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Can’t Catch Harry Board Game is an exciting new board game that combines strategy, physical dexterity and fun. The main objective of the game is to catch Harry before he runs around the board. Players take turns sending their trolls after Harry in an effort to catch him; however, he’ll never go where you expect, so you must plan your moves wisely! The game also includes a variety of obstacles such as Teletubby tunnels, SlickWood bridges and Rapiva ravines which make catching Harry more difficult. Other features like special cards and dice rolls can give each player an advantage during play. With its unique combination of strategy and physical movement, Can’t Catch Harry Board Game will provide hours of entertainment for both kids and adults alike!

Gameplay Overview

The goal in Can’t Catch Harry is to catch Harry the mischievous hamster before he escapes out the back door. Players take turns rolling the die and moving their character game pieces around the game board with the aim of ‘trapping’ Harry. Every time a player lands on a feature square, they have to do an activity, move a piece on the board or be rewarded/penalized. For example, one of these feature squares requires players to draw a card which can say something like; collect 5 carrots, lose your turn or move Harry 3 places ahead of you. If all players agree on it, they can also play team rounds and everyone chooses the same character piece, making it harder for Harry to escape because all characters are focused on catching him. Once someone figures out how to strategically block off every exit so that Harry cannot escape – they win!

Main Objective

The main objective of Can’t Catch Harry is to capture the ever-elusive Harry by surrounding him with the least amount of guards (aka players) possible. As the guards you must trap Harry in a single move but be careful, he is adept at escaping your clutches via a clever combination of special cheat cards and well timed dice rolls.

Each player takes control of one guard character with their own special ability, as chosen randomly each round. With three different boards – an easy, medium and hard gameboard – there’s something for everyone! Players must not only exploit the traps on the board but also work together to form winning strategies to ensure they stay ahead of their opponents.

When it’s time to make a move, you can either move according to the standard dice roll or take advantage of a number of cheat cards which grant you extra moves or re-rolls. With each turn comes much anticipation as players attempt to outsmart each other while harriedly trying to avoid Harry’s mischievous tricks. Be ready as his escape plans become ever more elaborate and daring! Can your team prevent him from escaping?

Game Strategies

Can’t Catch Harry Board Game is a fun game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The basic premise of the game is for the players (the Catchers) to try and catch Harry, who is running around the board trying to avoid being caught. This can be done by hopping from one square to the other without being blocked off by any of the Catchers.

Players have a few strategies they can use to win the game. One strategy is to occupy as many squares as possible, preventing Harry from escaping. Another strategy is for each Catcher to focus on one side of the board, creating a wall that prevents Harry from escaping in that direction.

Advanced strategies include predicting Harry’s movements and monitoring which spaces are occupied throughout the game. Players may need to adjust their strategy as they become more familiar with how quickly they’re able to move across the board or where Harry likes to move: around obstacles or along certain routes.

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In addition, strategizing while communicating with teammates will help create better plans and hopefully lead you closer toward catching Harry: keep your team up-to-date when you see him moving towards different positions on the board and encourage your teammates to think ahead in order to optimize chasing down opportunities. Remember, catching Harry takes patience but collaboration will get you there!

Components of the Game

Can’t Catch Harry is a board game intended for children ages 6 and up. It comes with the following components: The Can’t Catch Harry Game Board, two dice, four playing pieces (Harry, Red Cat, Susan, and Pete), 60 Challenge Cards with challenges ranging from easy to difficult, the Teacher’s Guide with a list of activities to get kids practicing their language and logic skills as they play the game.

The goal of the game is for players to help Harry avoid getting caught by his pursuers (Red Cat, Susan, and Pete). Players use the dice to move around the game board collecting clues from each space they land on. To win the game players must collect enough clues to answer all of the challenge cards. Each challenge card contains either a language or logic question that must be answered correctly in order to continue playing. Players can also give their pursuers bonus moves by answering bonus questions correctly. Colored spaces on the board grant additional abilities such as stealing clue cards from other opponents. Other spaces have special consequences like skipping a turn or losing one of your clue cards.

