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Auf Achse Board Game is an exciting and fun-filled game for family members and friends to play together! It combines strategy, chance and a bit of luck to create a board game experience that will keep everyone entertained. The aim of the game is to be the first to transport all your cargo safely across the highways, on time, while avoiding potential delays. Players move their trucks around the map along their individual routes, scheduling stops at rest stops and garages as needed. Along the way they can buy or sell cargo, or cause obstacles for other players that could slow them down. As each turn progresses, strategic decisions will have to be made in order to continue one’s journey without delay. At the end of the game, whoever has managed to transport their cargo most quickly and efficiently wins! Auf Achse Board Game is great fun for all ages! Its fast-paced gameplay and ever-changing strategies makes it an engaging and entertaining activity for family gatherings and friendly get-togethers. Its simple rules make it accessible for children but still challenge adults with its strategic elements, making it truly a game for all occasions.


Auf Achse is a German-style board game designed by Friedemann Friese, first published in 1987. The name Auf Achse roughly translates to “on the road”, and this is the theme of the game: players compete to build trucking networks from cities throughout western Europe.

The original version of the game was created and published by Friese’s company, 2F-Spiele, and has since been adapted for release in many other countries including France (Sous le Haul), Denmark (Ude & Hjemme), Finland (Vuorojaan), Sweden (Kolvägar på Europa) and the Netherlands (Op Reis). Although the components and rules differ slightly between each version of the game, they all share one thing in common ” they are all based on Friedemann Friese’s initial design!

Main Gameplay Rules

Auf Achse (which translates to ‘On the Road’ in German) is a thrilling and competitive board game focused on transportation and delivery. Players take turns rolling dice to move their pawns strategically along the board game map. On each turn, they must decide which route will bring them closer to their destination in order to win.

When playing Auf Achse, the roll of two six-sided dice determines the number of spaces each player may move. Movements can be made horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally. The players’ tokens are placed on a square marked with the corresponding number shown by the dice. After landing on a specific spot, players need to bridge squares between cities and dockyards at sea via roads or ferry routes ” this provides payment and bonuses when completed successfully before other opponents. Some of these routes contain signs that block the way – they require extra points from purchases or intersections with other roads prior to crossing over them.

Auf Achse also includes special bonus cards that provide different improvements in gameplay as well as rewarding multipliers for certain tasks described above. Gameplay ends when one player has reached their final destination or cannot move any further due to circumstances such as lack of money or exhausted paths taken earlier in playtime. The winner is declared based on total net worth acquired during play including bonuses earned from successful delivery missions and cards collected throughout the journey!

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Auf Achse is a board game that allows players to experience the thrill of a road trip across Europe. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible in order to reach the finish line first. Points can be scored in several different ways throughout the game.

The most basic way to score points is by delivering cargo. Each turn, players must decide which route they will take and launch into competition with one another at each stop, claiming deliveries along the way. Every delivery requires payment, and each payment yields certain points (aside from any bonus points). Delivering the most cargo will give you extra points, so it is important for players to plan ahead and try to outmaneuver and outrun their opponents.

In addition to delivering cargo for points, players may also purchase properties as they traverse Europe and set up their own trucking company business. These property cards come with real estate location and fantastic bonuses for reaching goals that further support your position on the board. Whenever a target is met or exceeded via delivery or acquisition, bonus amounts of victory points are added to the score sheet, helping you secure your place at the finishing line.

Players can also gain bonus actions when there are goods that need transporting between two cities on their current route ” offering double transports and other concepts like being able to plan multiple city-turns ahead of time. All these strategies help move players closer towards success faster!


One strategy in Auf Achse board game is to create an evergreen route; a set of standard deliveries that you can occasionally and strategically adjust in order to extend your reach further. This may mean making longer trips by visiting cities with higher priority cargo, or by taking a long haul route when necessary.

Another strategy is to use other players’ moves against them, whenever possible. An effective way to do this is to pursue deliveries that conflict with those of your opponents, for example drives toward the same city but at different times, so you reach it before your opponent. Additionally you could try to send traffic their way in order to slow down their delivery attempts and thus prevent them from receiving points.

If taking more direct approaches doesn’t work then another good strategy is being more conservative and defensive. By parking away from other enemy cars you can make it more difficult for them to land directly on top of you and further hamper their progress so they may miss out on valuable opportunities while they are stuck waiting elsewhere.

Finally, never underestimate the power of bluffing! Even if you don’t necessarily have any moves planned out it’s very helpful to act like you do as this will cause hesitation in other players who don’t want to be stranded without a turn or far away from their destinations. This kind of insight into human psychology can really give one an edge which pays off during competitions!

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Pros & cons

Auf Achse is a popular board game, released in 1987 by Ravensburger. It is great for those who had an interest in driving and owning trucks and was designed to be played by two to five people.

Pros: The game has provided players many hours of enjoyable entertainment and it can be played with either a full game set or a few cards and some extra rules. The game pieces are very detailed, often depicting real-life truck models and the rules are quite simple to learn and follow.

Cons: Due to its simplicity, this game may not provide enough challenge for more experienced gamers. Additionally, as the board can get crowded with tokens quickly, younger kids may struggle to move their pieces around easily or need help reading the various labels on the trucks. Furthermore, due to the excellent quality of each component and the fact that they are made of strong plastic materials, you’ll have to invest quite a bit in buying the whole package- although it can certainly provide many hours of fun for families or friends who love gaming together.

Additional Tips

Auf Achse board game is a fun, interactive strategy game that pits players against each other in a race to build the most efficient trucking company. To enhance the gameplay experience, many players employ third-party software such as web tools, guides, and calculators. These resources can be used to track progress in the game over time, create optimized routes for transporting goods, and provide an extra layer of competition between players. Guides can also help new players learn how the rules of the board game are implemented in an online setting. All these elements can be extremely helpful in elevating the overall Auf Achse experience for all involved!


Auf Achse is a unique board game with a focus on economic strategy, timing and luck. It offers players the opportunity to build their own trucking network and establish themselves as the leading freight carrier in Europe. An important feature of Auf Achse is its deck of cards, which creates additional opportunities for the players to adjust their business strategies. Players have the ability to buy additional routes, expand their warehouses and decide when they will move out onto the roads. What makes this game truly stand out is that it provides a realistic view of running a prosperous trucking empire. It encourages thorough planning, critical thinking and intelligent decisions which helps you grow an efficient transport network and maximize profits.

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