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As we wrap up another year and look ahead to 2021, board game enthusiasts everywhere are beginning to anticipate the array of new experiences coming their way. As the traditional tabletop game industry continues to expand its scope year after year, it’s estimated that two and a half billion people will be playing board games this coming year! Now more than ever, whether you’re keeping things light with party-style favorites or getting serious with skill-driven strategy games, there really is something for everyone when it comes to 2021’s hottest new offerings.

The past few years have seen an incredible surge in board game popularity, in part due to the resurgence of classic titles like Catan and Monopoly, as well as the launch of many brand new creative ideas. 2021 promises to bring just as much variety as previous years – if not more! From cooperative adventure campaigns and expansions built around beloved franchises, through to reinvented family classics that push players beyond even their own limits ” no matter you’re into, you can be certain that your favorite game store shelves will be packed with exciting options this coming 2021.

The industry looks set to surpass all expectations in the upcoming season too. With popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video launching their line of original content – ‘Game Night: A Social Experiment’ – more inventive concepts than ever before are being brought front and center for worldwide audiences. One thing is for sure – start saving your pocket money now; because come winter time; there’s certain to be a flurry of selections vying (quite literally) for your attention!

Virtual vs. Actual Board Games

As more and more of us continue to navigate through the ever-changing landscape that quarantining has brought us, board games have become one of the few activities that can simulate life before quarantine. While physical board games are still popular among both families and friends, there has been an exponential surge in the popularity of virtual board games due to technology being a prominent part of our new way of life.

Both virtual and physical board game experiences have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Physical board games typically involve less setup time, but the players typically must be together in the same room, or area. This can be difficult with remote students or family living in different locations. On the flip side, virtual board games provide engaging play that creates a feeling like everyone is in the same space even if they are not able to physically meet. The ease of online play also translates across all platforms like laptops, PCs, tablets and even mobile phones making it much easier to access when needing some fun during quarantine.

Although digital technologies continue to rapidly advance, there is something uniquely special about actual physical board games where real people interact face-to-face with one another over shared experiences. However you chooseo to spend your time during quarantine, choosing between physical and virtual board games will depend on your preference for either a traditional or accessible gaming experience. Each method offers new ways for gamers to open their minds to different types of game play as 2020 carries on into 2021 and beyond!

Classic Board Games Reimagined with a 2021 Twist

2021 has seen the return of classic board games with a modern twist. Companies are discovering that board games have become trendy again, as people search for new ways to engage with family and friends during social distancing. Popular titles such as Monopoly and Clue have been reimagined with a 2021 twist. These new versions contain references to current events, pop culture trends, technology updates, and more. With holiday gatherings likely to be mostly virtual this year, companies are hoping to provide nostalgic entertainment with an updated kick. People can expect battles combining Chess and Checkers, themed Scrabble sets full of timeless words from the Oxford English Dictionary, and game pieces enamored in eye-catching design details. The world’s most iconic board games are being brought back this season in brand-new packages that will excite fans of all ages.

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Picking the Perfect Board Game For Your Group

Choosing the perfect board game for your group can be a difficult task. After all, everyone has their own tastes, preferences, and preferred gameplay styles. Some people like a challenging strategy game while others may prefer one that is light and funny. Here are some tips for picking the perfect board game for your group in 2021:

1. Consider What Your Group Likes: Think about what type of games your group likes to play together. Do they prefer strategy-based board games such as Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride? Or do they enjoy trivia-style games like Trivial Pursuit and Jeopardy? Knowing what types of activities your group prefers will help you narrow down which board game you should pick.

2. Select a Variety of Games: You don’t necessarily need to choose just one board game as there are plenty of great options available this year. Think about choosing several different types so that everyone in the group can join in on the fun regardless of their preferred gameplay style. Family-friendly classics such as Monopoly, Clue, and Life are great picks that accommodate multiple players simultaneously while longer RPG-style games such as Dungeons & Dragons allow players to create and embark on exciting campaigns with deep storylines.

3. Keep Everyone Engaged: The last thing anyone wants is for a member of the group to become bored with the game due to an equal level of challenge not being offered (i.e someone who is an experienced player dominating). When selecting a game, think about choosing one that can be adapted easily so experienced players can still challenge themselves without leaving the less experienced ones behind in terms of difficulty level or knowledge required for success!

