Children’s Board Games As Horror Movies


What happens when you take the classic board games from your childhood and turn them into horror movies? It’s a concept that is just as entertaining as it is frightening. By turning these family-friendly board games into horror films, movie-goers are able to experience a new take on an old classic. From Monopoly to Battleship, no game is too simple for a terrifying twist.

The appeal of taking these special games and giving them some monstrous makeovers lies in the idea that something so familiar can become so unfamiliarly eerie. While there have been many successful horror movies released over the years that used inventive plots and horrifying set pieces, having a childhood favorite be used to tell such a dark story could potentially spook up theaters around the world.

In addition to being a fresh take on the genre of horror, this idea also has potential to bring in viewers who may not have seen a particular board game-based horror film before because they recognize its source material. Whether it’s ‘Clue’ as an Alfred Hitchcock mystery or ‘Candy Land’ reimagined as an apocalyptic adventure, each film could provide die-hard fans with their own unique experiences – ones that honor the original game’s spirit while still evoking fear from its audience.

History of Horror Board Games

The history of horror board games dates back thousands of years and is believed to have originated with ancient stories revolving around powerful and malevolent gods, demons, monsters, witches, and other legendary and mythical creatures. Though not technically considered a board game as we know it today, many societies and cultures would enact dramatic reenactments of these tales to tell their stories in an interactive and entertaining way. For example, Chinese Fan-tan”which has been played since the 15th century”is thought to be based on a popular story about the goddess Nu Kua who created the world out of a dragon’s body.

Throughout the centuries, horror-inspired board games were further refined by an array of different artists, designers and philosophers from all around the world. One particularly popular figure was H.G. Wells who, in 1929 published a detailed set of rules titled Little Wars which established the core structure for many popular games like MINIWARS ” a combination between large scale war strategy simulations and tabletop miniatures games ” as well as others like Conquest! (1985) by Avalon Hill Games which featured 3D battlegrounds that focused more on individual wins rather than entire battle scenarios.

Eventually this style of play became less focused on grandiose scenarios that simulated real life battles or events and instead concentrated more on creating suspenseful adventures full of mystery secrets and trepidation making them perfect for fans of horror films. Popular examples include Betrayal at House on The Hill (2004) where players traverse an unnerving mansion uncovering dread filled mysteries as well as Arkham Horror (2005) in which players must work together to defeat great evil forces such as Cthulhu while avoiding being taken by insanity themselves. Today these types of games are stronger than ever thanks to PC gaming platforms that allow easier access to million plus communities dedicated solely towards this particular brand horror entertainment making them available for millions more people around the globe!

Island Sinking Board Game

Examples of Modern Horror Board Games

Dread Curse: This popular horror board game has players playing as cursed pirates who must complete various terrifying tasks and battles in order to remove their curse before the coming of the dreaded Tides of Dread. Players must stay alive at all costs and race against time, dangers, and darkness – or else all will be lost to an eternity of despair.

The Last Friday: In this universe-spanning horror board game, players take turns randomly selecting threats from a special deck that represent sinister attacks from extradimensional entities. As the cards are revealed one by one, players frantically try to track down eldritch creatures or recreate ancient rituals before they can cause real harm to the world.

Betrayal at House on the Hill: This classic horror board game puts a unique twist on traditional dungeon crawlers. Players explore a creepy house with randomly generated floor plans and secret passages – but beware! One of you may have been possessed by evil forces, turning them into a traitor who must carry out wicked plans while remaining hidden from your unsuspecting friends

The 7th Continent: Players in this expansive adventure game explore an uncharted land trying to uncover its secrets while struggling against impossible odds such as earthquakes and volcanoes that bring monsters and mysteries at every turn. With over 1000 possible scenarios ranging from puzzles and quests to fights with massive sea beasts, no two playthroughs are the same.

Benefits of Replacing Nightmare Fueled TV with Board Games

Playing board games based on horror movies and stories has several benefits for children. Not only does it allow them to explore the genre of horror in a unique and creative way, but it also provides a safe space for them to develop their imagination. It can be beneficial for their psychological development, as they sharpen their problem solving skills while getting immersed in a narrative. Playing such games promotes bonding among family members or friends, and allows children to come closer together by exchanging ideas and playing together cooperatively.

Moreover, board games provide hours of entertainment without exposing children to explicit content that might be contained in traditional horror films. This is important because they can still experience the thrill of horror without feeling traumatized or being exposed to graphic images. By being able to control the level of difficulty according to their age group, it allows parents or teachers to make sure that the game is suitable for both younger and older players alike. Boardgames usually require more attention than watching TV, allowing children stay focused on playing the game at hand.

How To Make A Treasure Island Board Game

Turning Board Games into Horror Movies

Using sound effects is essential when creating a horror movie from a board game. Add sounds of creaking doors, eerie wind, and haunting music to invoke fear in your viewers.

Creating the right atmosphere for the horror story is important for setting the tone. Consider designing your sets or locations so they look dilapidated or spooky to help build an atmosphere of suspense and dread.

Most board games have various characters throughout the story but when turning it into a movie you may want to rewrite some of them to give them more depth and an eerier look. Make sure that the costumes used are dark and unsettling, allowing those viewing to become immersed in the movie’s world.

Special effects can also be incorporated to enhance certain scenes and moments within the movie. Incorporating props such as tools or materials related to odd science experiments can add subtle layers of tension throughout the film’s duration.

Finally, consider using an underlying soundtrack throughout specific moments that express unease and heightened emotions during intense sequences. Reviewers will take note of this expressive touch which could help drive audiences away from regular board games into cinematic adaptations!


Board games can be more than just a fun bonding activity with friends and family; they have the potential to bring children’s imaginations to life! By recreating popular horror movies as board game format, children are able to take control over their own story-telling and visualizing abilities, creating their own vision of terror in a safe and creative way. Children can get creative when it comes to building horror scenes out of props or putting together an acting role for each player – these activities will both improve their problem solving skills as well improving their self-confidence through the power of play. Board games also offer an excellent opportunity for children (and adults) to bond with others or become immersed in a thrilling world where anything is possible. Ultimately, this unique style of gameplay offers boundless opportunities for everyone to enjoy while practicing valuable lifelong skills that can be used far beyond the game itself.

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