Board Games Released In 2016

Feature Article on a Notable Developer

Alex Burgner is a renowned board game developer who released a number of highly imaginative games in 2016. His passion for board games began when he was just a child and continued to develop as his career progressed. In the past year, Alex has revolutionized the board gaming world with some of his most creative designs yet.

One of Alex’s most successful releases was PowerSnap!, an innovative tile-laying game that requires players to think both strategically and creatively in order to be victorious. Players race to build networks across different continents while fending off monster attacks and natural disasters which can severely alter their strategy. Its cleverly designed ability to entangle players while they build up their own networks makes it one of Burgner’s most popular titles this year.

Perhaps what makes Alex such an impressive game designer is his collection of cultures and ideas which he incorporates into all of his titles. Freedom Street, for instance, draws heavily upon the American Revolution for its premise giving it extraordinary depth that is rarely seen in other games within the same genre.

In addition, Mumbo Jumbo was released earlier this summer and took puzzle-based gaming to new inventive heights. This 2014 German game has been widely praised for its enthusiasm-filled representation of popular cultures around the world featuring lively themes from Europe, Asia, Africa and more! All these exciting factors make Mumbo Jumbo one of this year’s favourite entries!

It is clear that Alex’s unique style and cutting edge approach will continue to shape the industry for years to come; truly marking him out as one of the greats when it comes to game design in 2016.

Family Friendly Games

2016 saw the release of a variety of board game titles that are great for family game nights. These releases included games like Ticket to Ride, Unstable Unicorns, and Sushi Go, that provide hours of fun while also teaching strategy, problem solving skills and critical thinking. While some may be more geared towards adults, many include level-agnostic elements and are accessible to gamers of all ages.

Perhaps the best part about these family friendly board games is how each one provides its own unique experience and memorable moments for everyone playing. Every game brings something special, whether that be an immersive theme or a thrilling challenge. Ticket to Ride tasks players with creating railway routes in the wild west through card drafting and route building, Unstable Unicorns pass on both knowledge and creativity from generation to generation as players try to collect seven unicorns before their opponents do, and Sushi Go! encourages quick thinking as players maintain their poker face while trying to collect the most valuable combination of sushi dishes without over committing on any single plate. Whether they’re playing together or separately during the game, everyone can enjoy the new experiences these titles bring out at each play session.

Party Games

2016 saw an incredible amount of new and exciting party games released. These games offer an enjoyable experience for players of all ages and levels, providing hours of entertainment and lots of surprises along the way. From classic hits like Monopoly to more innovative titles such as Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens, there was something available for everyone.

Board game expansions also saw a particularly successful year, with many titles receiving major calls to keep the energy up in longer gaming sessions. Titles such as Catan, The 7th Continent and Labyrinth: The War on Terror all benefited from expansion content that further kept players engaged in their playtime.

The year concluded with the releases of several highly anticipated RPGs, including Shadows Over Himetria, Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition, The Witcher Role-Playing Game, Red Markets core rulebook and even Mystic Vale. Such titles provided fans much replay value, thanks to their deep customizable role-playing systems that reward strategical thinking which could lead to interesting outcomes. For those looking for something more chaotic they could go out of their way with quirky titles such as Fabled Fruit or The Greatest Museum on Earth – True Story! It was a real mix between thematic exploration and party fun waiting to be discovered during 2016’s board game revolution!

Co-Operative Games

Co-operative board games are an increasingly popular form of play among people looking for a fun way to engage and connect with others. The allure of working together as a team can be incredibly rewarding, particularly when winning the game requires collaboration and problem solving. These types of games tend to have more complex and engaging storylines than traditional board games due to the unique way in which players must work together to achieve success.

In 2016, many exciting co-operative board games were released. Revolution – The Dutch Revolt, for instance, is a strategic card game about the struggle for independence from Spanish rule in the Netherlands between 1568 and 1648. Players will determine which strategy works best in their efforts to achieve freedom from Spanish rule across the seven provinces of the Netherlands while actively combating starvation, plagues and tyranny along the way. This game allows people to work collaboratively to break free from oppression and imagine different pathways history might have taken instead.

Bad Art Board Game

Mysterium is another immersive co-operative game that’s made waves since its release in 2016. Mysterium follows two gamers each given separate tasks; one being a ghost haunted by nightmares, trying desperately to communicate with psychics using visions through dream cards; and a team of psychics attempting to decipher these clues as they try and solve a murder mystery. This mind-bending game brings players together from different perspectives as they attempt mesmerizing tasks filled with intrigue and excitement along their path towards discovering the murderer responsible for this crime.

Shopping and Budgeting

With such a wide variety of board games released in 2016, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is the best purchase. It’s important to consider not only the price-tag associated with each game, but also how much value and entertainment they offer. When shopping for board games released in 2016, it’s important to take into account aspects such as the number of players supported and the age range that it is suitable for. Additionally, any special features or unique mechanisms incorporated into the game play should also be taken into consideration.

