How To Host A Romantic Evening Roman Holiday Board Game


A Roman Holiday Board Game is a fun and creative way to spend a romantic evening with your partner. It is reminiscent of the popular board-game Clue, but it is set in the bustling streets and markets of Ancient Rome. Players take turns assuming the roles of characters like Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and Caligula as they try to find out who has stolen mysterious ancient artifacts. Along the way, they gain clues by navigating through interactive maps, solving puzzles and getting help from Roman vendors as they explore temples, marketplaces and secret places throughout the Roman Empire while having fun! Players are in charge of their own fate ” if they don’t solve the mystery during their own turn, they face losing the game. The Roman Holiday Board Game is sure to create plenty of laughter and surprise twists that will add an extra level of excitement to your romantic evening.

Assembling The Necessary Supplies

To host a romantic evening Roman Holiday Board Game, you will need plenty of snacks and refreshments, such as an antipasto plate, cheeses and crackers, or chocolates. You will also need supplies for decorating your playing area with items like candles or a festive garland. Additionally, you’ll need several accessible playing boards, two to three colored dice per person (red, white and blue are traditional colors but feel free to mix it up with any colors of your choice), playing cards with colorful images on them, four people per game board who can form teams easily, pens or markers for scoring points, and four felt roman-style hats for the team captains. Finally, make sure you have a timer handy so that everything is fair and equal in each round!

Creating An Inviting Ambience

When hosting a romantic evening with the Roman Holiday Board Game, it is important to create an inviting and enjoyable space for players. Begin by setting the mood in the room with warm colors, such as gold or red. Soft lighting, like candlelight or battery operated lamps and wall sconces, can add extra ambience and make the room feel intimate. Choose seating arrangements that put players close together and provide ample comfort for all. Plush cushions, soft throws and cozy blankets will help set the tone of relaxation. Place drinks and snacks within easy reach so that players do not need to get up often and interrupt their game. Adding background music at low volume will also make the atmosphere more inviting while playing the Roman Holiday Board Game.

Preparing Delicious Appetizers & Drinks

Appetizers can set the tone for a romantic evening. Enjoyable eats should not be overlooked but rather embraced and included in your evening. For a romantic night, treats should be light, but filling. Consider charcuterie trays complete with an assortment of meats and cheeses that you can choose from based on the preferences of your partner. You could also do individualized crostini or mini brushetta that are easy to assemble and guests can make according to their own tastes. Platters of antipasto, prosciutto wrapped vegetables, and finger sandwiches work beautifully too!

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When it comes to drinks, enjoy an assortment of beverages suitable for any desired level of intoxication. Whether this means simply offering sparkling juices or creating specialty cocktails together is entirely up to your whims! Wine is classic for a romantic night -white for light drinkers and red for those who prefer it heavier- Champagne is delicate and works well as an accompaniment to toast during the evening’s festivities. Adding touches such as rose petals floating in glasses add an extra special touch too!

Teaching The Rules & Going Over The Scoring System

Before hosting a romantic evening Roman Holiday board game, it is important to ensure that each player knows the rules and understand the scoring system. After explaining the rule book or setting up an instructional video, it is good practice to go over the specific points of the rules with all players in order to avoid confusion or misinterpretations during game play. To efficiently explain the rules and make sure that the players are properly engaged a few tips could be employed.

First, breaking out each rule into separate topics helps its understanding and allows for more time for questions should something be unclear. Organizing by topics like ‘turn structure’ or ‘action resolution’ can also help focus on what is pertinent as opposed to going over every single paragraph of text in the instruction booklet. Secondly, having visual cues to explain certain scenarios such as a demonstration round can help those who learn better through seeing it instead of reading it. Demonstration rounds also help players form strategies before they start playing while promoting interaction between participants. Finally, involving all players before going into details can help gauge everyone’s level understanding and point out aspects that need to be further clarified ” this will also maximize engagement since people are likely to remain attentive when involved in conversation!

Setting A Time Limit & Interpreting The Results

When hosting a romantic evening Roman Holiday Board Game, it is best to set a time limit of 1.5 – 2 hours in order to give both players the ideal amount of time to complete the game and enjoy a post-game conversation over drinks or dinner. Depending on the number of questions and activities included in the game, players may choose to adjust the duration.

At the end of a game, interpretation of the results will depend on how each player felt about their own experience throughout. Results could indicate individual levels of comfort in discussing certain topics with one another and whether or not future conversations are necessary, as well as how willing each person was to engage in and share different kinds of activities with one another. Sometimes, results can also be used as an indicator for how deeply two people know each other: those who managed team up quickly likely have more intimate knowledge about their partners than those who had long pauses between questions or tasks.

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Keeping The Evening Going After The Game Is Over

Once the game of Roman Holiday is completed, there are plenty of ways to keep the conversation and fun going. Depending on the interests of your guests, you may want to come up with some creative activities that add a little competition, like a themed drinking game or charades. If your group enjoys music, create a playlist of romantic songs or set up an acoustic guitar and karaoke machine so that everyone can show off their singing talents. For those guests looking for relaxing activities, try setting up some puzzles or word games to work on as a group. You can also break out some board games or card games like Uno and Scrabble for everybody. Finally, if it’s raining outside, turn off all the lights for a stargazing session on your balcony or terrace area if possible.


The night of your romantic evening board game can be both fun and memorable! Here is a brief summary of what to expect from the Roman Holiday Board Game. First, you will need to gather all necessary components ” these include a game board, character cards, playing pieces, event cards, and coins. Then choose who will be the host for the game; this should be done in an intimate setting where everyone gathered can easily communicate and share their excitement around the table!

Once begun, players will then strategize how best to move about the game board and manage their respective roles in order to achieve victory points by successfully completing events. With luck and perhaps a bit of skillful play each round should conclude with an exciting resolution that leaves everyone eager for what awaits them next.

And while rules must be followed there are certain aspects that could be spiced up or altered as desired such as playing music or altering the number of event cards drawn or have everyone decide on a custom-built team name. Ultimately by doing this each play through of your romantic Roman Holiday Board Game should become something unique: an experience no one soon forget filled with joys laughs, shared moments of anticipation and wonder as well as possibly even new friendships made around the board

In conclusion having a romantic evening Roman Holiday Board Game offers many more possibilities then just pressing play on yet another movie or television show while relaxing at home together. Instead use this special night to transport yourselves back into Ancient Rome filled with adventure and intrigue; making your own masterfully crafted memories each time you play!

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