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Board Games Soho is a gaming store located in the heart of London, England. They offer an unbeatable selection of traditional and modern board games, card games, dice games, family-friendly party games, and more. With a vast range of titles to choose from and friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you make the best choice for your needs, Board Games Soho is the perfect destination for any level of gamer. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, they’ve got something to fill your gaming repertoire. The shop has an interesting collection of rare novelties such as Chess Sets crafted from precious metals and Woods or new twists on classic classics such as D&D or Monopoly set in Westeros from Game Of Thrones universe for your gaming pleasure. You can also find popular franchises such as Marvel Comics superhero themed cards and their Star Wars series with cards featuring ships like the Millennium Falcon and Chewbacca tinkering to fix their Hyperdrive making it perfect for your days with friends! Board Games Soho also stocks all kinds of extras including storage containers, organizers, play mats and much more to enhance all aspects of game night fun!

History of Board Games Soho

Board Games Soho is a board game café located in the heart of London, England. Established in 2014, Board Games Soho has provided a cozy and fun atmosphere for people of all ages to come together and enjoy the timeless communal experience of playing board games. The café offers over 500 board games to choose from, including classic strategy board games, popular tabletop roleplaying games, and cooperative games with different levels of difficulty. It also has trained staff specialising in gaming tutorials that can help with game rules and strategies as well as how to play vintage games. Board Games Soho provides food and drinks such as hearty sandwiches, salads, cakes, craft beers, herbs teas and coffees ” perfect to fuel your gaming marathon!

Since its inception in 2014, Board Games Soho has become a popular gathering spot for locals looking for an interactive entertainment experience. Since opening it’s doors it’s become the destination of choice for birthday parties and events such as Dungeons & Dragons campaigns or themed quiz nights. Larger groups have come together for weekend-long tournaments featuring various different game categories such as Monopoly and Risk. The café even hosts yearly tournaments where participants can compete against each other on national scale; with suitable prizes going out to winners!

Popular Board Games Available at Board Games Soho

Board Games Soho is an online retail store that sells a variety of popular board games. They offer classic titles such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and Clue, as well as new and exciting releases like Catan, Patchwork, and Carcassonne. There are puzzles for the entire family to enjoy such as the classic jigsaw puzzle or crosswords. They also have trivia games that are sure to challenge even the most experienced of players. Board Games Soho sells card games such as Solitaire and UNO, and also strategy games like Stratego and Dominion. All orders come with free shipping on purchases over $25. Board Games Soho also offers custom game design services for those who want to create their own version of a favorite game or just want something unique for their home or office. Finally, Board Games Soho has a wide range of accessories for purchase such as dice sets and carrying cases so it’s easy to find everything you need!

Special Events and Activities at Board Games Soho

Board Games Soho is a great place to host special events and activities. Catering to all types of guests, the store offers a variety of different game nights and other fun events. On certain days, Board Games Soho has hosted theme nights such as Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Settlers of Catan and much more. There are also tournaments held where prizes can be won by participating players. In addition to these activities, Board Games Soho also holds painting classes for guests to learn how to paint miniatures from scratch. For those looking for more than just games and painting lessons, Board Games Soho provides an educational experience, with experts providing guidance on intricate aspects of game mechanics and strategy for the games you play. And if you find yourself in need of refreshments after your gaming session, there’s even a café selling snacks, drinks and delicious meals! Whatever activities you choose at Board Games Soho make sure its something that’ll bring lots of laughs and make memorable memories.

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Reasons to Visit Board Games Soho

One of the best reasons to visit Board Games Soho is its huge selection of games. This store in London’s Soho district stocks a wide variety of modern and classic board games from all over the world. Whether you’re looking for casual party games or serious strategy titles, Board Games Soho has something for everyone. Besides selling board games, the store also runs events such as tournaments and game nights, so it’s a great place to meet new people and make friends if you’re feeling sociable.Board Games Soho also has an excellent customer service team that are always willing to help customers find what they’re looking for and answer any questions about the rules or gameplay of particular titles. They take pride in promoting a pleasant shopping atmosphere, which makes browsing and trying out their range of products all the more enjoyable. Last but not least, Board Games Soho has an online store with free delivery on all orders within U.K., so even if you live far away from the physical shop you can still experience this wonderful business!

