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Catan, previously known as Settlers of Catan, is one of the most popular board games of all time. It was originally developed in 1995 by Klaus Teuber, who designed it with the aim of settling an island of wool and grain resources called Catan. The game takes place on a board made up of hexagonal sectors, each containing a resource tile representing one of five types: wheat, wool, wood, ore, and brick. Players must build settlements and roads on land they obtain while trading resources with their opponents. As they accumulate points based on their buildings’ productivity and geography, the first person to reach 10 victory points wins the game. Since its inception, Catan has spawned several sequels, spin-offs, mobile apps and online versions for play around the world which have made it a modern classic and a staple amongst board gamers everywhere. If you would like to make your own version of this beloved game then the below will help you get started.

Gathering the Materials to Make the Catan Board

Making a Catan board game requires some specific materials. The first thing you will need is a large rectangular piece of plastic or foam board. This will be the base for your game board. Next, you will need three colored poster boards ” one orange, one green, and one brown. These poster boards will be used to create the tiles for the board. You’ll also need scissors to cut out these tiles, as well as a ruler to ensure they are sized evenly. Additionally, you’ll need some markers (black and red) to mark out the resources listed on each tile type as well as any ports indicated by an octagon shape on the corners of a few tiles. Finally, you’ll need small decorative pieces like rocks or shells that can act as settlements and cities when playing the game! Finally, have extra paper handy in case you would like to create card pieces for playing cards such as development cards or victory point cards if desired. To make these you would draw them out on paper using various pictures or symbols that represent their purposes such as suit symbols for Development Cards and crowns or flags for Victory Point cards.

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Gather Supplies: To make your Catan board, you’ll need a sturdy base, like corkboard or cardboard; large sheets of colored construction paper to make the main landmass and various borders; wood blocks for settlement pieces; game pieces.

2. Design the Board Layout: Decide how big you want your board to be, and where each terrain hex should go. Choose which colors and shapes will best fit with your vision of a Catan board. For example, red triangles could represent brick resources, white circles could represent wool, etc.

3. Assemble the Terrain Hexes: Measure out the Cardboard or corkboard base to match the dimensions of the layout design chosen in Step 2. Cut out colored construction paper pieces that will fit over it to create each terrain hex (avoiding any unnecessary overlap). Glue these pieces down.

4. Add Borders Around The Terrain Hexes: Measure what is needed from the Step 3 template and cut out border strips from different-colored construction paper so that they can be fit snugly between adjacent terrain hexes when laid on the edge of each one – this produces a neat finish along all sides of the board game layout. Secure these border strips onto the main material using glue or other adhesive elements whatever works best for you!

5. Make Settlement Pieces: You can create these settlement pieces by drawing shapes on larger sheets of durable cardstock paper ” such as wooden villages ” or cutting them out by hand if you’re feeling crafty enough! Once they’re ready, make sure to laminate them so they stay in good shape during playtime!

6 Assemble Game Pieces And Structures: This may include gathering dice, randomising numbers and locations for harbors or any other special building rules you wish to implement into your own version of Catan, making sure everything is balanced before beginning play!

7 Enjoy Playing Your Catan Board Game: Now that all assembly work is done ” it’s time for some fun! Invite some friends over (or even family members!) And dive into a few rounds of this classic game at home with your custom built-from-scratch Catan board game set up…the perfect way to test out who’s really got what it takes!

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Basic Rules and Strategies of Catan

To make the board game of Catan, you need to follow a few steps. First, gather your supplies: 19 Hexagonal tiles (terrain pieces), 6 frame pieces, 2 harbor pieces 4-6 player pieces, 30 roads (wooden sticks or other material), 60 settlements/cities (wooden pieces or other material approx. ½ inch on each side), and 95 resource cards”19 of each type: wood, sheep/wool, wheat/grain, brick, ore.

Lay out the board using the terrain tiles and frame sections as described in the rulebook. Place a settlement and a road at each intersection along the edges of the board.

The objective of Catan is to build settlements and cities by gathering resources such as wood, brick, sheep/wool, wheat/grain, and ore from around the island. Players accumulate resources through trades with opponents or through rolls of two six-sided dice. The goal is to accumulate 10 victory points before any other player does so; points are earned by building settlements and cities throughout different areas of the board.

To make a good strategy for winning in Catan requires you to think about which resources are needed for certain actions such as constructing settlements and developing an efficient trading system with opponents around valuable resources such as ports. Different strategies can be implemented depending on who your opponents are and what their playing style is like ” i.e., aggressive or passive players ” but some important factors to consider are: deciding which resources should be prioritized while trading (resource diversity); when it’s advantageous to upgrade settlements into cities; how best to use your Longest Road card; making trades with port owners; tactical blockades against rival players’ trade routes; attempting robber attacks whenever possible; protecting your weaker resource holdings with defensive measures; bottlenecks between strategic locations; carefully considering our banked cards for maximum effect; choosing when not to build anything at all; exploring possible paths towards achieving 10 victory points first before another opponent does so successfully; among others.

