Does Indigo Sell Board Games


Indigo is a popular Canadian retailer renowned for carrying an extensive array of products and services. Of particular interest is their selection of board games, which is sure to add hours of entertainment and fun for you and your friends & family. From classic tile-based strategy games, to cooperative tabletop adventures, there is something for everyone in their vast selection! Whether you’re looking for a nostalgic game from your childhood or a new experience, there’s surely something at Indigo to satisfy your needs. Many of the world’s best board game publishers are represented in the Indigo stores with their most popular titles so you can rest assured that the quality will be top notch. With an ever-expanding selection, finding something great to play is easy – just find your nearest Indigo store today!

Who is Indigo and What Are Their Unique Offerings?

Indigo is a Canadian retail chain that specializes in books and other media. In addition to books, they offer a wide selection of products including toys, home décor, electronics, fashion and beauty items, housewares and food options. They are known for their unique offerings in the form of gift cards, loyalty programs and loyalty points.

Yes, Indigo does sell board games. Their collection of board games includes titles for all ages such as classics like Monopoly and Clue. They also carry specialty games like Dominion and Carcasonne as well as strategy based games like Scrabble, Ticket to Ride and Catan. Their selection even includes party games like Apples To Apples or exploding kittens that the whole family can enjoy together.

A Variety of Board Games at Indiego

Yes, Indiego does sell board games. From classic favorites to specialty options, they have a varied selection of board games that are sure to please all ages and skill levels. Traditional board games can include the likes of Monopoly, Yahtzee, and chess, while their specialty selection includes the versions of these popular games including National Parks Edition of Monopoly and Chess, zombie-themed editions of Yahtzee and Battleship, as well as strategic strategy games like Catan. They also carry card games such as Uno, Apples to Apples, and Spot It!. Each game supports 2-6 players and is designed to challenge each player’s mental acuity while they battle it out until someone wins! You can easily find what you’re looking for online or in one of Indiego’s brick-and-mortar retail stores. With their vast assortment of board game options, you won’t be disappointed in finding an exciting game fit for your complete satisfaction.

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Exclusive Deals and Promos

Yes, Indigo sells board games. When shopping for board games, customers can enjoy a wide selection of special offers and promotions through Indigo. For those who are really looking to save some money, there is the chance to take advantage of exclusive deals that reward loyalty. This includes getting a discount on bulk purchases, finding an extra 10% off pre-order items or getting additional savings on certain products and brands. No matter what type of board game you are looking to buy, Indigo makes it easier than ever to get the best value for your money. Furthermore, shoppers can also use multiple coupon codes when ordering online so they can find even bigger discounts on select products. With all these ways to save and find fantastic specials, playing has never felt so good for so little.

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Indigo is an excellent store to shop for board games. Not only does the company have a vast selection of titles to choose from, but it also offers competitive prices. Plus, the convenience of purchasing online or visiting one of many brick-and-mortar locations makes acquiring new board games easy. It’s easy to use Indigo’s search functions or browse various sections such as “Family & Classics” and “Strategy & Wargames,” and if you don’t know what game you need for an upcoming gathering or party, professional staff can help you find something suitable.

Moreover, shopping at Indigo supports responsible gaming practices with its Board Games Exchange program. You can simply bring in any unwanted board game sets that you want to exchange and their experts will advise on potential options which might work better for your tastes. Additionally, they offer a generous 20% discount on select games when purchased under this program; essentially allowing customers access to the same great quality at more affordable prices all year round. Finally, Indigo offers free shipping on orders over $25 – so whether you’re looking for family classics like Monopoly or immersive storytelling through Settlers of Catan, Indigo has something perfect in store!

Reasons to Choose Indigo for Board Games

Yes, Indigo sells a variety of board games. Their selection includes some of the most popular titles, as well as classic favorites. Not only do they have a variety of different types of board games, but their customer service is excellent, ensuring you are always satisfied with your purchase.

One reason to choose Indigo for board games is that their online store offers free shipping on orders over $25! This makes it convenient and cost-effective to purchase multiple board games at once. They also offer exclusive discounts from time to time, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for promotions.

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Another reason to shop at Indigo for board games is the wide selection available. They stock both traditional and modern titles from a variety of manufacturers, giving customers plenty of options when it comes to choosing the perfect game for their group or family. With so many varieties and levels of difficulty, literally everyone can find something they would enjoy playing.

The company also has an excellent return policy if ever an item needs to be exchanged or refunded due to any defect or other issue that arises upon receipt. Additionally, theirs knowledgeable staff are happy to answer any questions about products before and after purchase in order to ensure customer satisfaction every time.


Yes, Indigo does sell board games. They have a great selection of games designed to bring hours of fun and entertainment to individuals and groups alike. With genre choices ranging from strategy, fantasy and family-friendly titles, you’re sure to find something to fit everyone’s style of play. Plus, they offer a variety of budget-friendly options as well as deals that can save you money when purchasing multiple games at once. For example, their Preferred Price Program lets you get select titles for a discounted price each time you buy one or more products in the same category.

Shopping for board games with Indigo not only offers an exciting array of options but also the peace of mind that comes with their service and delivery guarantee. On the day of your order’s dispatch, you’ll receive real-time updates via email or text message so you know exactly when You’ll receive it. And If there are any issues with your order, their team is available to help sort them out – often on the same day – so your family night won’t be spoiled by unforeseen delays! Shopping with Indigo allows customers to know that their new game will arrive on time and in good condition for all the fun nights ahead!

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