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Break The Safe is an exciting and educational board game that was created by Jake Turner, a financial consultant and entrepreneur. Through his work, Jake saw the need to teach children how to interpret and understand money matters in a fun and interactive way. The goal of Break The Safe board game is to teach children fundamental fiscal literacy skills such as budgeting, counting coins, and making smart economic decisions. In this fast-paced game, players take turns buying items from different stores with the money they have saved up. Players must race around the board buying products using only the money available in their vault at the start of each round. At the end, whoever has acquired the most items with their money wins!

Objective of the Game

The objective of the Break The Safe Board Game is to be the first player to find out the correct combination and crack the safe featured in the game. Players will be given a hint sheet which reveals a clue concerning each individual number dialed on the safe’s combination. Armed with this knowledge, players must carefully analyze clues and narrow down what numbers belong in each digit slot. Strategy for breaking open the safe will vary from player to player; those who are observant and have a knack for deductive reasoning will have an advantage over their opponents. To win, players must successfully ascertain the right combination and be able to unlock the safe before anyone else.

Setup and Preparation

Break the Safe is an exciting board game that requires one to four players to work together in order to crack a series of safes. To begin, unbox the game and remove all pieces from inside. Lay out the game board on a flat surface. Set up the four tickets that correspond to each player’s secret safe code – these are located inside the game rules booklet.

Each player should take a turn reading through the game rules and regulations sheet provided in the box. This includes understanding how to play the game, setting up their own safe codes, and entering them into their ticket cards for future reference when attempting to break their opponents’ safes. All players must agree on the number of moves they want each round of play to consist of (i.e., 10 moves or 15 moves). Then, get ready for a wild adventure!


1. Start by placing the board in the center of the playing area and inserting the numbered tokens into their corresponding slots on the board.

2. Each player will place their pawns on “start”.

3. Take turns rolling a die to determine who goes first and then alternate turns clockwise around the table accordingly.

4. On your turn, you may use either one or both dice to move your pawn as many spaces forward as marked by the numbers rolled on each die. Players can only move forward in a straight line and cannot make any backwards movements.

5. If you land on a Safe space during your turn, follow its instructions (as indicated on its back) immediately, before your next turn begins.

6. When you enter an unlocked safe at any point in the game, collect an amount of coins according to whether it is red or blue (as indicated on its front). You will also receive additional bonuses (as per the color ranges).

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7. The goal of this game is to reach your bank with 20 coins before anyone else does. If you manage to do so, you win!

Player Interactions

Players interact with each other by trying to break into the safe. The goal of the game is for each player to take turns entering code combinations until someone successfully enters the code that opens the safe and wins. Other players must keep their guesses confidential, so that if someone unlocks the safe, they have an equal chance of winning. If a player shares their guess or input intentions to another player then it isn’t fair and they can be disqualified from the game. Interactions between players should be friendly, cooperative and focused on following safety precautions in order to prevent any sort of injury or damage while playing.


In the Break The Safe board game, players can earn points in a variety of ways. For each correct answer to a security question, players collect 1 point. If a player is able to hack the four-digit pass code and open the safe, they will receive 10 bonus points. Additionally, for every clue card used or help grail disc played by another player, players can gain 2 points each. Furthermore, any power cards used during the game grants 3 bonus points. Finally, if a player opens the safe within 45 seconds they will be awarded 10 additional bonus points!

Winning and Losing

Winning: To win Break the Safe, you must be the first person to get all four of their colored pegs into the black safe. You can do this by guessing the correct combination of shapes – circles, diamonds and squares – from the numbered dials next to the safe. Alternatively, you can move your pegs around by breaking open adjacent safes ” but don’t forget about other players who may be trying to unlock yours!

Losing: If you fail to open a locked safe and no one else has opened it either, the game ends in a tie. However, if someone else opens a locked safe before you take your turn or is able to guess their own combination successfully before you, they will be declared the winner.

Strategies for Success: Strategically speaking, there are a number of different ways that players can increase their chances of winning at Break the Safe. To start with, they should keep on eye on which safes have already been broken that could potentially put one of their pegs closer to being able to unlock the final safe without needing to guess the combination correctly. Secondly, when deciding which combination to choose for each individual safe, players should try an approach of “obfuscating” rather than “brute force” ” meaning they should aim for combinations that aren’t too easily guessed even if their chances of getting it exact aren’t as high as other simpler combinations. Finally, everyone should make sure not to forget about looking out for potential sabotages from other players who might be trying to prevent them from opening specific locks or collecting specific tokens required for unlocking certain rewards!

Advanced Strategies

In order to get the most out of Break the Safe, it is important to master advanced strategies.

For a greater challenge on harder difficulties, try solving puzzles in reverse order”start from the end rather than working from the beginning. This will force you to think outside of the box and come up with unique puzzle solutions. Additionally, you can add in your own custom rules for each game”this way you can increase the difficulty even more. You could, for example, rule that every time you turn over a card it has to be placed in a specific order based on color or numerical order, etc.

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If you feel comfortable enough with your knowledge of the gameplay rules and mechanics, then why not try solving puzzles without any written prompt? This will require far more abstract thinking: identify patterns in the puzzle pieces and what potential placements might fit them together in meaningful ways.

Finally, you can change up traditional gameplay by soloing certain puzzles while staying within the spirit of the game. Instead of attempting all 15 levels as a team work on individual puzzles until they are solved and then pass off your results to another player ” they must then attempt to connect your solutions into a correct solution overall!

Game Extensions

Custom Levels: Players can create custom levels of game play by changing the steps it takes to break into the safe. For example, instead of having one card with directions, players can now have three cards that each provide part of the code they must enter. This adds complexity and further challenging game play.

Game Show Version: To turn Break The Safe into a game show version, players must solve puzzles to get clues that help them crack the secret code to the safe before time runs out. Players can also be presented with trivia questions or riddles that require teamwork to guess the answer in order for them to unlock codes for special rewards such as additional hints or extra time on the clock.

Other Variations: Other variations may include reducing the number of players required to complete a mission and assigning more difficult tasks for a team’s success. Tasks such as creating an Rube Goldberg machine with an intricate set of indirect connections that generate enough energy or momentum so as to unlock a hidden message or path of clues could be utilized as well as speed rounds where fast fingers and quick thinking are required!


Break the Safe, a board game by Hasbro, is a fun and exciting way to challenge players. The goal of the game is to be the first player to break into an impenetrable safe filled with real gold coins. To do this, players will use codes and tumblers on the safe’s door to unlock its secrets. There are five power levers that can be turned in different directions to make combinations that could open the safe. Along with this, players also have access to a codebook and get hints from Goldfinger “the in-game character” about where each combination may lie. The race is on for players as they race against both time and their other opponents to open up their way to victory.

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