How Much Is The Monopoly Board Game At Walmart


The Monopoly Board Game is a classic strategy and trading game that has been around since 1903, when the original version was created by the Parker Brothers. Through the decades, the game has come in a variety of editions, from classic to themed versions such as Disney and Star Wars editions. With its exciting features, players have been able to have an immersive experience as they attempt to build an empire by buying properties, building houses and hotels and negotiating trades. In modern times, Monopoly remains popular with players of all ages and continues to be one of the most iconic board games in history.

As far as cost goes, Walmart currently offers a wide selection of Monopoly Board Games at various price points. Depending on which type of game you get, prices are typically anywhere between $19.99 to $39.99.

What You Should Know

At Walmart, a few different versions of the classic Monopoly board game are available for purchase. The Classic edition features the traditional gameplay, but also contains some colorful cardstock tokens such as a cardinal or hat. If you’d rather have metal pieces you can opt for one of their collector’s editions, which come with tokens made from die-cast metal.

Regardless of which version you choose, the components in each kit include the game board, a set of cards and 2 dice. Depending on the style you get, various other components may be included such as homes and hotels and some version offer special chance cards that mix up gameplay even more. Prices range from around $10 – $50 depending on the edition chosen.

Monopoly Edition Options

Classic: The classic version of Monopoly is sold for around $14.99 at Walmart and includes tokens such as a thimble, shoe, cannon, car, and more.

Deluxe Edition Classic: A more luxe experience at the same price of $14.99, the game comes with silver-toned and gold-toned tokens including a penguin, race car, battleship, cat, horse and rider, wheelbarrow and dog.

Monopoly Junior: Monopoly Junior is aimed at younger players aged 5-8 or so but is still suitable for adults to play too. This edition is often cheaper than other editions – around $12 at Walmart – and features a simplified version of the Monopoly game most are familiar with but designed with kids in mind. Some of the kid-friendly tokens include an ice cream cone, pizza slice, race car and a teddy bear submarine!

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Monopoly Gamer Edition: Supercharged with powers & coolest characters like Mario & Sonic! Users are invited to engage in exciting battles on the board game that leads to powerful combos and rewards when orbs are collected – all whilst playing as special character pieces like Mario™ or Sonic™! It’s being sold at Walmart at an increased price point of around $19.99.

Monopoly Cheaters Edition: For those wanting something just that little bit different from their Monopoly experience, then it’s time to turn to this Halloween extension – which encourages cheating! Encouraging players “to bet on your ability to get away with murder” says it all; this one appeals to anyone who feels like bending the rules or taking risks for sweet reward (or possibly facing some pretty terrible consequences!) This cheeky spin on everyone’s favorite game is only available for around $19.99 from Walmart.

Special Deals

At Walmart, the classic Monopoly game can be purchased for as low as $9.99. Special deals are often available through the online store that offer bundle discounts for purchasing multiple editions. The Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition is priced at $23.99, while the Monopoly Voice Banking version is available for $34. It’s also possible to get a board game bundle with different versions of Monopoly such as Classic, Gamer and Cheaters Edition along with several other popular titles like Clue and Battleship; the cost of this particular bundle is typically about $49.99.


The Monopoly board game is available at Walmart, and prices can vary. The basic Monopoly game typically retails for around $15.99 USD, but prices may be higher depending on the edition you purchase. If you are looking for something fancier, you may want to consider one of their special editions, such as a classic 80th anniversary version priced at $24.99 or a limited-edition Game of Thrones version that retails for $39.97.

Besides the base game itself, there are numerous accessories that Walmart offers for the Monopoly board game. Among them are expansions such as The Classic Banking Edition, which adds an electronic banking unit to keep track of funds and balance accounts. In terms of collectible pieces, Walmart also carries metal tokens commemorating 100 years of Monopoly and Disney-themed tokens from movies like Frozen and Star Wars; these range from approximately $9–24 in most stores (while supplies last). There is also a plastic game storage bin made especially by Players Playing Pieces popular among enthusiasts and collectors alike. This retails for around $14–19 in Walmart depending on availability.

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The Monopoly game from Walmart has been given excellent reviews by customers who have purchased it. Many customers commented on how much fun it was to play with friends and family. The game’s components are of good quality, and it comes with all the pieces you need to start playing immediately. The rules are easy to understand, making it a great board game for people of all ages. Additionally, many reviewers enjoyed the variety of pieces that come with the game such as tokens, dice and play money. With Walmart selling the Monopoly Board Game at an affordable price tag, it provides great value-for-money entertainment that’s sure to provide hours upon hours of excitement and playtime fun!

Other Ways to Buy

Third-Party Retailers: Consumers can purchase a Monopoly board game from third-party retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and Target. Prices may vary depending on the seller. Each retailer can offer special bundle deals or discounts that are not available at Walmart.

International Websites: Additionally, consumers can purchase Monopoly board games on international websites, such as AliExpress or Taobao. These sites frequently feature different variations and special editions of the game that might not be offered in other countries. Prices typically range from $20 to $50 Euros depending on the edition chosen. Shipping costs may apply if purchasing from international websites.


The Monopoly board game is available at Walmart for a wide range of prices, depending on the size, type, bundle, and edition. Prices can range from less than $20 for basic editions to over $50 for certain licensed versions. Customers looking for a great deal should consider shopping in person or online for one of these classic games. Consumers should also take some time to research which versions are available and read customer reviews before finalizing their purchase so they make sure they get the most out of their game night.

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