Atlanta Opoly Board Game Rules


Atlanta Opoly is an exciting and fun-filled board game based on the city of Atlanta. The game allows up to 6 players to engage and compete as they move around a board with spaces themed after the city’s popular attractions and landmarks. Players can visit locations like the Georgia Aquarium, the Fox Theatre, Centennial Olympic Park, or even Piedmont Park in this acquisition-based property game inspired by one of America’s oldest cities.

Players take on the role of tourists who will encounter twists and turns while they attempt to purchase iconic locations around town. As they journey, they come across events that feature some of Atlanta’s most popular pastimes like live music at Variety Playhouse, brewery tours at Sweet Water Brewery, or shop for designer brands at Lenox Square. Along the way players collect money from paydays and taxes until someone earns enough to take all of their opponents’ money to win the game.

Everyone involved in Atlanta Opoly is sure to have a great time exploring what this incredible southern metropolis has to offer. With content from Downtown’s iconic skyline lit against twinkling skyscrapers, rich heritage museums, miles of trails nestled within picturesque parks – It’s the perfect way for gamers to discover why Atlanta is known for being one of the most diverse cities in America!

Setup & Game Pieces

The Atlanta Opoly Board Game includes a game board, two dice, four pieces to represent each of the players, twenty-eight HotSpot and Sponsor cards, eighteen Chance cards that provide instructions for what happens in the game, money and a bank tray.

Players must begin by setting up the game board on any flat surface and ensuring all components are within easy reach of everyone playing. Each player should choose which piece they will represent their token during the game, with remaining pieces stored away from the play area in case of future use.

Next, once all players have chosen a piece to use during play, the Chance and HotSpot/Sponsor cards are shuffled and placed facedown in two separate stacks between all players. The money will also be distributed amongst players according to how much is listed on the package before being placed into the budget tray provided.

The last step of setting up is determining who will go first – this is done by rolling both dice and whoever rolls the highest number goes first while all other players follow moving clockwise around the board in turn-based order.


The Atlanta Opoly board game is an exciting way to explore the city of Atlanta. The object of the game is simple; collect as much money as you can. Players take turns rolling two dice, moving around the board based on their roll, and completing tasks that can earn them money or property across the city.

At each intersection the player must complete a task, either buying or selling property or acquiring money from Chance and Community Chest cards. By completing these tasks, players may improve their respective financial standings by collecting rent from other players when landing on properties they own on any part of the board.

Players may further increase their wealth through auctions where properties are sold for more thanface value if multiple players show interest in its purchase. Ultimately,players will get an opportunity to invest in building construction by adding housing or hotels to properties they own across the city.

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Another important aspect of playing the game is taxation; income tax and luxury tax are collected at certain points alongthe way giving the chance to other players to earn some extra cash while being punished by higher rates of taxation as they become wealthier in terms of accumulating money,properties and constructed buildings throughoutthe map. This taxation replaces what’s called a “Free Parking” card in many versions of Monopoly, which gives everyonetheopportunity to “win” by picking up a deep jackpot during their turn cycle

In additionto these common strategies for winning, there are also additional incentives for players such as items located aroundthe map like bonusesand prizes available once per roundonly free spaces which allows additional opportunities for success throughoutthe journey of becoming a residentofAtlanta Opoly town!


The objective of the Atlanta Opoly Board Game is to be the player with the most wealth at the end of the game. Players can build their wealth by buying, trading, and developing property. On each turn, players roll a pair of dice and move their game piece around the board. When landing on a property space, players may purchase that property if it is not owned by another player. Properties cost between $100 and $400 depending on color. After purchasing a property, players can begin to develop it by building houses or hotels for additional fees which increase rent for properties owned in that section of the board.

When another player lands on an owned property, they must pay rent based on how developed it currently is. Players can also opt to trade properties with other players in efforts to better control higher-rent areas of the board. These trades cannot be declared null or void by later agreement from either party, but all trades should be agreed upon both verbally and recorded before being enacted onto the game board for legal purposes.

Players are awarded bonus points when gaining special spaces like ‘Luxury Tax’ or ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ cards which let them avoid rent costs or Go To Jail spaces respectively. The first player to collect ten bonus point tokens gains additional wealth during their next round of play as well as taking one more turn than usual. The game ends when any player finances are reduced below zero dollars, at which point other players will have one final turn until whoever has gained the highest amount of wealth overall wins the game!


Players can create unique variations of the game by changing the rules and objectives.
For example, players could create different levels of obstacles and apply a specific reward system for each level. They can also create custom tokens or customize the game board to create their own version of Atlanta Opoly. Moreover, players can design their own money in place of play money that comes with the original version of the game.

Interesting Variations Suggested by Players:
A popular variation suggested by players is to use themed squares instead of traditional property spaces from the game board. This would allow players to select themed variables such as food, shopping, sports, or entertainment when they land on a specific square which might add an interesting aspect to the game. Another variant proposed by gamers is to include taxes or fees within certain colored property groups. Alternatively, fast money bonuses could be added to certain properties where additional cash prizes are earned by landing on them multiple times throughout the game.

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Other Interesting Ways To Play:
Apart from the usual challenge of purchasing property around the board and collecting rent from opponents; some unique ways to play involve incorporating unconventional tasks such as quizzes or mini-games when a player lands on one type of square. Players can also try playing with teams consisting of two or more people per team; this could be done by allowing every team member turn or have a shared bank account depending on how much strategy they want implemented into their offline gaming session. With creativity, there is no limit to what modifications can be made in order to enjoy an exciting round of Atlanta Opoly!


The Atlanta Opoly Board Game is an entertaining way for people to get together and play a game that is specifically themed around the city of Atlanta. The rules are easy to learn, but deciding how to navigate the board, how much rent to charge, and when to buy or sell properties are key strategies in playing this game. The most important rule of all is having fun!

To make sure your game goes as smoothly as possible, it’s important to read the instructions carefully so everyone knows what each card or space means for their turn. Before beginning the game, it’s wise for players to decide who will be banker and who will be responsible for reading out all of the rules. Once everyone has familiarized themselves with these tasks, you can start playing right away.

Players have different goals in mind as they move through their turns: collect money from other players by charging rent on their properties, obtain as many utilities and railroads as possible before opponents can buy them up, barter with other players through trading properties and houses/hotels — this is all essential to winning the game. Keeping track of cash flow at all times is crucial in making successful strategic decisions. Taking risks such as investing in another property while you don’t have enough money left to pay your opponent’s rent can also come back full circle if you’re lucky enough.

Finally, enjoying each aspect of the game might improve your odds of winning! Utilize creative tactics such as bluffing about owning certain properties or skillfully bargaining trades so things remain unpredictable — this could potentially give you an advantage over your opponents. Being aware of what kind of spaces you land on could help too — make sure you use Community Chest cards to your advantage whenever possible! The best tip of all is remembering that despite winning or losing, nothing beats having fun with family and friends whilst playing Atlanta Opoly Board Game!

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