The Flood Board Game


The Flood Board Game is a strategic game that puts your problem-solving skills to the test. Players control rising water levels using specifically placed pieces, aiming to gain the highest score in the fastest possible way. The game has earned its place among players of all ages, as it offers hours of fun and builds analytical skills. Players can hone their strategy-building abilities by mastering their ability to predict their opponents’ next moves and strategize accordingly.

The Flood Board Game has plenty of benefits beyond honing problem-solving skills. It encourages collaboration between players, encourages communication, and promotes strategic thinking. Players can practice planning ahead and work together to develop solutions quickly and effectively. Additionally, playing this game can help strengthen bonds between friends and families, due to the need for compromise and cooperation to complete the task at hand; most importantly, it’s great for fostering friendly competition among players! By learning different approaches on how to win points with creative solutions and engaging techniques, The Flood Board Game is an enjoyable way for human interaction on both personal or professional level.

The Design

The Flood board game consists of a board that is typically constructed out of several interlocking pieces and a set of miniature playing pieces. The board is set up to resemble a topographical map, with hills, streams, and valleys all around the edges. At the center of the board, there is a large “ocean” section with rivers leading in and out of it. In order to play the game, players first choose which type of boat they would like to use and then choose their starting points for the boats.

The objective of The Flood is for each player to try and get their boat from one side of the board to the other before anyone else does. Alongside traditional obstacles such as mountain ridges, players must also contend with powerful currents traveling through each river area on the board. These can cause a boat to be carried unpredictably along while they are trying to navigate them! In addition, lower elevation areas are prone to flooding if sea levels rise too high and can knock boats off course.

Furthermore, each player will have a selection of 6 cards that contains various weather patterns including storms, hurricanes and droughts which affect the water level on different parts of the board via wind speed or heavy downpours causing rivers to swell up unpredictably increasing movement speed and danger for those in certain areas. If a player is unable make it across in 5 turns then they will lose this exciting game which has been enjoyed by people worldwide since its original release over 70 years ago!


The Flood Board Game is great for all types of players. Casual players who want to play with friends and family will be able get it up and running quickly, due to its user-friendly rules, while more avid and experienced board gamers will find engaging depth in the strategy involved. It’s also perfect for younger audiences as the simple objects required for play makes it super accessible. Additionally, kids can learn about perspective taking, real-world problem solving and even begin exploring the effects climate change has on our environment through this game!

The Setup

The Flood Board Game is an exciting game for up to four players. Before you begin playing, first make sure you have enough pieces to build the game board. This includes four flood markers and one set of river tiles that can be arranged in various configurations.

During Setup, each player will choose a different color marker to represent their character. They will then take turns placing the markers onto the board, based on where they want their piece to start. Players should follow instructions written on the tiles associated with each marker’s starting point.

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Once all markers are in place, the first person draws a tile from the bag of tiles and places it face up in front of them. These tiles can include bridges that can help mark some of your movement through the river but could also contain rocks which are impassable and end your turn if you attempt to move there. The player then moves their marker one or two spaces forward in any direction (though excluding diagonal movement). Following a successful move, depending on what type of tile they landed on, they must either draw another tile or pass to the next player – this is indicated by an “X” and “O” icon respectively at the bottom of each tile.

At this time, players may also opt to use certain tools and abilities such as shovels (which allow for specific terrain crossings and movement modifications) or wading into deeper waters (which challenges players with traversing rapids or extended crossing paths). With any additional tools possessed by characters within the game, players are advised to reference those rules outlined within their instruction manual for exact usage details and limitations.

When all pieces arrive at a finishing point (such as designated landmasses adjacent to water spaces), the game ends! The winner is whoever moved their piece there successfully in the fewest turns!


The Flood Board Game is full fun, challenge and excitement. To get the most out of this game, you need to have a good grasp of winning strategies. First, it’s important to plan your moves ahead and anticipate what your opponents might do. Planning ahead also gives you the opportunity to draw more cards as quickly as possible which can help you build stronger defenses while also disrupting your rival’s plans. In addition, make sure to place obstacles like bridges and walls strategically, making sure that they are difficult for other players but easy for yourself to access or traverse.

It’s also essential to maximize your use of flood zones. Flood zones allow you the chance to’travel’ long distances in one turn by connecting two of your tiles together via a river or lake. That way, you can escape from a dangerous situation or attack an opponent from an unexpected angle with ease. Finally, don’t be afraid to outwit and ambush your opponents if necessary; remember that aggression can be a useful strategy when used properly! Be bold and ruthless in exploiting their weaknesses; if there is an opportunity for you to come out on top, then seize it!


The Flood Board Game is a fun and engaging strategy-based game where players must battle rising flood waters by collecting resources, building dwellings and towers, and ultimately surviving the oncoming deluge. It can be played as a two-player or four-player game and with a few adaptations to the rules, it can be played in various different ways. The goal is the same no matter the variation, survival!

For example, teams can be formed with two players on each team; each team takes turns wheeling dice to collect resources, which they may then use to build their homes and construct walls against the rising tides. In this version of the game goals are shared between both sides; such as reaching an announced maximum water level or aiming for a certain amount of towers and dwellings on each side before time runs out.

In some variations counting/tracking rounds have been added as well as a scoreboard system that rewards points for progress made during each round. This helps keep score easier when trying to determine which player or team has won in a given round of the game.

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Finally, another version of gameplay was created specifically for children with simpler objectives in order for them to enjoy playing this entertaining yet educational experience developed by The Flood Board Game creators!


Playing The Flood Board Game offers a variety of benefits for players. It is an educational tool that teaches basic math, exercising problem-solving skills, and understanding the consequences of various decisions. In the game, players must work together to solve puzzles and try to prevent the rising waters from completely submerging their board-game island. As such, it encourages cooperative behavior and teamwork while also providing a fun challenge. On top of this, while playing The Flood Board Game players must think on their feet as they anticipate what will come next in order to stay ahead of the advancing water until they can successfully complete the puzzle or reach safety. This helps to boost critical thinking skills and logical reasoning. Finally, The Flood Board Game fosters both friendly competition and friendly collaboration among its participants, making it great for families or for groups of friends looking for a fun, challenging game night activity.

Shopping Sources

The Flood Board Game is a highly rated 2-4 player game released by Fantasy Flight Games. The game features fast-paced battles as players race to grab the most treasure while battling monsters in an ever-changing landscape. Players must use strategy and quick thinking to battle the monsters and gain control of the landscape before the end of the game.

When looking for a copy of the Flood Board Game, Gameology is one major online retailer with it in stock. Amazon also carries various versions of the game, allowing players to find a cost-effective option that still offers good quality components and playability.

In addition to finding the game at major retailers such as Gameology or Amazon, buyers should research any reviews on third party sites like BoardGameGeek or Metacritic before making their purchase. This can help provide more detailed information about exactly what components are included for different editions and provide an overall assessment of how people have enjoyed playing it. It’s also important to keep track of new expansions, which could add even more depth and interesting gameplay elements to this already fantastic board game. Finally, customers should check out online stores run by dedicated boardgame retailers who offer competitive prices on games like The Flood Board Game so they can find an option that fits within their budget.


Once players have experienced the Flood Board Game for themselves, encouraging others to join in on the game-play can be done by talking excitedly about their experience. They can share their strategy, funny moments, or favorite parts with family and friends – getting them curious to try it out! A great way to let others know about the game is by uploading reviews and scores on social media platforms or recommending it through creating YouTube videos. Therefore players who have enjoyed this interactive board game are more likely to bring it up in conversations and promote it to those who are interested in finding new enthralling games.

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