Homemade Drinking Board Games


Homemade drinking board games have become quite popular in recent years, and for good reason. They offer an entertaining way to combine the fun of playing a traditional board game with the enjoyment of having an alcoholic beverage together with friends. Making your own game is surprisingly easy and adds a unique twist to the classic game night.

To get started creating your own drinking board game, you’ll need some materials including card stock or poster board, marker pens, scissors, sticky tape and a few beverage containers like wine bottles or cans of beer. Once you’ve gathered all the materials, decide what type of game you want to make. There are many different types of homemade drinking board games that can be as simple as drawing a small square on each card and loading them up with various tasks and activities related to drinking. From there you’ll need to come up with different rules for the game, customization options for players and perhaps even creative uses for the beverage containers themselves. Consider utilizing videos online for extra help in determining how your game will work or checking out other examples to see what works best. Finally, write down all the rules and directions into one document before introducing it at your next party or gathering!

Creating a homemade drinking board game can be a great bonding experience with friends or family and allows creativity in coming up with truly unique gameplay options. Customising tasks for each player assists everyone’s competitive drive but also ensures that everyone gets time to participate equally in the gaming process itself. Additionally, particular attention should be paid when choosing beverages so as not to overwhelm players who may not have much experience with various alcoholic drinks ” aiming for more social-style beverages like white wine is preferable over hard liquor shots! Invite players ahead of time so they can come prepared ready to play! With enough determination and creativity, creating your own homemade drinking board game is sure to keep everyone entertained night after night!

Reasons to Make and Play Homemade Drinking Board Games

Playing homemade drinking board games can be a great way to have fun with friends, improve relationships, and create new memories. Here are some top reasons why it’s such a great idea to make and play these types of games:

1. They’re affordable ” creating your own custom drinking game is often much cheaper than buying one from the store that might not fit everyone in the group.

2. You can tailor it to different groups or people ” if you’re playing with a particularly wild crowd, you can customize your game so that people stay within their comfort zones but still have fun. Similarly, if you want something more laid-back, you can make sure that the rules accommodate that.

3. It encourages creativity ” coming up with content for a homemade drinking board game allows players to think outside of the box and create interactive experiences together rather than simply playing something off of the shelf

4. It works well in social settings ” while technically any type of game can work in a social setting, having drinks involved intensifies the experience by making it more relaxed and enjoyable for all involved.

5. It provides entertainment that isn’t centered around screens ” Taking some time away from phones or computers helps us to better connect with others by increasing face-to-face interaction and communication skills like teamwork and problem solving.

Popular Types of Homemade Drinking Board Games

One type of homemade drinking board game is called Drunky Monopoly. This modified version of the classic game involves buying, selling, and irresponsible trading. The rules are generally adjusted to suit an adult group looking for a fun way to enjoy drinks while playing. The goal is to be the last sober player standing at the end of the night.

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Another type of homemade drinking board game is called Ready Set Drink. This twist on traditional strategy games combines quick reactions with high risk questions, which often require taking a shot or other alcoholic beverage when answered incorrectly. Players can work their way around the track by correctly answering questions or spin the wheel to answer two different categories’ worth.

A third type of homemade drinking board game is Minibar Bingo. Like traditional bingo, players try to match bingo-style cards with randomly chosen ingredients from a mini bar or alcohol selection list before anyone else does. Once all ingredients have been found on a card, it must be shouted out loud in order for players to win a prize or round of shots or drinks for everyone at the table!

Establishing the Ground Rules for Your Game

Creating your own board game is a great way to have fun and spend quality time with friends. Before you start, it is important to establish some ground rules that all players must adhere to.

Begin by deciding who will be given the authority to make calls and settle disputes. Some games may require a “house” rule where everyone takes turns making decisions for the group or actioning ideas. Make sure the concept of this house rule is stated clearly in order to avoid any confusion during play.

Another key aspect for setting up the game is determining how players can get eliminated from the game. In some drinking games, players may lose points for incorrect answers or go through special punishments when mistakes are made. Think of ways that every individual can remain involved in the game even if they are not actively participating due to forfeit penalties, such as contributing by choosing a penalty for another player or serving as an honorary judge in certain debates. As long as all of these rules are agreed upon before gameplay begins, you’ll have yourself an unforgettable night!

