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Black White is an ancient Chinese strategy board game dating back to the 12th century. The goal of the game is to capture the enemy’s pieces, or pin them between two friendly pieces so they cannot move. It is a game of wits and strategy, and players must use their skills of deduction and logic to outsmart their opponent. The game consists of a square board made up of intersecting vertical and horizontal lines, like a chessboard. Each player has 10 pieces, known as ‘Men’, which are placed on the intersections at the beginning of the game. The two players alternate turns with each one moving only one piece at a time – but never Hitting an opponents’ piece; instead you must use your own Men to block off and pin your opponent’s pieces. In addition, many rules exist regarding how certain pieces can move in relation to other pieces on the board, making creating multiple strategies crucial for success. As such it requires careful consideration before each move in order to predict what will be most advantageous in achieving victory or preventing defeat.

Rules and Regulations

Chinese Board Games Black and White (also known as Hei Tiao Qi, 圍棋) is a traditional two-player Chinese game. The aim of the game is to capture the majority of pieces on the board by enclosing them with your opponent’s pieces.

Players take turns placing black and white stones on the intersections of a square board with up to 19×19 grids. The player with black pieces always moves first. Stones of either color cannot be “captured” until they are completely surrounded by opposing stones. Surrounded stones are removed from play and form a point for the capturing side, contributing to their victory at the end of the game. If a stone or group of stones cannot move, it is considered “dead” and also taken off the board for points.

Players must try to occupy strategic positions on the board, surrounding their opponent’s pieces while protecting their own. They should analyze closely where to put new pieces and strategize for long-term gains around defensive areas, preparing for future moves in order to gain an advantage over their opponent. Players can win the game by effective management of their resources and planning aggressive attacks that preemptively absorb opponents’ moves in order to gain points quickly.

The level of ChineseBoardGamesBlackandWhite can range from beginner level players up through very advanced players who have mastered professional strategies used in international tournaments and championships worldwide.


Chinese Board Games Black White, or also known as Banqi, is a traditional Chinese strategy game played on a 9×9 line board and with 16 pieces for each player. It is believed to have originated during the Song Dynasty in the 10th century.

Variations: There are many variations of Chinese Board Games Black White that can be played. For example, one variation is called Kongmei (功’). This variation requires players to capture their opponents’ pieces while protecting their own. Another popular variation of this game is Fengchui (風吹). In this variation, players must move their pieces strategically to avoid units being cut off from one another and to prevent attacks within an allotted number of moves. Other variations include Sangoku Musou (三国名将), which combines elements of chess and checkers; Xianzhi (仙子); and Qiyu (七,), which is based on ancient Chinese astrology.

Historical Context

Chinese board game Black White, or 博白, originated from the Tang Dynasty in 6th century AD. It was initially popular among Chinese people from middle to upper classes and is believed to have been developed from the Chinese classic strategy game Go. Players of 博白 compete with each other by placing black or white pieces on a board in turn. Each player uses the aim of controlling positions on the board by blocking off the movements of their opponent and trying to gain a numerical advantage. Until two players can no longer make any moves, whoever controls the most positions on the board at that time wins.

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By 10th century AD, Black White had become a popular recreational activity and was also used as an educational tool to teach tactics of war and strategy to officers in military training schools. Throughout history, famous generals such as Sun Tzu wrote extensively about playing Black White as method for fostering tactics and strategies. From 16th century onwards, there were various forms of Black White available including some with rotatable boards which advanced its use as a teaching aid in military schools into more complex displays beyond simple competition between black and white pieces ” similar to modern-day versions of Chess or Checkers.


