Dark Souls Board Game Review


The Dark Souls franchise, a series of action role-playing games developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, has spawned a cult following in the video game world. With an immersive gothic fantasy world, harsh yet fair difficulty, and cryptic story and setting that leave players to fill in many of the blanks with their own interpretations, it’s no wonder why the franchise has become so beloved by gamers.

Now, from Steamforged Games comes the Dark Souls board game: an epic adventure for up to 4 players that takes all the same aspects from its video game counter part and puts them into a much more tactile experience. Unlike most cooperative dungeon crawlers where players work together to overcome monsters or bosses, this one truly captures the “Souls” spirit with everyone competing against each other, struggling to gain as much souls (in-game currency) as possible while struggling not to perish along the way. In addition, it operates on a realistic combat system where two separate dice rolls determine if any attacks land or are blocked. All of this comes together to create one intense tabletop experience that no fan of the franchise should miss out on.


The Dark Souls Board Game is an exciting and challenging exploration and combat game released by Steamforged Games Ltd. It consists of pre-constructed miniatures, scenery tiles, card decks and dice that allow for up to four players to challenge themselves in the horror-filled world of Dark Souls. Players venture through a dungeon filled with increasingly powerful monsters, hoping to not only survive but uncover powerful weapons, artifacts, and upgrades. The core box comes with 4 character boards and 43 detailed unpainted miniatures as well as custom dice and tokens.

Expansions are available that add more player characters or enemies along with new scenarios specifically tailored to produce the most immersive experience possible. Aside from including unique adversaries such as Dragonslayer Ornstein, one of many expansions also adds a completely different game mode based solely on item collecting while avoiding enemies as much as possible in order to progress. This board game’s rules focus on keeping the elements of Dark Souls intact while introducing strategic twists tailored for tabletop gaming; when enemies are killed they release souls which can be collected or used for special powers to tip the balance of the game in favor of either side. Being a cooperative game players need to work together using any combination of skill, strength and strategy in order to defeat their opponents – but that doesn’t mean friends aren’t going turn into fierce rivals! All in all this board game is worth checking out if you’re looking for any sort of Dark Souls-themed entertainment in a tabletop format.


The Dark Souls board game is set in the same universe as the smash hit video game series. Its detailed miniatures, customisable character cards and combat dials bring this dark, gritty atmosphere to your tabletop. Players take on the role of a lonely adventurer exploring its perilous environments while battling fearsome enemies and powerful bosses. Unlike other board games there is no specific overall goal or winning condition. Instead players must stay alive, earn souls and upgrade their character in order to advance further into the darkness.

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Travelling through haunted castles and ruinous dungeons your explorations will come with encounters with frenzied beasts, aggressive Skeletons and mysterious Man-Serpents. There’ll be moments of intense drama when you clash weapons with a gargantuan jagged dragon or slaughter entire armies of skeletal creatures that clutch onto ledges as you pass by. The journey from sunrise through dusk will be filled with surprises and danger lurking around every corner.

Not only does Dark Souls allow for immersive gaming but it also stands out from its competition for its innovative deck building system which allows for infinite combinations of characters abilities – each choice has an effect on how you attack, defend or complete objectives in unpredictable ways. It also features some unique multiplayer rules so you can experience cooperative or competitive play as if it were on-screen in the real game series. To wrap up this incredible experience it includes exciting boss fights where players must band together to survive against overwhelming odds – getting them closer to becoming an Undead legend!


Dark Souls Board Game is a cooperative card-based dungeon crawler that utilizes multiple mechanics and strategies in order to play. Players take the role of different heroes fighting to stay alive, balancing on the blade that severs life from death itself. The game uses classic deck building and card drawing mechanics, where players build their characters’ stats and gain powerful weapons and spells to increase their chances of survival. The game also adds new strategic elements such as character positioning, environmental hazard cards, enemy AI, and item rotation that all require thoughtful decision making with each turn. Overall, Dark Souls Board Game’s mechanics translate well in providing a real-life experience of the tension and danger associated with exploring a dangerous dungeon – one wrong move can lead to a crushing defeat. The combination of creative combat options, circumstance-dependent decisions and use of available resources offers an immersive adventure for every group that attempts it.

Artwork and Components

The Dark Souls Board Game is an impressive title, both in terms of its stunning artwork and the quality of its components. The game pieces, cards, tokens and other parts have been lovingly crafted to evoke an atmosphere of foreboding dread that evokes the mood of the original video game series. The gameboard itself is beautifully printed with detailed scenes depicting swamps, villages and haunted castles which further serve to link it all back to the videos games. Indeed, miniatures for figures such as dragons or gargoyles look fantastic when set up against these scenes. Even in spite of all this however, you can’t help but feel that a certain coldness exists ” such as there might be something more sinister lurking just within view.. By taking great pains to make everything look as reminiscent of the video games as possible, this board game has successfully managed to craft a unique immersive experience which feels true to its source material.

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Pros and Cons

The Dark Souls Board Game offers a balanced challenge that allows all levels of experience to play with success. It rewards careful planning and encourages replayability, as well as mixing up the same levels of difficulty without ever feeling too repetitive. There are plenty of monsters to fight and items to collect throughout the game’s progression, which keeps even veterans on their toes. In addition, the game’s components are attractive and detailed, allowing for an immersive gaming experience regardless of before-acquired knowledge or familiarity with the franchise.

The biggest drawback is that it takes quite a while to learn all of the game’s mechanics and systems, making it a difficult board game for novice players to easily jump into. Some parts can also feel random due to the dice rolls–and taken altogether, this makes for quite a long gaming session in comparison to other titles on the market. That being said, once players familiarize themselves with all of its intricacies and nuances, they will undoubtedly have many hours of rewarding adventure ahead with plenty of challenges along the way.

Final Thoughts

The Dark Souls Board Game is an incredibly exciting and challenging game. Though the game is somewhat complex and will take some time to learn, it rewards you with an immensely satisfying experience. The board is full of epic storytelling and has high replayability due to its unique character progression system and difficult bosses. For those looking for a real challenge, this game is a great investment. Not only can you immerse yourself in the grim world of Lordran, but you can also establish deep relationships with each individual character’s story arc. Long after playing the game for the first time, it will still be remembered fondly as a gripping adventure that was fun to master. All in all, Dark Souls Board Game is highly recommended to anyone looking for a strategic role-playing thrill ride that offers an intense challenge and a meaningful gaming experience. It is worth every penny spent!

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