Budgeting before shopping can help narrow down the choices available and get a better value without breaking your wallet. Look for discounts or sale prices on websites like Amazon as well as other online retailers. Checking out consumer reviews can provide invaluable insight into a games’ strengths and weaknesses so you know you’re making an informed decision about your purchase. Additionally, checking out video reviews on sites like YouTube will allow you to to see gameplay firsthand and make sure you’re satisfied with what you’re getting for your money. Finally, remember to factor in shipping costs when budgeting for your board game ” after all, no one likes hitting “Buy Now” only to find out they have been charged extra!

Travel Games

2016 saw an explosion of different kinds of travel board games being released. These games provide an opportunity to turn any journey, no matter how long, into fun and exciting adventure as they are small enough to take with you on the go.

From classic strategy and cooperative games like Codenames: Duet and Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu to reimplemented party favorites like The Quest for El Dorado or Mysterium ” there’s something for everyone looking for a challenge on the road.

Furthermore, various pocket-sized card games were released this year such as Love Letter, Sushi Go! and Lost Cities. These gems offer a much needed break from long car rides or lengthy flights. When stuck inside a cabin for days with no electricity, these no-frills card brawlers often provide an instant solution if you’re in need of entertainment. The variety of suitable titles is huge as each game usually takes no longer than 15-20 minutes to complete which makes them perfect fit when time is of the essence.

No matter your circumstance travel board games offer unique gaming experiences not just accessible but also boundless opportunities for discovering new places with the whole family or that special someone by your side.

International Board Games

2016 was an incredible year for the board gaming industry, with great new releases from around the world. This global influence on the industry has helped shape it into what it is today. International board games bring different ideas and images to our minds. When playing these board games we have an opportunity to explore new cultures and gain a better understanding of different parts of the world. It’s fascinating to look at how different parts of the world experience and engage with board games differently.

For example, in India, one of the most iconic examples is called “Snakes & Ladders” – an ancient Indian game that has been popular since the 16th century. The game involves navigating a winding snakeboard that is full of obstacles and rewards. The core message behind this game mirrors moral values found in Hindu mythology, teaching children about ethical behavior and navigating life’s challenges.

In Germany, many classic boardgames were released by publishers such as Ravensburger and Schmidt Spiele which remain some of the most beloved options today for both adults and children alike. Games such as Carcassonne are considered gateway games to attract new players – mixing together chance elements mixed with strategy-based mechanics to entice newcomers from various backgrounds who hadn’t touched any previous boardgames before.

All across Europe we get heavy strategy games like Terraforming Mars which sees players competing against each other to terraform a dead planet while managing resources with interesting cards and mechanics which create some truly unique experiences during each match up!

The tremendous depth offered across all kinds of international board games in recent years continues shapes our perspectives on geography, culture and entertainment more broadly – offering gamers important lessons on history, cultural communication and development that they can apply beyond their tabletop discussions!

Collectible Games

2016 saw a wide range of collectible games hit the shelves. For example, Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone was transferred from PC to mobile devices, offering hours of entertainment and strategic depth previously unseen in card and board game apps. Meanwhile, Disney Infinity 3.0 featured Star Wars characters, allowing players to combine their figures with real-world imaginary play. In addition, Cryptozoic Entertainment released DC Deckbuilding Game: Crisis Expansion Pack 2, which added exciting new cards for comic book fans.

Wacky Races Board Game

Collectible games can offer hours of fun to children and adults alike and can provide valuable learning experiences as players hone their strategic skills. Players become immediacy invested in their collections as they try to build powerful decks or figure out how to utilize various combinations of pieces in infinite ways to win battles or matches. Additionally, collecting cards or figures adds an extra element to the game by introducing special powers or bonus rewards if certain combinations are used.

However, purchasing a starter pack is just the beginning when it comes to collectible games ” boosters packs must be continually bought in order remain competitive against friends or opponents when playing competitively online or offline. This could become costly over time and may put some off investing in collectible games altogether.. Therefore it is important to research thoroughly before considering buying into any given franchise and to make sure that you have sufficient funds available should you wish to keep up with your competitors on a regular basis!

Kickstarter Campaigns

Global crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter have become an increasingly popular method for aspiring game designers to fund their projects in the board gaming industry. The ease of connecting with potential customers and sharing their game design concept has facilitated several successful board game campaigns in 2016.

One of the most notable Kickstarter campaigns of the year was Codenames from Czech Games Edition, which raised over $2 million from 24,000 backers when it launched in April. The two-player card game was already a hit before its campaign even began due to being awarded the 2016 Spiel des Jahres prize, also referred to as “the Nobel Prize for Games”. Its international success is reflective of the renewed enthusiasm for tabletop games over recent years, with first-time players flocking to redesigned classic games such as Monopoly and Risk alongside new creations.

A variety of other card and dice games attracted substantial funding on the website, including Exploding Kittens, Speak Out: Family Edition ” a party game where players put mouthpieces in their mouths and try to recite tongue twisters ” Colt Express and Magic Maze among others. Some critically acclaimed RPGs (roleplaying games) had successes on Kickstarter too; adventure series Quest and Tales from Gooseberry Island both topped $190,000 while zombie series Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition drew nearly half a million AUD in pledges from over 10,000 backers.

The continuing popularity of board gaming demonstrates that backers are more than ready to invest in intriguing projects. As technology advances and accessibility improves, Kickstarter remains a potent source for game designers worldwide who want to share their ideas with gamers across the globe.



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