Chinese board game Black White has become immensely popular in recent years both globally and within China. Players of this traditional game are captivated by its strategic complexity, using a combination of logic and memorization techniques to master the game’s abilities. The game is suitable for players aged 8 to 80 years old, making it appealing to almost anyone. It has been gaining more recognition as it rises in popularity across the world long with other Chinese classics such as Mahjong, among others. As China is now a leader in the world economy, many people from other countries have become interested in Chinese culture and playing traditional board games such as Black White. As a result of its increasing popularity, many modern board game websites designed for PC or mobile sets offer an electronic version of the game often developed by Chinese students from top computer universities. The classic version can also be found on Amazon and other big retail stores, making it easier for people around the world to enjoy this delightful pastime.

Expert Strategies

Black White is an ancient Chinese game that can be traced back thousands of years, and it remains a popular pastime in China today. The goal of the game is to capture more pieces and claim more territory than your opponent. Over time, Black White has become a competitive game, and several expert players have emerged who have come up with effective strategies for victory.

One strategy employed by some of the highest-ranking Black White players is to focus on open areas of the board instead of taking every possible piece or targeting seemingly neutral pieces that may fall under attack later. This requires a high level of concentration as well as expertise in reading the opponent’s intentions. Another popular tactic is to build defensive walls around key areas in order to keep them safe, allowing for greater control over strategic points during later rounds of play.

To increase their chances of winning, some elite Black White players study endgame scenarios extensively so they understand how two players would theoretically reach a position where one final move decides the outcome of the game. Such an understanding allows these players to make better predictions while playing against an opponent and helps them plan ahead several steps into their own future moves as well as their opponents’.

Other top Black White players use timing tactics to create opportunities by making seemingly random moves which force the opponent into situations where their options are limited or difficult. Lastly, some experts employ creative tactics such as using hidden pieces, setting traps for the opponent, and combining both offensive and defensive elements at different stages in order to capture valuable pieces without giving up any strategic advantage

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Fun Facts

• Chinese Board Games Black White (also known as Banqi) is a two-player game from ancient China.

• The board has 16 squares and there are 32 round stones ” half black and half white.

• Skillful strategy is needed to win, which makes it popular amongst players of all ages and skill levels.

• The game is believed to have originated in the Song Dynasty (960″1276 AD).

• It was played by both the common people and nobility alike and spread over countries like Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, India and Indonesia.

• Emperors supposedly used the game to help hone their military strategies.

• Players can use many different strategies depending on their style of play with each player needing to find their own particular approach in order to succeed.

• There are officially three ways to win: capturing then opponent’s pieces, blocking then opponent from moving any more pieces or controlling more space on the board in comparison to your opponent at the end of the game.


Black White is an ancient Chinese board game that has played an important role in Chinese culture for hundreds of years. It has been known to generate a great deal of excitement with its unique strategies, depth and complexity. Players must use strategy and tactics to gain the upper hand over their opponents, making the game both enjoyable and challenging.

Black White can be played both online or in-person. Those wishing to play online have the option of playing on websites such as WeiqiGo, eWeiqi, or Tygem. Playing online is convenient as all you need is a computer or laptop with internet access, making it perfect for enjoying a quick session of Black White from anywhere at any time.

In-person play tends to be more popular among dedicated players who wish to engage in competitive play. Games are held at clubs or tournaments around the world, so an in-person game can be found quite easily if one wishes to attend a game or tournament near them.

For anyone looking for an exciting and challenging board game, Black White provides its players with many opportunities to enjoy this classic game. Whether one wishes to play alone against an AI opponent or take part in a local tournament against challengers, Black White offers something fun and entertaining for everyone who enjoys strategy-based games.


Chinese board games Black and White have been around for centuries, thanks to the creativity and clever engineering of Chinese people. Since its earliest appearance, it has become a popular game enjoyed by people all over the world. With its simple yet complex rules, this two-player strategy game has provided endless hours of entertainment and intellectual stimulation. The future of the game looks bright as people continue to pick up rules and strategies that are unique to each player while providing an enjoyable experience with friends or family. With a few more pieces added to its classic color scheme, there is no doubt that Black and White will still be around in many years’ time, captivating players of all ages with strategic thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

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