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Connect Four is a two-player board game in which the players take turns dropping colored discs into an upright grid. The players each have 21 discs of the same color, and can choose between red or yellow. The first player to create four of their discs in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), wins the game.

Originally called “Plot Four” when it was invented by Milton Bradley in 1974, the name was changed to Connect Four shortly after. This classic game has endured throughout the years and continues to be a popular choice among families and friends who gather together for some friendly competition.

Connect Four’s popularity has grown significantly since it first debuted 40 years ago. Variations of Connect Four have been created over the years such as a card version that makes use of a deck of 54 cards instead on discs, as well as other versions that include extra features such as power-ups for extra points during gameplay. Also popular is an online version using computer database algorithms to determine who has won; this allows for playing with up to four people from multiple devices and locations simultaneously.

The Guinness Book of World Records currently holds the record for longest Connect Four game ever played at 44 hours! Due to its simplicity and versatility, Connect Four remains one of history’s most iconic board games.


Connect Four is a two-player game where players take turns dropping colored discs into seven columns with six rows. The object of the game is to connect four of your discs in any direction while preventing your opponent from doing so before you.

The actual rules of Connect Four are relatively simple, but given its popularity, there are an array of variations designed to make the game more challenging and entertaining. In some versions, the first player to get three discs in a row wins. This win condition changes if a player makes a move beyond their third disc, at which point they must have four discs in a row to win. Some versions also allow diagonal connections as well as vertical and horizontal connections. Additionally, some versions add cards or other objects that can be used during gameplay to increase strategy elements such as moving other team’s pieces or blocking out potential lanes for victory.

A particularly challenging variation involves allowing each player five “drop” moves instead of just one prior to changing turns. This allows for many different combinations and strategies that can drastically alter the outcome of the game from round to round. Weaker players who lack confidence may shy away from this intense version but advanced players understand its value and tend to gravitate towards it.

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The Connect Four Game Board is typically made of plastic or a cardboard-like material called pressboard. The game board features a grid with 6 vertical rows and 7 horizontal columns. It is designed to be vertically standing so the board can be easily visible during game play.

Commercial versions of Connect Four will often have more durable pieces and materials, such as sturdy chipboard, wood, or plastic pieces rather than just paper boxes and discs. This allows for longer lasting performance and enjoyment for the game buyers.

Homemade versions of the board can also be constructed from various materials depending on its intended use. They are often created from cardstock, felt boards, wood, foam boards, or even old cereal boxes! It all depends on what resources you have available and your desired result in a homemade design.

Strategies & Tips

Advanced Strategies:

1. Three-in-a-Row Defense – Look for the opportunity to block multiple possible win combinations with just one move. For example, if you see that your opponent is about to get three of their pieces in a row and can still win, think of ways to quickly reverse their chances of success by protecting each side or corner position that would allow them to win.

2. Block Required Opponent Move -When it looks like your opponent may have only one winning move available, strategically place your piece where it makes it impossible for them to finish the row (also known as “mischief”). Don’t forget to think ahead to future moves as well ” this strategy requires elite forethought.

3. Aggressive Offense Development – If your opponent has few pieces towards the bottom of the board and is attempting a diagonal or vertical column attack, take back control of the board by pushing two pieces against their array while also pushing down on their direction of development with more pieces in the form of circles above ” almost like an upside-down version of blocking a line.

4. Anticipate Your Opponent’s Reaction -When you make a move try predicting how they will react next and plan accordingly ” even consider two or three opposing moves and decide which one poses less danger from their end before executing your own educated guess. This may help you stay a step ahead in case they switch up strategies mid game!

Strategies for Beginners:
1. Block Potential Wins – It is important for new players to begin thinking about defending possible wins by monitoring different connection paths on the board and using available pieces to block when needed. Noticing particular patterns in play will lead beginners into anticipating what might be coming next at any given point in time from both themselves and opponents during play.

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2. Connect Immediate Pieces Whenever Possible – Making connections across different rows immediately allows new players more freedom as far as deciding how they want to take apart potential win scenarios while adding connections between theirs as well as preventing others from forming patterns/lines in other directions altogether ” having immediate access contributes greatly towards successful short game plan executions at any skill level though practice still required so mistakes aren’t made too often early on later regretfully followed by crisis management attempts!

Other Fun Facts

Connect Four was invented by Howard Wexler and Ned Strongin in 1974. It quickly became a blockbuster board game success, with over 10 million units sold in its first year.
Today, Connect Four can be found on nearly every toy store shelf, without fail as well as app stores for smartphones and tablets. Its popularity has grown around the world, leading to tournaments and championships held abroad.

An iconic part of pop culture, Connect Four is featured in books, TV shows, and other media ” from appearances on The Price is Right to starring roles as ‘quirky’ games between characters in sitcoms such as Friends and The Big Bang Theory. Multiple generations have embraced the game since it first went on sale 45 years ago, meaning it is likely to remain an enjoyable pastime way into the future.


The Connect Four game board is a fun and simple way to play a strategic board game. With its red and yellow pieces, players must navigate the game board in an effort to get four pieces in a row while blocking their opponents attempts to do the same. This classic game provides hours of enjoyment with family and friends alike, presenting valuable opportunities to practice problem solving and critical thinking skills while having fun. Those wanting to continue their experience with the Connect Four game board can easily find it at local toy stores or online retailers. They can also find different variations of the classic game that present new rules or ways to play. Playing Connect Four is a great way for people of all ages to enjoy time together and develop strategy-based skills!

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