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The Skittles Game Board is a fun, interactive board game. It is inspired by Candyland and shares many similar elements. The aim of the game is to navigate around the board, scoop up candy before your opponent does, collect stars for bonus points, and make it all the way around the board first.

At its core, the game appeals to players that enjoy strategy and luck-based games. Players must make split second decisions about which paths to take and strategically move around their opponents in order to get ahead. Additionally, each player rolls a die to travel around the board and take advantage of randomness in their journey.

The game can be played by two people or four people with two teams. Furthermore, some variant rules exist that add further gameplay elements like King Kandy cards which give extra bonuses when drawn. This helps keep the game fresh and exciting between rounds.

In short, if you’re looking for an entertaining new way to spend time with friends or family members then you should check out the Skittles Game Board! With its blend of strategic thinking, luck-based decision making, and colorful components it can provide hours of fun for players of all ages.

The Objective of the Game

The objective of the Skittles Game Board is for each player to collect as many of their colored skittles as possible in the allotted time. Players will roll the dice and move either one or two spaces, depending on how many dots are shown on the faces of the dice. The skittles are assigned to each player at random – usually two to three colors per player – and placed on the board in designated areas. As players pass over a space with a skittle of their color, they must pick up that skittle and add it to their total count. The game ends when time is up, and whoever has collected the most skittles is declared the winner.

Creative Ways to Enjoy the Game

The Skittles Game Board is a great way to bring fun and excitement into your home. There are many ways that you can enjoy the game with your family, friends, or even on your own. Here are just a few creative ways to get the most enjoyment out of playing the Skittles Game Board.

1. Timed Games: Set up a timer and see who can collect the most skittles in a certain amount of time. This will add an extra layer of excitement as players try their best to gather as much as they can before the timer runs out!

2. Group Challenge: Have each person or group set up their own board. Turn this into an individual or team challenge by seeing who can get the most skittles off their board in a set amount of time . Whoever wins gets bragging rights!

3. Trick shots: Get creative by adding obstacles (small boxes, blocks) within or around your board and then see if you can move items around it without touching them with your hands or knocking down skittles from other parts of the board- think mini golf but with skittles!

4. Mystery Boxes: Hide small objects within one or two skittle cups and then have players take turns rolling dice to guess which cup contains an object – it could anything from candy, coins, jewelry pieces, etc!

5. Themed Decorations: Decorate your gameboard with any theme you choose- think neon colors if you want an 80’s feel, patriotic colors for 4th of July celebrations, etc! Give yourself extra points for creativity!

Themed Skittles Sets That You Can Try

Skittles are a classic game that has been played by children and adults alike for centuries. Now, instead of throwing wooden discs across a wooden board, it is possible to purchase themed Skittles sets with elaborate designs and intricate pieces. For example, there is an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Skittles set featuring brightly colored pins topped with mad hatters and smiling cats. There are also Christmas themed sets with shapes like snow flakes and gingerbread men on the pins. Also popular is a Star Wars-themed set where you can challenge your friends as imperial or rebel forces. Some kits even feature electronic scoring systems so you can keep track of who scored what throughout the game! With so many exciting options, you really have to see the different sets yourself to decide which one is your favorite!

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Fun Variations of the Game

The Skittles Game Board is a colorful, interactive game that provides endless hours of fun. While there are many variations of the game, some of the most popular include:

1. Flip Flop Skittles ” In this variation of the game, players spin the numbered wheel to see how far they can move along the board. The player with the highest score at the end wins!

2. Catch Up Skittles ” This version puts an extra spin on regular Skittles by adding in a “catch up” element. Players have to strategically time their moves and use their opponents’ scores against them in order to get ahead!

3. Memory Challenges ” In this variation, players flip over a series of colored tiles and must remember sequences in order to win! This is a great game for younger children as it helps them practice their memory skills.

4. Color Blur ” This exciting version requires players to match colors from their own pieces with those on the board quickly before their opponents do! The player who gets all their pieces in matched pairs first, wins!

5. Spinners Delight ” In this intense race-style game, players spin a wheel that contains various point values and try to collect as many points as possible before time runs out!

Popular Strategies for Winning the Game

The Skittles Game Board is a classic game that has been enjoyed by players of all ages for many years. It is a fast-paced, exciting game of strategy, where the players compete to collect the most number of Skittles from their opponent. Because it involves both luck and skill, there are certain strategies that can be used to improve your chances of winning.

