How To Play When I Dream Board Game

Take a deeper dive into the background of the game

When I Dream was first launched in 2016 by the French board game publisher, Repos Production. The game was created by the award-winning designer, Frederic Moyersoen.

Since its initial launch, When I Dream has received wide acclaim and several awards, including a 2020 Origins Award for Best Family Game and a 2017 Golden Geek Board Game of the Year Nomination from BoardGameGeek. It has consistently been featured among the top 100 rated card games of all time on BoardGameGeek across 2018-2020 as well.

The original concept for When I Dream was an adaptation of a French TV show by the same name first aired on TF1 in 1984. The game seeks to capture the surrealistic nature of that show: players take on different roles as dreamers or interpreters, attempting to guess what other players are dreaming about, in spite of distractions such as card reversal spells or dreams that play tricks on reality. Players score points each round by correctly guessing other players’ dreams; whoever has the most points at the end of three rounds wins!

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The objective of When I Dream is to score the most points by correctly guessing the dream character your opponent has chosen.

To play When I Dream you’ll need:
• The game board
• 40 Dream Character Cards
• 6 Magnetic Player Madness Counters
• 2 Cloth Drawstring Bags (1 filled with tokens, 1 empty)
• 9 Number Cards
• 1 Sand Timer

1. Divide players into teams and sit in front of each other around the game board.
2. Decide who will go first and give that team the bag of tokens.
3. Take turns: one member from a team becomes the guesser, while their partner remains blindfolded, sealing their eyes with the drawstring bag provided in the game box.
4. Choose a dream character card and place it face-down on the desk or table beneath your thumb without revealing its identity to the guesser.
5. Now it’s time for your partner to try and guess which character you have chosen within a limited time frame of 60 seconds!
6. The first player who guesses correctly takes one token from the center of the game board for each correct answer and places it onto their own space on the board marked ‘Players’. Once all 9 tokens are gone from in between all participants, endgame is initiated.

7. Now count up all remaining collected tokens from your space, as well as any tokens taken from other players from successful guesses, this is your final score!

8. At last ” the team with most points wins!

Provide a beginner’s guide

When I Dream Board Game is a highly entertaining and strategic game. It involves two teams, one with dreamers and the other with interpreters, who must work together in order to figure out clues and get points before the time runs out.

To play When I Dream, you will need at least four players and one narrator who will ask questions and be the master of all cards in the game. All players are divided into two teams: dreamers and interpreters. The dreamers are represented by blue cards while the interpreters have pink cards.

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First, each team should create a password which will be used for them to talk about during gameplay. This helps keep secret what the particular team is thinking about so that the other team does not know your strategy.

The dreamers close their eyes so they can “dream” while dreaming up words that begin with any letter from A-Z. Meanwhile, the interpreters must guess what word the dreamer might be thinking by asking yes or no questions such as “Do we know this word?” or “Is it plural?” Once a word is guessed correctly, both teams earn points.

Next, all players close their eyes again and a new round begins with new words chosen by different teams to guess. The game continues until time runs out or when everyone has guessed all words without running out of time and achieved equal scores between teams ” at which point they declare victory!

Tips for Beginners:
• Get to know your teammates beforehand – find out each person’s strengths so you can choose roles accordingly
•If playing as an interpreter, ask simple questions instead of complex ones ” often times easier words can be guessed quicker
• If stuck between dreams, ask yourself ‘what would still fit in this scenario?’ ” this helps narrow down your possibilities faster
• Be sure to communicate well between your teammates – don’t hesitate to stay positive if something doesn’t work as planned

These tips can help make learning curve less steep for novice players but remember that it’s also important to have fun! With practice and patience, you’ll improve over time until you become an unstoppable team!

Expand on the rules

When I Dream is a fun and interactive board game for all ages. Each player is dealt four picture cards that represent the dreamer’s dream. The goal of the game is to guess which picture card belongs to each player.

At the start of the game, the Sandman Token is placed in center of the game board where it will remain for the duration of the game. The other eight tokens (6 Sheep Tokens & 2 Wolf Tokens) are placed on their respective spaces on the board, with two Sheep Tokens and one Wolf Token per row.

Each players takes turns spinning a wheel to draw cards from either category (Kingdom/Profession). To win, all players must correctly guess each others’ cards before they reach either end of the wheel (Exit or Enter).

The Sandman Token acts as an indicator and barrier that prevents players from entering or exiting prematurely. In addition, players can gain extra advantage by using special abilities whenever they have their turn:
• Spying – Allows a player to peek at an opponent’s card without them knowing • Peeking – allows one player to take another’s card into their hands without them knowing • Challenge – A player may challenge another if they think he/she has combined enough dreams that make up his/hers • Trading Cards – Players can also trade cards with each other if desired

Players can also receive bonus points by collecting sets of four similar cards (1 set = 4). When a player collects four similar sets, she may spin the wheel again to receive a bonus point.

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The first person to successfully guess all their opponents’cards wins!

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When I Dream Board Game is a fun, fast-paced game that’s easy to learn and loads of fun! Here’s how you can play the game with friends and family:

The Rules:
One player will be the Storyteller for the round. The Storyteller puts on their special eye mask so the other players are unable to see which card they draw each round. Each player then draws five dream cards from the deck. This is done in secrecy so that no one knows who drew which card except for the Storyteller. The object of When I Dream Board Game is for players to guess which card was drawn by the Storyteller. Once all dream cards have been drawn, everyone takes turns guessing which vision (card) belongs to the Storyteller. If a player guesses correctly, they get a point; if not, no points are awarded. Players get two guesses per turn before passing it around the circle clockwise. When all players have passed or guessed correctly, another player becomes the story teller and starts a new round.

To gain a better understanding of how this board game works, here’s an instructional YouTube video tutorial to watch below:

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When I Dream Board Game is a fun and interactive social game that can be enjoyed with friends or family. It’s a guessing game where one player takes the role of the dreamer, who draws a card and tries to guess what their dream is without speaking. Meanwhile, the other players (the interpreters) try to give hints without directly telling the dreamer what it is!

If you’re interested in trying out When I Dream Board Game, here are some links to online versions that readers can play –

1. On Fandom:
2. On Tabletopia:
3. On YouTube ” Tutorial by CoolStuffInc:
4.On Gateway Gaming Experience:

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Playing When I Dream Board Game is a great way to have fun with friends and family. It’s a simple game that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. To get started, everyone takes turn drawing a dream card and descibing their dreams. Then they go around the room until everyone has had a turn. The person who can guess most of the dream cards correctly wins the game! After playing, make sure to check out the website for more information on other ways to play ” there are lots of different variations! Finally, comment below with your experience playing this game or reach out if you have any questions or feedback! Enjoy playing!

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