What Is Influnce In Fallout Board Game


Influence in Fallout Board Game is a crucial part of the game play. Influence is earned by taking actions in the wasteland and helping the Factions. There are eight factions to choose from, each with their own distinct goals and agendas. While players can take actions that benefit any faction, it is important to remember that each will be vying for influence on their own.

Players gain influence by completing Main Quests, Side Quests, Explore Adventures and Encounters in the Wasteland or Vault City. The more objectives they complete, the more influence points they earn (represented on paper cards). Each faction has access to unique rewards based on how much Influence Points they have. The higher the number of Influence Points required, the better rewards you will receive!

Other ways players can gain Influence include trading resources with other players or Faction Leaders which will effect how much support they get within their Faction while also influencing which Faction your character joins across playthroughs. Backing specific merchants can also provide added benefits too, increasing player’s clout with said merchant and potentially unlocking new items or options in turn-based battles that would otherwise not be available.

Finally Gaining Influence for a particular Faction may also enable access to new quests or special weapons guilds and traders where rare items could be yours! This is an incredibly effective way of making sure your Fallout Board Game experience evolves with each replay – as choices made earlier may have an affect on those choices in future playthroughs!

Exploring the Basics

Influence in the Fallout Board Game is an important aspect of the game, as it determines which side will win or lose. Influence can be gained through completing certain tasks and defeating enemies on a board. The amount of influence one side has is dependent on the amount of influence markers they have collected throughout the course of the game. To gain more influence, players must make sure to complete missions and collect as many influence markers as possible. Once all influence markers have been collected, whichever player or faction has collected the most will come out victorious ” earning them control over the wasteland. On top of that, points can be earned from doing things that benefit other players, such as helping them complete their objectives or assisting them during combat scenarios. In addition gaining points from helping others, players can also earn bonuses when they roll a designated number while using an Influence card. All in all, Influence is a key factor to determining who will be successful in this Wasteland world; making sure to keep track of one’s Influence is essential for gaining victory over opponents!

Knowing the Rules

Influence in Fallout is an important resource that players need to use strategically, as it determines their level of success in the game.

Influence provides players with access to additional skills and equipment they may not otherwise be able to acquire. It can also be used to purchase Trade Goods and supplies at the local Trading Post. These can help players gain access to new locations, give them bonuses to dice rolls, or even purchase items that can improve their character’s stats and capabilities. This provides a key advantage over other players by allowing them more freedom in crafting their own strategy when playing out the game, giving them an edge in competition with other players.

Players who know how to make effective use of Influence can manipulate the game’s outcome into their favor. Knowing certain strategies for using Influence is especially helpful during later stages of the game when influence points are scarce and every decision has a higher weight relative to those earlier on in the game. One strategy often employed by experienced Fallout board gamers is using Influence at specific junctures during critical steps of the game, such as choosing where and when you invest your resources or determining when best to activate different effects or bonuses from cards available in-game. Players should also take into account factors like ‘opportunity cost’, which is essentially estimating which option will offer more value for less benefit in terms of influence points spent.

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By taking a strategic approach to utilizing Influence, skilled players can gain significant advantages towards securing victory against opponents during Fallout Board Game matches!

Leveling Up Influence

Influence in the Fallout board game is a crucial factor for determining your character’s progress, power and standing within the wasteland. Having a strong influence allows you to have access to better gear, missions and adversaries as well as resources which can help with completing tasks quickly and effectively.

To increase influence in the Fallout board game there are several tactics or “Level Up” practices that can be implemented:

1. Explore deep into the wastelands: Progressing through areas of high risk rewards you with low level items such as unmarked caps, medkits, firearms but also plenty of extra Influence points along your way. This allows your character to open up more locations, access more weapons and even purchase special gear in certain vendors.

2. Connect with allies: Alliances can improve your chances of getting exciting gear, improving morale among team members while also increasing reputation among non-player characters (NPCs), so it’s worthwhile making connections within the wasteland. If a situation arises where an ally needs assistance then help out if possible ” this will pay off with Influence bonuses later on down the line

3. Utilise charisma skills appropriately; treating NPCs nicely often leads to higher levels of Influence from them as they may offer greater benefits due to their respect for you as a character.

4. Participate in random encounters with pirates or monsters when possible ” although these situations can be dangerous there are rewards if you manage to defeat them; this could be additional items or points that count towards raising your Standing Points (another way of statesmanship).

