Haunt The House Board Game

Introduction to Haunt The House Board Game

Haunt The House Board Game is a family-friendly, turn-based strategy game designed by Adam Saxon. Players play as ghost team members in the haunted house, competing to simultaneously collect and purchase special artifacts while completing various challenges. This game plays similar to most other board games; you roll the dice, move around the board, each player takes a turn until they’ve completed all of their tasks or reached the end goal.

The game is mostly easy to learn and suitable for a wide range of ages but it also features some slight strategic element which helps make this game both entertaining and challenging. Depending on your playing style, it could be either easy or difficult for two or more people to play at once. Strategies can include investing money in items that will help you build up points faster, block other players from collecting items, buy items from other players at a lower cost or even backstabbing other players before reaching the final destination.

Aesthetic of the Game

The aesthetic of Haunt The House board game is quite unique compared to many other board games. The artwork and detail of the game give it a very spooky, mysterious feeling. It has a Halloween theme which combines elements of haunted houses and horror movies into an engaging game play experience, with various monsters you can use to terrorize your opponents and fight against enemies like King Of Ghouls or Dr Bones.

The game has detailed illustrated cards featuring monsters, ghosts and other creatures to bring the scene alive. The playing pieces are colorful chits with art inspired by several classic horror films. One component is a sandtimer used in timed scenarios that adds an even higher level of urgency to your plays. The game also comes with creepy music and sound effects to set the mood for your nightmarish experience.

Gameplay Strategies

Haunt The House is a unique ghost-themed board game that challenges players to compete against one another in a race to haunt an old house. To win the game you must collect specific items and successfully score the most points within a given time limit. Here are some tips for winning the game and executing strategies:

1. Make sure to construct your haunt plan before the timer begins. Strategize what kind of haunt you will create and how you will do it by determining when, where and how you will use each item in the house.

2. Focus on using items that either give you additional scare points or allow you to move around quicker. Items like ghost doors are especially useful for quickly traversing the house.

3. Utilize your Teammates; rotating turns can be useful for protecting your ghosts from other players’ haunts while creating new ones of your own!

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4. Use items strategically throughout the house; creating a haunted path or blocking off certain parts of the house with them can help protect your haunts from being negated by others players’ powers.

5. Have fun and be creative! Come up with some unique ways to frighten your opponents, like strategic lighting choices or sound effects!

Some successful strategies employed by other players include utilizing props strategically throughout the house such as setting up fog machines to confuse their rivals, using flashlights as decoys or leaving scarecrow dolls at key locations with special instructions to add suspense during gameplay – while adding some spooky atmosphere along with it!

Setting Up the Game

Step 1: Gather Materials

Gather the game board, deck of cards, 12 character tokens with stands, 20 event tokens, 30 experience tokens and 6 power-up tiles.

Step 2: Choose a Character

Have each player choose a character token and place it on the Starting space (or another designated space) on the game board.

Step 3: Place Power-Up Tiles

Shuffle the power-up tiles and randomly place them face up in an “X” shape onto the squares on the game board that are marked as power-ups.

Step 4: Deal Cards to Players

Shuffle the deck of cards and deal three cards to each player including yourself. Players should look at their cards without showing any other players.

Step 5: Determine Turn Order
Each player must roll a die (preferably a six-sided die). The player who rolls highest goes first then go clockwise in order; for tieing numbers re-roll until there is no tie.

Step 6: Place Event Tokens
Place event tokens face down into each of the grey circles scattered across the map which will eventually be provided when triggered by card effects.

Step 7: Discard Excess Cards
At this point everyone can now discard excess cards by discarding one card from their hand onto their discard piles. Everyone must do this until they have only two cards in their hands until all players have done so successfully.

Step 8 : Start Playing! Now that you set up your Haunt The House Board Game, you may start playing it by following closely to its rules and instructions! Enjoy!

Strategies for Different Types of Players

Competitive Player Strategies:

For competitive players, it is important to focus on getting the most points as quickly and efficiently as possible. This often means focusing on being the first player to reach certain milestones, such as completing the most rooms, gathering the most unique items, or collecting the most money. A competitive player might also take a riskier approach by attempting more difficult tasks that have higher reward but carry a larger penalty if they fail in order to gain a lead faster than other players.

Cooperative Player Strategies:

For cooperative players, their main strategy should be to work together with others to reach objectives and win successfully. They can do so by coming up with plans together, sharing resources, planning moves in turns and working out strategies as a group rather than competing against one another. By doing this they can create a balanced approach that will benefit everyone during the game while still allowing them to win.

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Solo Player Strategies:

For solo players there are various strategies available in order for them to be successful. One of which is focusing on smaller tasks rather than trying to take on something too big for one person which may delay progress. Solo players can also try using different techniques in order to speed up their progress such as making use of ladders or using items like hammers which let them skip over certain steps in building houses/rooms. Ultimately solo players should focus on efficient decision-making as well as focusing on shorter-term objectives and being able to learn from unsuccessful missions in order to reach success in future attempts.

Interesting Components of Haunt The House Board Game

One of the most unique components of Haunt The House Board Game is the use of ghost cards. Players can play these cards to “haunt” different locations in the board game, affecting both players and non-player characters (NPCs) inhabiting the building. These hauntings can bring about changes in the game environment, as well as alter characters’ abilities. Another unique component is a five-part story arc that unfolds authentically in each game session based on decisions made by players throughout. It allows gamers to identify with their choices and narrative, creating a personal connection with each adventure. Finally, there is the exciting unpredictable element of randomly generated encounters and events which add an extra dimension to playing Haunt The House.


Haunt The House Board Game is a fun and innovative game that players of all ages find enjoyable and challenging. With its spooky theme involving ghosts, ghouls, and other creatures of the night, it offers a unique twist on the traditional board game. The game features multiple levels with different tasks to complete in order to win. There are several ways to win each round, appealing to both strategy gamers and those looking for a good time. What sets Haunt The House apart from other board games is its fear factor; players have to use their wits and instincts to solve puzzles facing them in the dark! This combination of puzzle solving with horror elements makes Haunt The House an exciting and unique gaming experience that’s sure to bring hours of terror-filled fun for everyone.

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