Advanced Strategies & Tips for Winning the Game

Catan Board Game is an exciting strategy game that can be enjoyed by any level of player. It requires strategic thinking, planning, and a little bit of luck to win the game! Here are some advanced strategies and tips for those looking to take their Catan Board Game experience to the next level:

1. Know your opponents – it is important to study your opponents’ strategies, playing styles, and tactics if you want to beat them in the long run. Make sure you understand what resource cards they have and also how they might use them against you.

2. Place your settlements wisely – when placing your settlements on the board, prioritize areas where you will have access to multiple resource cards, such as ports or intersections between multiple valuable hexes. Strategic placement of your settlements can give you a great advantage throughout the game.

3. Think ahead – try to envision future turns ahead of time in anticipation for possible trades or other moves by opponents that may affect you adversely or positively depending on how well you know them. If a player builds up several roads and looks ready to build more settlements ” make sure you are prepared with a plan that allows you access to key resources before they do so that way they won’t be able to block off anymore high-value areas of the board before you can get there.

4. Use Longest Road and Largest Army efficiently – Having either Longest Road or Largest Army gives an immediate point bonus whenever triggered but it can also be used strategically if used early enough with frequent development of roads/armies as needed around areas highly valued by other players based on number tokens present or trades made previously; this way it can provide both point bonuses & even better trade opportunities for yourself & limit those same benefits for other players simultaneously over time until completely blocked off from taking control again (depending on number tokens). As such ” be mindful & watchful throughout each turn & look out for ways Longest Road or Largest Army could increase one’s chances at victory

Different Variations of the Game to Make It Even More Fun

If you’re looking to spice up your Catan Board Game, there are lots of variants you can add. You could print out custom cards with rules and references specific to your game and introduce alternate resources such as coal, oil, and electricity. Also, you could potentially adopt the ‘Robber Island’variant for larger games with more than four players. In this variant, a fifth island is added with a special robber tile. The game also has special harbor tiles that allow players to trade across the board with each other instead of just within their own islands. Additionally, you could experiment by involving multiple levels of victory points to make the game more challenging and competitive. For instance, introduce bonus victory points for achieving certain goals (such as amassing resources) or for controlling certain parts of the map (landmarks). Finally, involve some kind of active mission or quest-to-victory type rule that encourages creative problem solving ” like having all players work together on a single overarching task while also competing against one another at the same time.

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FAQs & Troubleshooting Tips

Q: What pieces and tools do I need to make a Catan board game?

A: In order to make a Catan board game, you will need the following items: 9 hexagonal acrylic game tiles, 6 rectangular sea frame pieces, 19 terrain squares, 95 playing pieces (25 resource cards, 16 development cards, 4 city walls, 24 harbor markers, 14 forester tokens and 1 robber piece), 2 six-sided dice, 10 number discs and 1 instruction booklet. You will also need various tools such as a saw for cutting the wood for the frames of the board game as well as some glue for connecting the different pieces together. Additionally, it may be helpful to have coloring supplies such as paint or markers in order to add some interesting designs to your game board.

Q: How can I ensure that my Catan board game is assembled properly?

A: After gathering all the necessary materials and tools needed to assemble your Catan Board Game, you should then review the instruction booklet that came included with your set. This will provide specific instructions on how each component should be arranged in order to properly assemble your game board. Additionally, there are many online tutorials and resources which explain step by step how to create an official looking Catan Board Game at home. If you’re ever feeling stuck while assembling your gameboard or having trouble deciphering any of the instructions provided with your set then considering reaching out to ask questions on forums or contacting customer service for assistance.

How To Care for & Store the Board After the Game Is Over

Once you have finished your Catan Board Game you should take steps to care for it so that you can play frequently without needing to create a new board each time. Proper care and storage of this game can help ensure its longevity and enjoyment.

To store the board when done playing, start by collecting all trading components such as roads, settlements, and cities, and store them in airtight bags or containers to prevent dirt buildup and damage.

Clean all pieces with a mild soap-water solution, use a soft cloth and gently scrub any remaining dirt off components before storing. Finally, begin dismantling the game tile boards and card decks before folding up or rolling out the cloth backing behind the game so that it fits into a storage box or container without much effort. You can also use furniture movers to easily move large games around your home if needed. Furthermore, it is best to store these items in dry environments away from any moisture sources such as basements or garages that could potentially cause damage over time.


Catan is an addictive group game that has become popular over the past few years due to its addictive and strategic gameplay. Players are put on a new world with varying resources, and players must use different strategies in order to settle the island of Catan. Players roll dice in order to build settlements using resources they have claimed. They are competing against each other in an effort to build up their kingdom and get the most points. In doing so, players must strategically trade with one another, which adds an even deeper level of strategy to the game.

Catan is by far one of the most engaging and addicting board games out there for group play because it encourages players to explore creative and optimal ways of getting resources and advancing themselves in the game. It is constantly evolving as new map configurations, rulesets, and objectives emerge as part of ongoing updates and expansions from its creators. The possibilities are seemingly endless when playing Catan – it’s a great way for groups to bond over a unique shared experience that mixes competition, bluffing, strategy and luck into one truly captivating gameplay experience with no end in sight.

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