How Does Large Hollow Soldier Work Dark Souls Board Game


The Dark Souls Board Game is a cooperative dungeon-crawling adventure game based on the popular Dark Souls video game series. It is set in the same universe as the critically acclaimed video games, featuring many varied enemies and bosses that players must defeat in order to progress through their adventure. Players take on the roles of various player character classes, with each class having its own unique abilities and strategies. The objective of the game is to work together, using cooperation and communication to survive boss battles, collect items, overcome challenges and ultimately make it to the end of their adventure.

The Large Hollow Soldier is one of many foes encountered by players in the Dark Souls Board Game. This aggressive enemy carries a large club and can attack multiple players at once if not dealt with quickly enough. He has an intimidating visage that masks his high health level compared to other opponents in the game ” so even experienced players will need to be careful when tackling a foe like this in battle. When facing a Large Hollow Soldier, it is important for all players involved to coordinate offensive efforts in order from least lethal (slashing weapons) foremost to most lethal (fire-based weapons). In addition, trading blows one at a time with this enemy can become dangerous very quickly and should be avoided if possible. As such, strategic use of blocking can go a long way towards conserving health points until the player characters have enough damage output or backup support from allies to conclude the fight swiftly and positively.

Understanding the Large Hollow Soldier Piece

The Large Hollow Soldier pieces are special figures in the Dark Souls Board Game. These non-player characters can appear randomly during each game. When they do, a player may attack them, and defeat them for Treasure tokens – though not all players have to participate. If no one chooses to attack the Large Hollow Soldier, additional Treasure Tokens will drop after the usual cycle of rounds are played.

In order to attack the Large Hollow Soldier piece, players must roll dice equal to their character’s assigned number of Attack tokens. This roll determines whether or not the player is successful in defeating it, as well as how many Treasures they receive if successful. The amount of Treasure tokens obtained depends on the color of dice rolled”a red dice has different rewards than a yellow or green one.

The rules also state that if all players choose to pass up defeating the Huge Hollow Soldier on their turn they will be rewarded with additional bonuses at the end of the game. These bonuses can consist of extra stats such as Health, Gold and Magic points plus access to certain powerful items found only in certain areas of play.

Players must use strategy when attacking the Large Hollow Soldier in order counter its abilities; rolling random dice combinations means that prediction is part of this tactical gameplay requirement. Players need to calculate chances for success, plan ahead for reward risks, and take into account character class limitations when determining attacking moves “all factors that contribute toward making sure victory can be accomplished more quickly and creatively during each match!

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Crafting a Strategy

Large Hollow Soldier is a mini-boss enemy in the video game Dark Souls. It’s a powerful enemy that can be found early on during the game’s playthrough. To effectively beat this boss, players must understand its attack patterns and weaknesses. Knowing how to navigate around it and how to deal damage to it are both essential steps for developing an effective strategy for victory.

Players should focus on dodging and parrying attacks from the Large Hollow Soldier since it does high damage but has slow movements due to its large size. Avoid getting into protracted combat with it, as its strength lies in one-on-one engagements with smaller foes like the player’s character. Blockable strikes should be blocked or parried when possible; unblockable overhead slams or sweeping slashes should be dodged by rolling out of their range of attack. Black knights may also accompany the Large Hollow Soldier; these should be dealt with first as they are easier to take down and can cause more damage than the Hollow Soldier itself if not prioritized.

Once you’ve neutralized any additional enemies, you can then direct your attention back to the Large Hollow Soldier. Spells, pyromancies, and ranged weapons are all viable ways of dealing damage while staying out of reach; however, unless heavily upgraded, physical weapons will often have a negligible effect on its health bar due to its heavy defense rating. The most effective way of dealing damage would be backstabbing or riposting following a successful parry timing which requires good instincts and experience in order for it to pay off consistently.

Leveraging Advantages

The Large Hollow Soldier is an essential part of the Dark Soulsboard game. It can be used in many different ways to gain an edge in any given situation. The Large Hollow Soldier is a piece that grants its user multiple advantages they can use strategically.

For starters, the Large Hollow Soldier gives the user great mobility on the board, as it has four Action Points instead of the usual one. This allows them to move around the board quickly and set up plays quickly to either capture enemies or launch a surprise attack. Additionally, because it has four Movement Points instead of two, they can cover a much broader area when traversing the board, allowing them to get into advantageous positions more easily than most other pieces.

Another advantage provided by the Large Hollow Soldier is its durable stats ” at eight Health Points and four Defense Points, it can last for a relatively long time during combat when compared to more vulnerable pieces. As well, since it has two attack dice with three swords (and one shield) each, it deals pretty good damage for its size and cost. Therefore, players can use this piece to survive in fights for longer periods of time than its competitors would allow them to do otherwise.

Finally, due to its low cost and large size, this piece also provides its user with economy benefits too: Investing in Heavy Armor or Weapons won’t be necessary if they have a strong Large Hollow Soldier on their side ” meaning they can save those points for other important purchases! All these potential benefits make this piece very powerful: When used properly, having one on your team surely gives you an edge over opponents without one!

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Analyzing Opponent’s Moves

The Large Hollow Soldier in Dark Souls Board Game is a formidable foe. The best way to overcome it is by careful observation of the enemy’s moves. Here are some tips for analyzing your opponent’s behavior and steps that you can take to gain an advantage:

1) Pay attention to the direction and angle at which the enemy moves, since these patterns can help you determine if they’re setting up traps or trying to posture themselves in an advantageous attack range.

2) Look for strengths and weaknesses in your opponent’s set-up: can you find any blind spots where you can safely run past them? Are there points of the arena that leave them vulnerable or provide a good vantage point for attacking?

3) Look for opportunities to bait out predictable attacks from your opponent, such as lunging forward or taking a simple swing of their weapon. You can use this vulnerability to set up a counterattack or escape route.

4) Be mindful of any changes in your opponents’ stance or maneuvers; sudden shifts may indicate an imminent attack that requires extra care when dodging or blocking.

With patience and practice, you’ll be able to effectively identify and predict opportunities to attack your opponent while avoiding dangerous situations. As long as you stay aware and keep track of your opponents’ movements, you’ll be well on your way to defeating the Large Hollow Soldier!


The Large Hollow Soldier in the Dark Souls Board Game provides a challenge to even experienced players; it is a powerful and intimidating piece. With its unique oversized characteristics, the Large Hollow Soldier piece requires special play strategies involving board position, pieces utilized and sacrifices made. Experienced players can anticipate moves when the Large Hollow Soldier is used, but guarantees are not provided. An effective use of the soldier piece can lead to game victories for those able to master its unpredictable power. Careful strategies must also be employed when fighting against it. Those that successfully matchup against the Large Hollow Soldier can find satisfaction as they apply their deduced plans in order to eventually defeat this daunting enemy. The possible rewards are great if this impressive figure can be bested on the board; with keen tactics one player may gain an upper hand in their ultimate attempt to rule Lordran and become its ruler.

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