Board Games That Use Electricity


Board games have long been a favorite method of entertainment for people of all ages. From classic childhood games like Monopoly to strategy games like Risk, board games have offered hours of family-friendly fun since before the dawn of technology. Over the years, as electricity and electronic components have become more commonplace in everyday life, modern board game designs have evolved to incorporate electricity. This shift has led to some truly remarkable variations on traditional board game play.

Today, there is an abundant selection of exciting and innovative new board games that take advantage of electricity ” from high-energy augmented reality experiences that bring your gameplay to life with vibrant visuals and sound effects; to digital adaptations of classic tabletop titles that offer many interactive features; to physical/digital melds that combine all the benefits of both forms;to robotic creations that use computing power and artificial intelligence algorithms to provide you with a never-ending gaming challenge.

The introduction of electricity in board games has given us an entirely new way to experience them. We can now move beyond printed tiles or rotating cubes, and into the world of limitless possibilities ” no matter what your age or interests may be there’s sure to be something out there for you! With so many stunning electrical board game options available, it’s easier than ever before for players from any background or skill level to connect and compete through interactive worlds and thrilling adventures.

Electric-Powered Traditional Board Games

Electric board games provide an exciting update to the classic board games that many of us know and love. Operation is a classic game in which players try to be the first person to remove all “parts” from the patient without hitting the sides and causing the buzzer to sound. In the electric powered version, players watch as lights move around inside a 3D molded box with metal nubs acting as edges. A lighted tweezer arm is used to pluck body parts out of the body cavity, trying not to hit any metal nubs or buzzers will sound.

Another popular board game with an electric version is Battleship. Electric versions of battleships use illuminated widgets acting as their ships on a lighted grid that moves according to user inputs. Players can strategize by using directional buttons or knobs to move their ship across the grid for either offensive or defensive maneuvers. When one player’s concealed widget has been eliminated, their defeated ships’ lights turn yellow and opponents’ remains lit in its original color.

Electric powered versions of classic board games give gamers a new way to play traditional favorites like Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit as well. In these versions, players are provided with updated technology such as touch screens, colored light displays and more that transform standard rule-heavy rules into visual tutorial-like games with progress bars and buttons which help keep track of scores in place. With electric board games, players can participate in familiar activities while experiencing something totally different”a natural option for anyone who enjoys playing videogames but wants to remain close to traditional family fun time together.

Educational Games

The Circuit Maze: An electrical logic game which requires the player to use their problem-solving skills to route power from a battery, through circuitry onto exit points. The aim of the game is for the player to build a series of connected circuitry patterns with increasingly complex levels.

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Review: The Circuit Maze is an enjoyable and educational game that stimulates curiosity, develops problem solving skills, encourages critical thinking, helps hone motor skills and encourages collaboration between players. All in all, it’s a great educational board game that offers hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike!

Electricity Connector Puzzle Set: This set includes 63 double-sided puzzle pieces with colorful components which represent a variety of switches, wires and connectors. Through completing these puzzles, children learn about various electrical circuits and gain an understanding of how electricity flows.

Review: The Electricity Connector Puzzle Set is perfect for introducing concepts like power grids and circuit switching to children. Kids can find out more about electricity as they build stimulating puzzles with practice in spatial reasoning and sequencing while they have fun. Furthermore, the challenging puzzles are fun enough to entertain both adults and children alike!

New Types of Games

– Along with traditional board games that don’t use electricity, new board games using electricity are now on the market. These games can be as simple as one that uses lights and music to move pieces around ” from one side of the board to another. Or they can be more sophisticated, like an interactive game that includes robotic pieces and a multi-touch table interface.

– Other electrically-powered games incorporate technologies such as virtual reality headsets and motion sensors. In these types of games, players must use their body movements to trigger events in the game or to progress through levels. Some other innovative ideas for incorporating electricity into board games include clocks that count down during play, miniature ovens/burners used in cooking challenges, or low voltage shocks given when certain actions are taken (which also add an element of excitement!).

– Lastly, many existing traditional board games have been updated with electronic enhancements ” like integrating user apps or including sound effects ” to give users an even better experience. From retro classics such as Monopoly to newer releases like Catan Electronic Edition, there is something available to every kind of gamer who loves to experience a creative twist on their favorite board game.

Electric-Powered Board Game Accessories

Electric-powered board games can enhance the experience by introducing lights and sounds that bring the game to life. Using light and sound effects in your board game can add an extra layer of excitement to the play. Light effects may be used to simulate a certain atmosphere, from a spooky dungeon to a bustling metropolis. Additionally, they can help players keep track of their progress or alert them when something dramatic happens in the game. For example, in some fantasy-themed board games such as Dungeons & Dragons, flashing colored lights may indicate a magical attack is taking place”providing players with an immersive experience. Sounds add another dimension to board games, allowing for props like thunderclaps after certain players make moves or for the playing of background music when two teams are facing off. In addition to providing an engaging gaming experience, electric-powered accessories can reduce some of the tediousness that can occur during long rounds of play by engaging players without having them do any additional work to generate these effects.

Where You Can Purchase Electric Board Games

There are a variety of ways to purchase electric board games. Some of the most popular include:

1. Brick and mortar stores: Many department, toy, and hobby stores carry electric board games. Here, shoppers can browse a physical selection before making their purchase.

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2. Online retailers: Large online retailers such as Amazon offer a wide range of electronic board games to choose from. Customers have access to many more options than they would in-store as well as competitive prices.

3. Manufacturer websites: Manufacturers sometimes sell products directly on their website or through third party sites. This is an effective way to get specific accessories that may not be available anywhere else.

4. Video game stores: Video game stores often carry classic board games that are powered by electricity or batteries, such as chess and backgammon sets with light-up boards or interactive pieces that move without manual manipulation.

5. Used game shops: Used game shops allow customers to buy used electric board games at discounted prices compared to buying them brand new from mainstream retailers. Plus, some used models include rare pieces and expansion packs that are no longer in circulation.

Tips on Selecting Electric Board Games

1. Type of Electric Board Game – Consider what type of board game you want to purchase and what play experience you are looking for. Is it a quiz-based game, a strategy game, a movement-based one, or another category?

2. Number of Players – Check how many players are required for the particular game and make sure that there will be enough people who can join in on the fun.

3. Age Range – Determine where the electric board game fits into the age range of your family members and/or friends who will be playing it.

4. Learning Curve – Consider if the game is too complex or too simple for the group that will be playing it. A good electric board game should have an appropriate learning curve so as not to put off either casual or serious gamers.

5. Price Range – Make sure that you check all prices before committing to any purchase so that you get value for money.

6. Accessories & Features – Some electric board games come with extra features such as sound effects and lights, extra pieces, etc., think about which ones are important for your gaming experience and pick out accordingly.

7. Durability – Look at online reviews, customer ratings, and testimonials to determine whether or not the manufacturer’s claims regarding durability levels are accurate and reliable .


The use of electricity in board games has become increasingly popular among gamers in recent years. This surge in popularity is supported by a range of different gaming companies that supply innovative and exciting games powered by electricity. These games often feature interactive story telling, digital puzzle elements and the ability to customize your game play according to your preferences. Players are attracted to the unique approach these electrified board games bring, adding a fresh new spin on traditional gaming styles. With so many different electrified options available, there is sure to be something for every type of gamer.

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