Effects of High and Low Influence

In Fallout: The Board Game, Influence is a vital element and is used to gain Advantage for your Faction or victory points at the end of the game. Having high influence can be incredibly beneficial and can help you outpace your opponents in gaining victory points. On the other hand, having low influence can hurt you significantly as it makes it more difficult to capture locations that are critical to your faction’s success. Examples of advantages gained with high influence would be getting first pick when choosing perks before looting and buying cheaper items from vendors than other players. Consequences of having low influence could include paying higher prices for resources and missing out on certain rare tokens, which may give an edge to your opponents. Additionally, low influence may make it harder to move forward in quests and get actionable tasks completed faster than others. With this in mind, deciding how to manage your influence within Fallout: The Board Game should be a priority if you’d like to achieve maximum success.

Leveraging Influence

Influence is a major component of the Fallout board game. It allows players to control resources, make deals and advance their interests. This can be done by deceptively utilizing influence to manipulate others and make them do what you want. Influence in the game can even make or break alliances between players.

When playing the game, it is important to understand not just how to gain influence but how to use it effectively for your own benefit. Some strategies that advanced players might use rely on creating multiple sources of influence, such as trade agreements, alliances, and treaties with other players.

Another strategy which is often employed is tactical maneuvering, where a player will take controlling positions in areas which are useful for them and also deny access out of those same strategic areas to their opponents. This prevents other players from gathering resources or advancing their goals without first going through the controlling player’s area(s) of influence.

Also key when looking at influence in Fallout is direct manipulation. Directly manipulating other players in order to get certain interests met is another way a skilled individual can gain an advantage while using influence. This could include using negotiation or threats in order to sway people’s opinions towards helping you achieve your ultimate goal(s).

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Beyond Influence

Influence is a key mechanic in Fallout: The Board Game, as it contributes to victory conditions, rewards and several of the game’s core mechanics. However, influence isn’t the only way to win the game. Through effective card play, careful resource management and strategic decisions you can stay ahead of your competitors and come out on top.

Players in Fallout must use their cards to gain resources such as RadAway or Molerats. These resources help the players complete missions which can grant them either Victory Points or Loot”both are very important for winning. Managing these resources carefully means that when a mission is successfully completed, not only do you get claim Victory Points or Loot as a reward but you also use less resources in completing future missions too.

Players also score points by completing vast majorities of wasteland regions or even closing off access to an area altogether. Wasteland exploration can be done either on foot (by moving your character around physical map tiles) or through revealed Intel cards providing info about distant regions. Acquiring Intel produces tokens known as “Advantage”, which a player can cash-in for additional actions assisting with gathering resources or exploring new locations faster than other players ” giving them an edge over the competition.

Finally, luck is another factor that can decide success during this post-apocalyptic journey. The lucky finding of unique equipments like weapons armour or healing items from random exploration rewards grants bonuses towards survival and future game turns ” because sometimes there is no substitute for plain good luck!


Influence is a strategic component of the Fallout board game, which is based on the post-apocalyptic video game Fallout. In this game, each player is placed in control of a Vault-Tec Vault and the goal is to accrue Influence Points (IP). Influence points are exchanged for cards from the Supply Deck and can be used to build better buildings, launch powerful weapons at other vaults, or even recruit allies to help defend your own.

The amount of Influence Points placed in each vault varies due to many factors, such as how many players are participating, how much of the map has been explored and resources discovered/collected etc. It’s important for players to be aware of these variables when determining their strategy since every vault needs enough IP to remain competitive. That said, it’s also important that players don’t hoard too many IP if they want to succeed later in the game.

The Impact of Influence can be seen throughout the entire board game experience. Players interact with each other by trading cards, using their influence point resources effectively, and utilizing them strategically in order to gain an upper hand over their opponents when it comes time for combat resolution or expansion attempts. Furthermore, knowing how much influence points you have at your disposal will also decide how large a population you’re able to sustain as well as which attachments and technologies you’re able to outfit your Vaults with.

Additionally, Influence acts as a scoreboard of sorts where players can measure their progress mid-game and assess where their secret leads or hidden stashes lead them in comparison with those of their adversaries’. All in all, Influence plays an incredibly important role during any Fallout board game session so understanding its impact should always be top priority for any player looking for victory!

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