One popular strategy for winning the game is using a trapping technique. This involves setting up traps on your board in an effort to block your opponents from retrieving their Skittles or moving them onto other parts of the board. This method often forces opponents into unfavorable positions where they are unable to move or retrieve their pieces without forfeiting their turn.

Another popular strategy is known as “importing” which involves obtaining or moving important pieces or pieces that give you control over key points on the board. Doing this can often help you gain an advantage over your opponents as it restricts their movement and access to certain areas of the board. If you are able to do this while ensuring that your own pieces remain relatively safe and secure, then it can become difficult for your opposition to make any progress or gain any ground on the board.

Lastly, watching out for and taking advantage of opportunities presented by others’ mistakes can be a great way to gain an edge in the game. Keeping an eye out for careless moves by your opponent, such as leaving pieces vulnerable in unprotected sections of the board, is key in increasing your chances for success.

Must-Have Skittles Game Board Accessories

Dice: The dice are an essential component to any Skittles game board. Without them, players cannot traverse the colourful circles for which the game is best known.

Cup: Dice can be easily collected, sorted and rolled in a cup, allowing the pieces to travel from player to player with ease.

Tokens or Counters: Counters are used to track each player’s progress through the board. Many different types of counters are available such as marbles, coins or small toys; whatever your family prefers!

Scorecard: Keeping score is part of what makes playing a game so much fun. A scorecard allows you to keep track of how many rounds each player has won as well as how close they are to Wrapping Around the Rainbow with all their tokens in hand!

Timer: Timers can be used to keep the game fun while making sure it doesn’t last longer than it should. Set a limit on how long each round can last and make sure no one gets too carried away!

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Interesting Facts About the Game

Skittles is a classic game that has been around for centuries. It is known to be one of the oldest indoor games ever invented, having originally appeared in Europe sometime in the 14th century. The name Skittles originated from an old English word meaning “to knock down or over”. Over the years, many variations of the game have been developed and it can still be found in pubs, bars and private homes.

One of the most popular versions of Skittles today is played on a game board with nine pins numbered 1 through 9. The board features a center port and approximately 24 inches between pins 1 through 4, as well as 20 inches between lanes 5 through 8. After rolling the game ball, players must score as many points as they can by knocking down sets of pins. Traditional scoring includes: 1 point for a single pin, 2-3 points for a double or triple set of pins, 4-5 points for four or five pins off the board, 7 points for setting all nine pins off at once; this is called a “Skittle” or “Strike”.

A fun variation to add to the classic Skittles game is called Five Pin Skittles ” Here players stand side by side with the fifth pin placed 20 inches away from either end lane. To gain extra points while playing Five Pin Skittles, players must knock down all five pins without sending any into the opposing player’s pocket instead! This game will soon become your favorite way to practice your aim and precision shots while still ensuring some friendly competition.

FAQs on the Skittles Game Board

Q: How do I play the Skittles game?
A: To get started, place all of the ten skittles (or small objects) at the start of the game board. Each player takes a turn rolling a die to move their piece across the game board. The first to make it to the end is the winner! Make sure to follow any special rules indicated by specific spaces on the game board while playing.

Q: What happens when my skittle lands on a special space?
A: Depending on which special space your skittle lands on, you might have to skip a turn or make an extra move. Special spaces also may allow you to take an extra turn or jump ahead multiple spaces. Refer back to the rules page for more information about each space and its effect.

Q: Is there more than one way to play Skittles?
A: Yes! For example, some players choose to add an additional set of rules, such as literally jumping over other players’ skittles during their turns if they land on particular squares. Additionally, many people will change up how many skittles are used during game-play in order to make it harder or easier depending on how skilled they are trying to be that day.


The Skittles Game Board is a fun and rewarding game to play because it integrates elements of chance, strategy, and luck. Players must consider the possible moves they can make as well as the probability of where each Skittle will land when thrown. At each stage of the game, players must employ their skills in choosing the best strategic move. It’s unpredictable nature ensures that every game will be different and makes for an exciting experience. Additionally, since players get to compete against multiple opponents, it encourages friendly competition among those playing. There is also a reward system at the end of each match – whoever ends up with the most points wins! The unpredictability, challenge, and rewards provided by the Skittles Game Board make it an entertaining and engaging game for people of all ages to enjoy.

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