Visualizing the Board and Gathering Supplies

Creating a homemade drinking board game can be an enjoyable and creative way to make your next night in more fun. Before you begin, it’s important to visualize what kind of game you would like to create. Is it going to involve trivia questions, physical challenges, strategy, or some combination of these elements? Once you have a clear idea of what kind of game you want, start gathering the necessary supplies. Depending on the type of game you have in mind, this could range from blank cards and a permanent marker for trivia games to cardboard pieces, dice and colored markers for strategy games. Make sure that you have everything needed ahead of time so that you can focus on putting together a great game!

Developing the Board, Pieces and Rules

Creating a homemade drinking board game is an excellent way to have some fun with your friends. Start by developing the board, pieces, and rules for your game. For example, you could draw out a map or create a physical board of different checkpoints or locations that the players need to move around in order to complete the game. Then, come up with some interesting pieces such as people, animals, vehicles, and objects that will represent each player on the board. Finally, decide on how many drinks are given away at each location and what activities must be completed in order to win them – this could include anything from fun trivia quizzes and challenges to everyday tasks like counting how many times you can clap in one minute! Once your rules and regulations are in place, you’ll be ready to start playing your homemade drinking board game with your friends. Have a blast!

Ideas to Add Extra Fun to Your Homemade Drinking Board Game

1. Create mixology cards: These can be cards that have recipes for different drinks on them or even little fun facts about the ingredients of a particular drink. Every time someone lands on a square containing these cards, they must draw and follow the instructions on the card.

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2. Give out mini-challenges: Land on a certain square and you must attempt to whip up your own cocktail ” whoever wins gets to choose the next round’s drink! You could also have mini-challenges like “Name 5 drinks that have gin in them!” or “Who knows the most bartending terminology?”

3. Include a penalty system: If you land on a certain square, you might get hit with an extra chug penalty or have to answer embarrassing truth questions from other players!

4. Incorporate other drinking games: You could also include squares that ask players to complete classic drinking game challenges like quarters or beer pong so everyone can switch it up throughout their game night.

5. Make it interactive: Get creative by making some of your boards interactive so that when people step onto specific spaces they must interact with others in some way ” like picking another player to dogeball between two cups filled with beer!

Going Green

Playing drinking board games with friends can be a great way to spend some time together and have some fun, but it’s important to remember to think about the environment while playing as well. Here are some tips for reducing waste during play:

1. Choose reusable supplies over disposable ones: Instead of using paper cards or plates, opt for reusable options like ceramic mugs and glasses. Reusable utensils are also a good choice over plastic or disposable cutlery. Not only will these help reduce waste but also save you money in the long run!

2. Choose drinks made from sustainable sources: Look for beers, wines and spirits that look for packaging that can be recycled after use or choose alternatives such as kombucha or tea-based beverages. If you’re opting for canned drinks, always recycle them afterwards.

3. Buy local ingredients where possible: Supporting local businesses helps reduce your carbon footprint by not having products shipped to you from other countries. Look for locally produced foods such as chips and dip to use during game night too!

4. Use eco-friendly decorations: Decorate with natural items like leaves, wildflowers and branches or try to find decor that has been made from recycled materials such as newspaper cuttings instead of buying new items. This is a great way to make your board game night even more special!


Making your own homemade drinking board game can be both fun and rewarding. Not only is it a great way to spend some quality time with friends, but with careful planning, there are plenty of unanticipated benefits that will come from the experience. In addition to creating an experience that all of your guests will have fond memories of, you may even find that creating something yourself spurs on a new creative passion in you! Plus, when everybody is having a good time, morale is improved and conversations can be had in a relax setting. The rewards don’t end there ” making sure everyone has access to drinks (especially those who don’t want the sugary stuff or too much alcohol) encourages discussion and laughs throughout the evening. All-in-all, creating a homemade drinking board game can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you’ll ever have!

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