In addition to this basic set-up there are several variations and scenarios that can be added to make gameplay more exciting. For example: set traps on certain squares so if someone lands on them they lose both of their clue cards; set-up races between two or more characters by ruling that when people reach a particular square they roll one die each turn until someone wins; or add extra obstacles like bridges2 whereby players must pay money or lose other resources in order to cross it safely but adds an interesting element of strategy for players when attempting movements on the board. All these rules can be found in detail inside The Teachers Guide included with Can’t Catch Harry board game.


The Can’t Catch Harry board game is a fantastic way to engage with family, friends and other players in an atmosphere of laughter and camaraderie. It takes the classic tag game to the next level encouraging more active movement, collaboration and competition. With vibrant illustrations, high-energy music and exciting custom power-ups it quickly sets the tone for a fun night of playtime nostalgia.

Benefits of playing this game include improved physical coordination as players jump, twist, dive and run around in an effort to evade capture from their opponents. It also offers an opportunity for strategic thinking as players use the special power-ups to escape or slow down pursuers. Examining dangers ahead for each player is a key component that requires forward planning quickly but accurately.

In addition to its physical benefits, playing Can’t Catch Harry can extend far beyond the board itself; strengthening social skills such as communication , cooperation, empathy and sportsmanship are crucial aspects of gameplay requiring skillful discussion between participants. Additionally, team building skills create greater bonding amongst both adults and children playing together as well as helping younger members manage stress when playing on their own against experienced players. Finally, catching Harry can be an excellent mental exercise with twists at every turn making it all the more challenging!

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Fun Facts

The Can’t Catch Harry board game was designed by the creative minds of Mark Bell and Tom O’Neill as a fun-filled way to test players’ strategic thinking, memory, and communication skills. The game is aimed at ages 6 and up and can be played with 2-4 people. Each player has a bedroom corner starting point; however, there are also two wild corners for an extra level of unpredictability. Players then use their puzzle pieces to scout out places in the house where they think Harry (the purple mouse) is hiding. With a total of 24 hiding spots throughout the board it won’t be easy to catch him! To win/lose, players must either help or foil each other’s plans by finding or hiding him.

Can’t Catch Harry was created with children at heart; however, many adults also enjoy playing! It has been named one of the top 10 family games for 2020 due to its ability to bring together friends & families alike – plus there’s no need for batteries! Besides being the perfect gift for any occasion, parents have also used it as a reward system to incentivize a child’s obedience.

Mark Bell is an experienced set designer and cartoonist while Tom O’Neill has directed award-winning independent films focusing on themes such as childhood adventure and world mythology. Both bring a wealth of experience when it comes to developing fun games kids will love! Their mission with Can’t Catch Harry is that everyone can escape into a world of fantasy, interaction, exploration and discovery.

Final Thoughts

The Can’t Catch Harry Board Game is an entertaining and highly interactive game that’s perfect for families and groups of all ages. Structured like a classic hide-and-seek game, its objective is for the designated Hider (Harry) to avoid being found by the Seekers until the time runs out. With multiple board pieces that can be rearranged, it helps liven up any get-together with suspenseful play that promotes teamwork and communication.

At the end of each match, you can review how much fun everyone had playing together. This game will give your family or friends hours of enjoyment as they devise strategies and work together to outsmart Harry (or try to!). The knowledge your group will gain from playing this game on how important communication is in order to succeed will prove invaluable after the dust has settled.

To complete the gameplay experience, wrap things up by giving each player an award based on their individual performance–whether it be Most Strategic or Most Creative! Depending on whether your group prefers digital honor or tangible gifts, you can also create an online virtual badge or prepare personalized tokens such as a letter or certificate of recognition–these details are all great ways to remind players long after the actual gaming session and make them feel appreciated for their efforts.

Finally, be sure to thank everyone who took part in playing the Board Game and encourage them to help spread the word. Shareable links are useful for this as they allow you to reach out to a larger audience so more people can find out about Can’t Catch Harry!

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