How to Have a Fun and Safe Experience at Board Games Soho

1. When visiting Board Games Soho, make sure to have your ID and face mask prepared. The shop requires all visitors to verify their age before entering and requires everyone in the store to wear a face mask for safety.

2. Check the store website for availability of the games you would like to play before arriving. You might want to purchase or rent them online or make plans ahead of time by requesting a reservation through the website in order to guarantee that your favorites will be available for you when you go.

3. After you’ve checked availability, familiarize yourself with the board game selection before you go. Different stores offer different selections, so look around online and compare different types of games to find ones that interest you most!

4. Make sure to practice social distancing while inside Board Games Soho – stay at least six feet away from other people whenever possible, and avoid large groups while browsing games or playing them together with strangers. It’s also important to make sure any surfaces have been properly wiped down prior to playing one of their board games – again, social distancing is important!

5. Lastly, have fun! Entering Board Game Soho doesn’t always have an un-safe atmosphere; instead of stressing out about what sort of precautions you should take while inside, use this opportunity as a chance to enjoy fun with friends and family while exploring different types of board games or learning some new strategies from experienced players!

Benefits of Playing Board Games, with a Focus on Board Games Soho

Playing board games is a great way to socialize and have fun with your friends and family. Board Games Soho specializes in carrying board games that are perfect for get-togethers and parties. By shopping at Board Games Soho, you’ll find quality board games that provide hours of entertainment and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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One of the biggest benefits of playing board games is that they promote the development of important skills such as strategy, problem solving, effective communication, collaboration, creativity, decision making and logical thinking. Board Games Soho carries a range of exciting board games designed to challenge these skills in a fun way. Additionally, when playing as part as a group it fosters relationship building as well as providing opportunities for laughing and having lighthearted conversations in between turns.

Board Games Soho has something for everyone so take the opportunity to bring friends and family together over some classic or modern table top game classics from Board Games Soho today!

Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Visit to Board Games Soho

1. Know What You’re Looking For: Before visiting Board Games Soho, it is helpful to have an idea of what type of board game you are looking for. Consider the different categories of board games ” strategy, party, trivia, adventure ” and decide which type would best suit your group. This will help narrow down your search and make the shopping process much easier!

2. Ask Questions: The staff at Board Games Soho are experts when it comes to board games. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions about a specific game or genre of games. Their knowledgeable advice can help you find the perfect game for your needs!

3. Play Before You Buy: Putting a game through its paces in the store before you buy it is a great way to get a better understanding of how the game works, whether or not it is challenging enough and how enjoyable it is. Most likely you won’t be able to finish a game individually if playing in-store but this should still give you a good idea if the game will fit your gaming needs.

4. Check Coupons and Promos: Keep an eye out for any promotions or coupons that may be available from Board Games Soho as these could potentially save you some money on your purchase! Many big chain gaming stores also offer discount points when purchasing in bulk or offer bonus promotional material with purchases that can come in handy during game night!


Board Games Soho is a unique and fun board game cafe based in London, offering a wide selection of popular board games for customers to enjoy. With competitive prices and an inviting atmosphere, Board Games Soho has become a popular destination for both casual game-goers and enthusiastic gamers alike.

What makes Board Games Soho so unique and fun is that it offers much more than just an array of competitively priced classic board games. The cafe hosts regular quiz nights providing an interactive and entertaining activity for any group looking for something to do on a night out in the city. Furthermore, the cafe also provides video game consoles for customers to use as well as a selection of books and newspapers free of charge – helping customers stay entertained for hours. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and always happy to help answer questions or offer gaming advice – providing excellent customer service at all times. Altogether, Board Games Soho provides an enjoyable mix of activities that appeals to those who simply want to spend some time relaxing while playing a few classic board games and others who want to challenge each other during spirited quiz sessions or console tournaments.

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