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Fishin’ Opoly is a fishing-themed version of the popular board game Monopoly. The game was released in 2001 and is produced by Late for the Sky Productions Inc. It can be played with two to six players. The game celebrates the joys of fishing and includes all types of fisheries, from lakes to oceans, as well as regional favorites like bass and walleye. Players use pieces shaped like fishermen or boats to move around a simulated fishing map depicting numerous bodies of water across the United States. At each spot on the board, players can pay money to buy or upgrade property cards that feature various fishery areas. They then roll dice to determine the size or type of fish they catch from their properties, netting them points which can be used to advance around the board and purchase additional properties. Ultimately, whoever has accumulated the most points after completing a set number of rotations wins the game – but beware! Throughout Fishin’ Opoly, you’ll encounter pesky seagulls who might steal your catches and even shenanigans set up by fellow players!

Why You Should Consider Purchasing the Fishin’ Opoly Board Game

If you’re looking for an exciting game that’s sure to liven up family gatherings, consider the Fishin’ Opoly Board Game. This fun and interactive game puts a unique spin on classic Monopoly while allowing your family to enjoy the great outdoors by offering a beautiful fishing theme as you go around the board.

One of the most unique features is that there’s no need for dice or paper money – instead, players use well-known fish species and bait items as their currency! Players must purchase boats or rods in order to advance along the board. As they move along, they receive rewards like special fishing trips and rare finds like snack boxes and lucky hooks which can help them win big.

The durable design features lake-inspired images over a sturdy folding board so it can be brought out again and again with no worries about wear and tear. The game also allows you to customize it to fit different skill levels so everyone can join in on the fun. It’s an excellent way to enjoy some outdoor fun with your favorite people!

What’s Included in the Fishin’ Opoly Board Game

The Fishin’ Opoly Board Game includes many exciting pieces and components, challenging players of all ages. Upon opening the game, you will find detailed tokens shaped like fishing lures, vibrant money notes with realistic illustrations of different species of fish, and a 13” x 13” colorful game board to travel around. To help make the experience interactive, there are 30 colorful challenge cards included in the set. By spinning the fishing reels that are also provided in the game kit, players will be able to receive free passes and extra points as they play in order to advance around the board. This game also allows for expandable expansion packs if you wish to extend your game time by purchasing additional pieces that can be used with additional boards or a larger gaming space.

How to Play the Fishin’ Opoly Board Game

1. Gather players and materials: Gather at least two players, one to four would be ideal for a game of Fishin’ Opoly. You’ll need the game board, money, playing pieces, dice, and optional cards.

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2. Determine who will go first: Roll both dice, making sure that all of the players can see their rolls clearly. The player with the highest number on their roll will get to pick their piece first and go first in the game.

3. Set your bets: All players should decide on how much they plan to bet at each corner on every spin.

4. Aim for corners: As you land on a corner each player should place their bet according to how much they agreed to bet earlier in the setup step. If you land where any else has placed a bet, then they win that round and take the added money.

5. Follow the properties notes: When playing Fishin’ Opoly it is important to follow all of the property cards that are issued as part of your spin throughout the game. If there is any question as to what a card means or represents then refer back to its original text found under path information section on it corner spot on your community board as needed during playtime when discussing difficult decisions at hand.

6. Collect your own property cards: Whenever you hit a property space, then it is time for everyone to scope out what type of card is associated with this spin so everyone can start collecting them for later reference in case something arises where catching details about those properties are necessary later down line – like when having disputes between or among fellow competitors over ownership!

7. Reclaim property costs: When someone claims their style meets an opponent’s than they must pay an ownership cost determined by flipping over both player’s latest spins onto respective personal scorecards after resolvement before proceeding ahead any longer with rounds continuing on forward motion depending upon whose turn was up next; otherwise match being considered voidable if parties cannot agree mutually upon outcome from odds given around looking back through version changes made along axis between equals here accordingly metermining landlord vs resident dynamics evolving as went revolving onwards clockwise about one another yieldingly excepting disherence in complaints resulting from previous plays had already established (hence why keeping track was encouraged prior!).

8 Start anew: After each round is complete all bets placed should be collected by whoever won them and then it will be time for a new round which should start with whoever’s turn it was before concluding proceedings from previous circle looped off time around everyone’s stretchable limits coming into document effecting itself more medically predetermined than initially thought possible amongst inclusive limitations stipulated concerning outcomes following arbitrated referrals commonly albeit set inductive penalties enabling expression compared.. Anew!

Who the Fishin’ Opoly Board Game is For

Fishin’ Opoly Board Game is a fun and entertaining board game that can be enjoyed by both young players and adults. It combines the classic game of Monopoly with an angling twist, and results in hours of laughter and good-natured competition. The game is designed to accommodate up to six players who buy, sell and trade their way around the lakes and streams of America as they search for the ultimate catch. Each player selects a playing piece such as a fishing lure or boat to move around the board. As the players make their moves, they will uncover secrets about the great outdoors, challenge one another with ‘baited questions’ and even ‘buy’ various types of bait! In addition to simply having fun while playing thisfamily friendly game, players can also learn about different kinds of fish, habitats and conservation practices in North America. Winning at Fishin’ Opoly takes luck, savvy trading strategies and choosing the right bait for your catch! Once you hit it big you could end up being crowned champion or crowned “Bassmaster” of Fishin’ Opoly!

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Price and Availability of the Fishin’ Opoly Board Game

Fishin’ Opoly is an exciting board game based on the popular classic, Monopoly. It allows players to compete in fishing competitions as they race around a specialty-themed board. Players use their luck and skill to win tournaments, purchase lures and accessories, go on amazing adventures, and ultimately become Fishing Supremes! The game retails for approximately $35 USD, although prices can vary significantly by country.

The Fishin’ Opoly Board Game is available for purchase from a variety of retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. Shipping options can range from same-day delivery (for select locations) to standard shipping with expected deliverers within five to eight business days. Additionally, many retailers offer discounts which bring down the cost of the game even further. These discounts are typically offered during major sales events such as Black Friday, or in some cases can even be applied on top of already existing promotions like free shipping or Bundle Deals. Keep an eye out for promo codes or sales at your favorite online store to make sure you snag the best deal possible!


Fishin’ Opoly is a great board game for those looking for an entertaining experience with family and friends. Not only does it provide the classic style of a traditional Monopoly-style game, but it also adds its own twist to the mix by capitalizing on America’s love for fishing. With lively 3-dimensional figures, easy-to-follow instructions, and fun card decks filled with educational facts about fish, this edition of the classic game really stands out from the crowd.

Fishin’ Opoly offers an exciting way to explore biology and oceanography as you try to build up your fish-filled real estate empire. Plus there are tons of wonderful rewards included in this set such as exclusive access to secret lagoons and fishing trips around the world that can’t be accessed in any other version of Monopoly. All these features make Fishin’ Opoly a great option for anyone who loves fishing, nature, or both! So why not pick up a copy today? Have hours of entertainment with your friends, unlock exclusive rewards, and dive into some ocean knowledge – all while playing one of everyone’s favorite board games. Fishin’ Opoly has all the elements needed to make your game night unforgettable!

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