and luck. Perfect for preschoolers as well as adults, it’s an exciting way to enhance counting skills in children as they race their opponents up the winding ladder boards while evading sneaky snakes that lurk along the way!

3. Charades For Kids: This lively adaptation on the much-loved charade game will have everyone laughing out loud while trying to guess a series of funny actions or objects acting out by another team member. Graphics are kid-friendly and keep children engaged whilst building their vocabulary too – a definite win!

4. Monopoly Junior: Our beloved Monopoly takes on a new life as Monopoly Junior! The best part? Even kids can understand it. Traditional rules are simplified for younger players ” no money changing hands ” simply collect stars around the board with each completion of a full lap wins them the game!

5. Boggle Jr.: Get ready for word building fun with Boggle Jr., an exciting preschool classic inspired by the original adult version of Boggle ” but made kid friendly with familiar illustrations, letter cubes and colorful word cards given throughout game play. Children will love finding all kinds of new words!

Tiny Tina Board Game

Whether you’re looking for an educational experience or just some good old-fashioned entertainment, these five picks have something to suit everyone in your household! So grab your dice, settle down around the table…it’s time to get gaming!

Theme Nights

In 2019, board games have become increasingly popular as an entertaining, social activity. Not only are they an enjoyable way to spend time with friends and family, but they can also be based on a variety of themes – from horror nights to movie-based challenges. Some of the most fun and popular board games of 2019 have implemented clever themes that bring new life to classic board game staples. Here are five of the best such games available for you and your game night:

1. Movie Money: This game is centered around the “Movie Bank”, in which players must one-up each other with various movie quotes about characters and plot lines. The player who accumulates the most movie money at the end of each round wins!

2. Super Villain Showdown: This exciting game pits players against each other in an epic showdown between two super villains. Players must use their cunning tactics to outwit their opponents while acquiring as much power as possible. The ultimate victor is rewarded with fame and glory.

3. Zombie Apocalypse: In this fearful re-imagining of Monopoly, zombie hordes roam the city streets and threaten civilization’s last bastion of survivors “a group of fellow board gamers! Players must build barricades, scavenge for supplies, battle zombies, and attempt to escape alive if their chosen character has any hope for survival at all!

4. Horror Movie Edition Clue: Players step into the shoes of unforgettable characters from some of horror cinema’s greatest films such as Hitchcock’s Psycho or Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead” trying to solve a crime using skill rather than sheer luck in order to win this twisted version of classic Clue!

5. Marvel Heroes Chess Game: This unique chess set features characters from the Marvel universe instead of traditional chess pieces ” allowing fans a chance to play strategy with their favorite comic book heroes and villains! As a bonus, this game includes 4 exclusive characters that are only available through buying this special edition set ” something any collector will not want to miss out on!

Card Games

In 2019, many card games have become increasingly popular for game night fun. Here are some of the best games to add to your repertoire:
1. Exploding Kittens: This fast-paced strategy game is easy to learn and features fantastic cartoon graphics. Players draw cards with different actions on them in an effort to catch an “exploding kitten” before the other players do.
2. Nephews & Nieces: This family board game brings out the competitive spirit in everyone who plays it! Players take turns matching animals while avoiding obstacles and collecting points along the way.
3. Unstable Unicorns: Players race to be the first one to build a stable, or collection of seven unicorns by both playing cards and interacting with the other players.
4. Sushi Go!: A deceptively simple yet highly rewardable card drafting game that has you mixing and matching different sushi rolls with excellent imagery that anyone can understand!
5. Love Letter: Consisting of 16 cards, this classic two-player game puts players against each other as they vie to gather information about what their opponent is holding in their hand and bluffing along their journey in an attempt to win the love letter from the princess!


2019 has been a great year for board games. With an impressive lineup of titles, both big and small, there’s something for everyone to love. From popular mainstream games like Catan and Ticket to Ride to quirky underground releases like Potion Explosion and Magic Maze, this year has seen great variety in what’s available. Aside from their sheer entertainment value, the rise of board gaming gives us the chance to connect with friends, family and neighbors in a way that digital alternatives simply can’t offer. Board gaming encourages cooperation, communication and problem-solving skills ” all while having fun!

The past few years have seen a resurgence in popularity of board games due to platforms such as Kickstarter and dedicated online communities like Board Game Geeks. This increased awareness has helped drive innovation and creativity with titles that appeal those looking for something truly unique or off the beaten path. Best of all, these trends don’t show any signs of slowing down ” 2019 is sure to be even better than last year. With more projects aiming for crowdfunding success, more engaging experiences on store shelves, and more exciting themes being explored than ever before; it’s clear that 2019 really is the year of board game greatness!

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