Clue Board Game Deluxe Edition


The Clue Board Game Deluxe Edition is an updated version of the classic family board game. The original Clue game was invented by Anthony Pratt in 1944 and was first known as “Murder!” It was released to the public in 1949 and featured six suspects, five weapons and nine rooms. The goal of the game is for players to attempt to identify who murdered Mr. Black, what weapon they used and where it took place.

Since its initial invention, Clue has seen numerous versions and expansions over the years ” most notably in 1988 during its “Deluxe Edition” release. This Deluxe Edition updated the original board game with a new interior layout, larger playing cards and improved tokens. The Deluxe Edition also reset the number of suspects from six to eight people, introduced two entirely new weapons (a candlestick holder and a revolver), and expanded on potential locations within the mansion with four outside locations (the railing, stream, patio and pool). As such, playing this Deluxe Edition adds more options of possibilities when it comes time for players to make their deductions ” making solving the mystery even more fun and exciting!


The Clue Board Game Deluxe Edition is a modern twist on the classic game of mystery and deduction. This updated version features a luxurious wooden game cabinet, a 3D sculpted game board with custom character tokens, new game boards and cards, individually-packaged metal ‘weapons’, an immersive storybook with twelve original case files, and more. Designed to provide players with an enhanced gaming experience, the Deluxe Edition brings together a range of luxury components to create an entirely new way of playing.

At its core, the Clue Board Game Deluxe Edition retains many of the same mechanics from the original game such as moveable pieces, clue cards, and secret identities; however, it has new additions that can make it even more exciting for seasoned fans. One notable addition is the use of three-dimensional figurines for each character token, allowing for enhanced depth in role-playing. In addition to challenging sleuths to find out who committed murder in each case file (as was featured in older versions), this new version provides contestants with extra objectives that go beyond just accusation and suspicion” providing users with multiple ways to win. Furthermore , users are also able to choose from multiple scenarios when beginning one or multiple games” enriching the game experience by diversifying the kinds of questions they have to answer while playing. With these different set-ups available at the start of every game round”players get an opportunity to discover hidden nuances within each character’s backstories as they progress through games based on individual story arcs crafted by their friends or family.


► Fun and Fast-Paced Gameplay: The Clue Board Game Deluxe Edition is a fast-paced and thrilling game of whodunit that is sure to bring hours of fun and entertainment. Players must use a combination of deduction and logic to piece together the clues they discover in order to identify who the murderer is. Once you know who the murderer is, you can make an accusation and win the game.

► Puzzles to Solve: Each round offers a new challenge as you solve puzzles, gather evidence, interview suspects, and build up your case to uncover who the killer really is. With each new clue uncovered or solution reached, players can feel a real sense of satisfaction when being able to put pieces of the puzzle together.

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► Exciting Themes & Challenges : The Clue Board Game Deluxe Edition offers exciting themed challenges with each version such as locations from 1950s film noir settings or mysterious Egyptian tombs. Collectors can also hunt for rare tokens depicting their favorite movie characters or famous international monuments for additional challenge.

► Classic Settings: After playing this timeless classic for generations, there is something special about playing in grand old manors like Tudor Mansion, solving mysteries in exotic locations around the world such as Château Bijoux or winding through haunted fields like Gingerbread Cottage!

► Social Interaction: Playing with others allows you enjoy this suspenseful detective game while developing your logical thinking skills in an exciting environment with friends and family members. We all have different methods we use when it comes to solving crimes so with every round comes new ideas and debates about how best you think to get ahead – making for some fun nights filled with laughter and excitement!

Gaming Experience

The Clue Board Game Deluxe Edition offers an exciting and engaging gaming experience unlike any other. Players take on the role of unique characters in search of a hidden solution to a mysterious case. The board is made up of nine beautiful rooms including the Study, the Hall, the Lounge, and six others for investigation. The goal is to use deduction skills to figure out who committed the crime, what weapon they used, and also where it took place.