Strategic Gameplay

Board games of 2021 offer more tactical and strategic play than ever before. Newer titles allow players to create complex strategies surrounding the game mechanics while enjoying an immersive gaming experience. Here are some tips to consider when playing board games in 2021:

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Goal: Knowing the purpose of each game can greatly affect your strategy, so take the time to learn exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish by playing. In some cases, there may be multiple paths you can take that all lead to success; in others there may be only one sure route. Learning the goal of each game will help give structure and direction to your strategies as you play.

2. Read Up on Different Strategies: There are many resources available for beginner and experienced players alike that provide great tips for improvingskills in different game types. Doing background research on boardsgames’ specific strategies can help put you at an advantage over other opponents as well as improve your own playing skills exponentially.

3. Use Your Resources Wisely: No matter which board game you’re playing, always make sure to use your resources wisely when formulating a plan of attack or devising a strategy for winning. This means using pieces in the most efficient way possible and making sure every move has a direct result or benefit attached to it. If something has no tangible value, then don’t waste time or resources on it.

4. Be Open-Minded: Board games require creative thinking, so try not to get stuck in a particular mindset or plan of action when playing new board games in 2021. Whilst certain moments during gameplay may call for decisive actions, stay flexible and be open-minded – this will leave extra room for out-of-the-box ideas that could turn the tide of the match!
5. Experimentation is Key: Many successful board gamers steer away from tried-and-true gaming methods and instead apply their knowledge to different scenarios they come across throughout their play sessions; this means experimenting with new concepts and approaches every now and again, even if what you’re attempting isn’t necessarily groundbreaking or particularly unique at first glance! So don’t forget about taking risks – afterall -it could just pay off!

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Creative New Board Games to Try in 2021

2021 is bringing an exciting array of new board games for everyone to enjoy! Whether you’re looking for something light and funny, or a more strategic and intense challenge, there’s something out there for everyone. New twists on classics like Settlers of Catan or Monopoly are joined by entirely original concepts that let players explore alien worlds, band together to save the galaxy, or even build their own civilizations. Some exciting ideas include:

The Secret Cabal ” Where players team up as legendary figures from history to battle mythical creatures in a turn-based dungeon crawl.

Pirates Of Rampage Bay ” Venture out on a buccaneering high seas adventure where you must fill your ship with treasure and complete daring raids.

Ganymede ” You’ll be tasked with colonizing a distant moon and developing it into your own interstellar empire – but beware the perils that lurk in space!

Troyes ” Stroll through the beautiful city of Troyes while engaging in ferocious economic competition amongst friends. Outprice your opponents with clever trades and navigate the treacherous political landscape to become the richest merchant in all the land.

Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game ” Create characters, customize their abilities with cards, and then embark on thrilling missions filled with danger and mystery. Work together cooperatively to thwart evil forces that threaten your world!
For those who prefer lighter fare there are always classic titles like Sorry!, Scrabble, or Guess Who? to keep things relaxed and fun. Whichever game you decide on, you’re sure have an unforgettable time in 2021!


As we move forward into 2021, board games offer us a way to gather with family and friends while also giving us the opportunity to engage our minds through solving puzzles and problems. Whether its nearly forgotten classics, twists on traditional favorites, or entirely new innovative ideas, 2021 has something for everyone. From cooperative games that involve working together to competitive titles that have you vying for the top spot; from classic checkers to complex 3D role-playing dungeons; from complex euro-style strategy titles to a wild party game – there’s something for every board game enthusiast this year.

So why not set aside some time in 2021 and grab your friends and family (or play online!) to cozy up around your favorite board game? Revisiting old classics or exploring brand new offerings is sure to bring hours of fun and laughter as you plunge into an exciting adventure! Act out scenes in story-telling games, explore historical pathways, plead your case in courtrooms of justice, or just sit down for an evening of friendly competition”it’s all available if you know where to look. Board games are not only things of nostalgia but they can be used as great tools to teach problem solving skills and critical thinking no matter what age from toddlers through adults. And lets not forget the added bonus of reconnecting with other people by engaging in passionate conversation about strategies, tactics and rules as you dice roll your way through collecting cards for victory points. So put away that phone or tablet for a few hours and get ready for some real entertainment with the hoard of great board games that 2021 has promised!

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