Best Drinking Board Games


Drinking board games have been around for centuries, beginning with Ancient Egyptians and Greeks who used drink as a form of celebration. The concept of a drinking game dates back to 15th-century Europe where the most popular were dice games and card games. Due to their increasing popularity, many other countries adopted their own versions of the traditional board game with substitute pieces or cards representing various drinking activities.

In modern times, there are countless variants on these early drinking board games. Some involve trivia while others require physical exertion like beer pong or flip cup. They are also now available in digital formats such as online applications and video gaming platforms, making them much more accessible across multiple devices. To this day, drinking board games continue to be a favorite pastime amongst friends and family members looking for entertaining ways to fill their leisure time.

Best Drinking Board Games

When looking for the best drinking board games, it’s important to consider ratings, reviews, and feedback from players who have already experienced the game. Reading this information is essential in determining if a game is worth playing since it takes into account the opinions of other gamers. Many sites offer score and user reviews which can be helpful in finding out what people think of a particular game. Additionally, many sites also provide questions and answers related to how to play the game as well as guides on how to set up the game with your friends or even just one person. Doing some research before you purchase or play a drinking board game can ensure that everyone is going to get the most fun out of it.

Design Considerations

Themes are an important factor of any board game, especially those involving drinking. The theme should be enthralling enough to grab a player’s attention and keep them engaged, while also keeping things lighthearted. Creating a humorous and friendly atmosphere is key in enjoying drinking games together with family and friends.

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Game rules are also essential when it comes to playing the best drinking board games. It’s important to make sure that the rules are simple enough to understand but complex enough to provide interest and challenge for players. A good rule will give each player some control over their own destiny without being overly restrictive or difficult to implement. This can include creative spins on classic rules, such as requiring players to perform daring stunts or having players complete unique challenges as part of the game play.

Finally, game mechanics help shape the experience for everyone involved. Mechanics such as dice rolling, resource gathering, turn-based strategy and even luck play an important role in how the game plays out and how enjoyable it is from player to player. Simple mechanics like these can help create memorable moments for all members of the group regardless of their level of expertise in playing board games.

Fun Ideas for Playing

1. Beer Pong: Set up a classic beer pong table, but the loser of each game shots must take a shot of Liquor.

2. Speed Beer Quiz: Prepare a list of questions that involve knowledge of beer and other drinks. Teams take turns to answer, and the losing team must drink their beer as punishment.

3. Swig, Swallow & Spill: Fill glasses with different amounts of a beer-mixed drink, such as a shandy or Buckler. Players have to swallow the contents without spilling any outside the glass, pick up two pieces of plastic cutlery and roll the dice – depending on what number is rolled players either swallow all or none of the drink, split it between them or swig from both glasses until one team runs out. The losing team must finish their drinks in one go or take a shot!

Prettiest Board Games

4. Vintage Forecast Game Show: Transform your living room into an obstacle course involving different drinking games – quiz questions need to be answered correctly for teams to progress to the next challenge – for losers; heavy doses of liquor will be needed!

5. Thimble and Mug Challenge: This game requires thimbles filled with liquor, mugs filled with water which player place on opposite sides of each other (at least five feet away). Players then take turns tossing the thimbles at the mugs in an attempt to sink them – miss and they have to do a shot!


If you’re interested in learning more about drinking board games or looking to start playing, our blog post has all the resources you need to get started. You can also check out some of our favorite websites and stores for finding the perfect game: Board Game Geek, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Etsy. If you know someone who’s a board game enthusiast, don’t hesitate to ask them for a few good recommendations. And feel free to come back to this post for more information on our top picks for the best drinking board games!

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