The new deluxe edition comes with updated artwork that adds a luxurious feel to game nights. Along with the nine room cards featuring intricate details, there are now six all-new character cards with incredible art featuring each character’s individual personality traits. With all these visuals in play, players can get even more into their roles and immerse themselves in the immense playing experience Clue has to offer.

The Deluxe Edition also comes with extra components such as card stands and score sheets allowing players to track their movement around the board easier than ever before. There is also an updated die making it easier for players to move around each room at lightning speed while building up their clues in order to uncover whodunit.

Clue’s Deluxe Edition provides an incredibly dynamic gaming experience that will challenge detectives of all ages and skill levels alike by offering a unique way of game play – full of twists, turns, and surprises waiting around every corner!

Family Fun

The Clue Board Game Deluxe Edition is perfect for a night of family fun. Kids and adults can team up to solve the mystery and test their detective strategy skills. Players take turns rolling the dice and strategically moving around the board collecting clues. Everyone gets an equal chance to make deductions based on what has been collected along the path of the game. Goals are set and strategies are tested as players aim to make a successful accusation before their opponents. The game also includes bonus tools like character cards, movement diaries, transparent evidence doors and more that adds an extra element of challenge all while having lots of fun! This seriously makes Clue Board Game Deluxe Edition one of the best games out there that encourages togetherness while making it fun, competitive and rewarding at the end.

Expansion Packs

Clue Board Game Deluxe Edition expansion packs offer players more exciting games and unique play experiences. The range of available expansion packs contains exclusive new characters, weapons, locations, and more. From the Comic Con Collection to the Doctor Who Edition and beyond, there are so many ways for players to expand on their gaming fun.

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In addition to these great expansion packs, gamers can also purchase additional accessories including a variety of new furniture pieces like chairs, tables, curtains and more as well as an array of themed tokens like colorful magnifying glasses or miniature detective hats. These small additions can really make the game come alive in your home!

Team Playing

The popular board game Clue can be enjoyed as a team game with some strategic adjustments. The key element of the game is to solve a murder mystery by gathering evidence from other players, which means that by playing in teams players are likely to have an easier time of it.

There are several different strategies to take if playing in teams:

1) Divide and Conquer: Divide the clues amongst players according to expertise. Let one player focus on accused cards whereas another focuses on weapon cards. This allows each team member to work independently rather than relying on one leader to lead towards a solution.

2) Share Knowledge: Allow members of each team to tell each other what they know so far including accusations they think might be true and any evidence they’ve found against any theories etc. This will enable them to pool information together leading towards finding out who commited the murder!

3) Advance Team Accusations: Try making accusations as a team. This is especially effective for when there is greater chance for proving an accusation wrong rather than getting it right because even if you fail the accusation, essential information can still be unlocked (such as disproving certain weapons or characters being involved).

4) Play Against Each Other: Isolate two members of each team and pit them against each other in individual matches with their own Clue Board Game Deluxe Edition sets! This creates additional complexity as one board may alter decisions made upon the other meaning that no player has more knowledge than their counterpart(s)!


If you’re looking for a classic board game experience with an added twist, then the Clue Board Game Deluxe Edition is the perfect choice for you. The upgraded components and detailed playing pieces allow for hours of enjoyment and fun. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting off your collection, you’ll love the Deluxe Edition’s improved aesthetics, sounds and playability.

If you decide to purchase this product, there are a few things that we suggest doing:
1. Read through the instructions carefully before beginning your game – this will ensure your experience runs smoothly throughout!
2. Set aside a comfortable area in which to play the game and make sure everyone involved know the rules.
3. Gather snacks, drinks and other supplies to have on hand while playing; this will enhance your gaming experience significantly!
4. Encourage an atmosphere of friendly competition as Clue puzzles require intense problem solving skills and thinking outside of the box!

We hope these recommendations help in making your purchase of Clue Board Game Deluxe Edition a decision that you won’t regret!

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