Burgle Brothers Board Game

Introduction to Burgle Brothers

Burgle Brothers has become one of the most popular board games over the past few years, winning numerous awards and accolades along the way. It was rated in 2018 as one of the top 50 board games by Oliver and Myrtle Co., one of the largest board game retailers in North America, and won the Dice Tower Award for “best co-op game” in 2016. Similarly, Burgle Brothers also made its way onto Board Game Geek’s “Most Popular Games List” and earned a Golden Geek Award in 2015. All these honors are well deserved as Burgle Brothers is a truly unique game, requiring strategy and cooperation to successfully pull off an old-fashioned heist.

Building Suspense

Some strategies that can help players of Burgle Brothers have a successful game are:

1. Planning ahead: As the game progresses, it is important to plan out moves in advance so that you know where your characters should move and why. This could mean deciding which route to take based on the amount of noise or attention each move will attract, or deciding which item to retrieve first.

2. Using team tactics: Working with other players is often key to success in Burgle Brothers. Different characters come with different abilities which can be used together and combined for maximum efficiency when completing tasks. For example, two characters might be able to bypass an obstacle or create a distraction needed by another player by acting together.

3. Deploying distractions: Utilizing distractions such as throwing cards onto the board or releasing guard dogs or guards canhelp to distract security and make it easier for players to complete their objectives quicker, with less exposure to danger zones on the board.

4. Covering your tracks: Undoing some of your work after completing a task is essential if you want to successfully escape without alerting any alarms. Once players reach their goal they will have triggered various Red Alarm points while on the way there and should make sure that these aren’t revisited when returning back as this would alert security enabling them to trace footsteps back to the theft location!

Exploring The Factions

Burgle Brothers is an exciting board game that puts players in the shoes of daring heisters. Players must navigate a cunning security system, master their thieving skills, and overcome their opponents to take the loot! This game is packed with exciting thematic elements from its wild interplay between factions to its authentic vintage aesthetic.

This game contains four different factions – Handlers, Thieves, Computers, and Lookouts – each of which offers a unique approach when it comes to thieving. Handlers are experts at keeping secrets and can use special items cards for skill bonuses. Thieves have multiple special abilities and can also steal items from other players. Computers are great at remote hack systems and can help create extra loot tokens. Lookouts are masters of perception, allowing them to spot guards before they reach players on the board. These four distinct roles allow for some much-needed diversity among players when coming up with strategies!

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Additionally, Burgle Brothers’ classic vintage aesthetic truly makes this game feel like a throwback experience. The artwork and characters drawn in an old-school comic book style transport players back to a world of daring adventure as soon as the game starts! Furthermore, the audio offers nostalgic sound effects that tie together the entire theme of the game with cool soundtracks that remind one of classic cartoons from years past. All these elements together make Burgle Brothers an empowering and fun way of testing your thieving skills!

An Immersive Experience

The Burgle Brothers board game is an immersive experience unlike any other. With fantastic artwork, detailed designs, and intricate mechanics that capture the energy of a heist movie, you will be immersed in its world every time you play. Every game comes with four custom character miniatures, altering art throughout the game for each environment, and a set of detailed playing cards. The objective is to steal as much loot as you can without alerting the building’s security. The soundtrack is also crafted to mimic 80s movies and set the tone of a classic caper movie. Every turn feels like a fast-paced thrill ride designed to excite and captivate players until their mission is complete. This is truly an engaging experience that provides hours of entertainment for friends and family alike!

A Journey of Planning

1. Avoiding laser alarms: Players must navigate through a building, avoiding laser alarms that can alert the authorities.
2. Cracking combination locks: Some doors require players to crack combination locks, requiring them to think creatively and carefully to discover the correct code.
3. Disarming security cameras: Security cameras are located throughout the building and need to be disabled or destroyed in order for players to progress safely.
4. Dealing with guard patrols: The building is inhabited by guards that patrol the area. If players meet up with guards they may have to battle them or come up with quiet solutions in order to remain safe and hidden from detection.
5. Finding hidden compartments and loot tokens: In some of the rooms and areas there are hidden compartments containing loot tokens which give bonus points at the end of the game if discovered.

The Final Heist

Players can win the game by successfully completing their heist, which involves stealing three pieces of valuable loot from the bank and journeying back to their secret hideout. Each piece of loot is hidden behind various puzzles and security measures. If a player is caught by a guard or alarm during the heist, they must serve a turn in jail before continuing on with their mission. To win the game, players need to acquire all three pieces of loot and race back to their hideout without being sighted or arrested by any guards or automated security measures.

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Players can also lose the game if they fail to acquire all three pieces of loot before either getting caught or running out of time. As soon as one player manages to successfully steal all 3 pieces of loot and return safe and sound to their hideout, they are declared the winner!

Time to Burgle

Burgle Brothers is an exciting strategic board game that requires players to plan and execute a heist in order to win. Players must use their skills, strategy, and cunning to make it out alive with the most loot. Professional players of Burgle Brothers focus on utilizing optimal strategies for movement on the board and proper timing when using cards. For example, moving from one space to hopefully take another by surprise or using a card when needed to enhance the chance of success. Additionally, professionals consider available equipment cards and ways to use them in combination with characters’ abilities or enhancing their capabilities throughout the game. Effective utilization of these strategies is key to winning a Burgle Brothers game!


1. Choose the correct difficulty level for your group: higher levels are more difficult and require more strategic planning, while lower levels are better suited for beginners.

2. Make sure everyone knows the rules before playing. Familiarity with the game is key to having a successful experience.

3. Create a plan of attack and work together to complete the heist as quickly as possible – communication is essential in order to make it out without alerting anyone!

4. Utilize each character’s unique abilities to their full potential in order to succeed faster – whether it’s Cranks’s sneaking skills or Monk’s lockpicking ability.

5. Designate one person as the leader when creating a plan of attack and make sure everyone sticks to it, navigating around obstacles as needed.

6. Take advantage of special items found throughout the map that can help you on your way, like tools and weapons!

7. Remember that mistakes can be costly – do not get sloppy if you want to beat the game!

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