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Board games have been part of everyday life in culture spanning the Middle East for centuries. While popular board game trends and styles differ throughout different countries and regions, a few classic staples of strategy and fun emerge.

In Iran, the beloved game Parchis is a popular activity on holidays and rainy days. This four player game is played on a standard board with carom-style pieces that race around to move back and forth between each side. Players must use strategic planning to outwit their opponents while they race their pieces across the board.

In Saudi Arabia, the classic game Barjees has been captivating players’ hearts since it was invented in the 19th century. Barjees is similar to Parchis, but with some additional rules that add an air of suspenseful excitement to the experience. Instead of participating simultaneously, as in Parchis, players alternate turns where they strategically advance coins around a triangular shaped grid according to rolling dice results until all coins are returned to respective start positions.

Egypt is home to perhaps one of the oldest known board games in history – Senet. Dating back centuries before modern day timekeeping existed, Senet is believed by many scholars to tie into ancient funerary rituals or ceremonies due its strong spiritual beliefs associated with moving pieces along an artistic board reminiscent of passage through deathly realms towards eternal life. Despite its age, local communities throughout Egypt today play this unique and mysterious game often supplementing it with minor additional rules added by respective family traditions.

Board games offer insight into cultures throughout the Middle East by reflecting social norms while also providing light entertainment for friends and families looking to enjoy an evening together playing cards or engaging in thought provoking competition over wooden boards . Whether celebrating longstanding cultural roots or simply engaging with new tile boards for an evening’s entertainment, enriching local customs are sure to be found across these ancient lands as Middle Eastern cultures continue to contribute timeless traditions celebrated by many generations worldwide.


Board Games Middle East (BGME) is an online board gaming community dedicated to promoting the growth and development of board games throughout the Middle East. BGME provides a platform for players to interact, discuss and exchange ideas about various game-related topics. The website also helps in connecting enthusiasts from all over the region, making it easier and more convenient to find passionate opponents who share the same interests as them.

To further strengthen their services, BGME regularly hosts game events and tournaments where players can challenge one another in popular board games like Backgammon, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Andar Bahar and many more. Through these activities, they are able to build long term relationships between gamers living at distant corners of the middle east. Additionally, BGME offers amazing prizes for winners of such tournaments, making sure that their members get something extra incentive too!

In order to really encourage a strong gaming culture throughout the Middle East, BGME also offers educational resources and platforms for users to learn more about different genres of board games from tabletop gaming conventions held at major cities throughout the region. At these events users can observe and participate in exciting tutorials demonstrate by professional game designers who would explain how one can create better strategies and play smarter; something invaluable for both beginners and advanced gamers alike.

Overall Board Games Middle East has provided an invaluable service that is critical for establishing a vibrant community culture centered around board games in the middle east.

Understanding the History of Board Games in the Middle East

Backgammon is one of the oldest board games in the Middle East, believed to have been invented in Iraq around 3,000 BCE. Since then, countless board games have sprung up throughout the region, spread by word of mouth and travelling merchants between countries. Throughout history, these games came to not only entertain but also to teach lessons – often containing facets that taught aspects of wisdom and morality.

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Today there are numerous modern-day board games that originated from the Middle East, such as Mancala and Shisima. Mancala is a strategy game played with pits (which can represent baskets or urns) and glass stones. The goal of Mancala is to capture more stones than your opponent. Shisima is a traditional African board game based on a four-by-four grid filled with glass marbles. The aim is to move pieces around until either you make all your pieces into a single row or your opponent does ” whichever comes first will win!

Both of these popular board games involve strategic planning, trial and error play as well as cunning tactics ” requiring strong logical thinking skills like strategy building, risk-taking and problem solving. This provides an exciting opportunity for players young and old to create memories based on fun interactive experiences; learning valuable lessons along the way such as logical reasoning and communication skills that they may not acquire elsewhere! Board Game Middle East has become increasingly popular in recent years ” bringing families together through its timeless traditions while also providing informative lessons about history, cultural values and social norms across different countries within the region.

Examining the Different Types of Board Games Played in the Middle East

Board Game Middle East is a growing phenomenon that has continued to grow more popular over time. In the Middle East, board games are an old and beloved form of entertainment, and they come in many different varieties. While some traditional board games have been around for centuries, new ones continue to be invented or adapted so that a wide range of players can stay entertained.

One of the oldest forms of classic board games played in the Middle East is Mancala. This two-player strategy game requires each player to move marbles on a flat-style gameboard according to rules that change depending on where the marble lands. Needless to say, it’s both a challenging and a fun pastime.

Another traditional game played in the Middle East is Senet, which is an ancient Egyptian game that actually predates recorded history! It contains squares representing heavenly bodies, with players trying to move their pieces off of the boards by throwing bones or sticks. Much like backgammon, this also takes some skill and luck as you try to predict your opponent’s actions and make logic-based decisions from thereon out.

A later adaptation sees checkers being changed slightly into Tawla (also known as Tavla). This adapted version consists of playing counters based on what stones may require taking someone’s piece during the game by forming horizontal or vertical lines that shift both directionally or diagonally across board spaces depending upon which way you go after its initial jump ” something quite unique compared with other contemporary classic outdoor games!

In terms of modern-day adaptations, there are now electronic versions of traditional Arab boards games such as “Qahbas,” which simulates the competition between two families in an oasis village setting through land management techniques like planting trees, creating wells and canals while avoiding obstacles such as sandstorms or floods. Or alternatively Scrabble, known as “Baloot,” where participants create words using allotted letters stored inside specially designed bags containing small wooden tiles containing Arabic letters instead of English equivalents – marking up points along their route until one participant wins out over all other challengers!

Exploring Popular Hotspots to Play Board Games in the Middle East

Board games are a fun and entertaining way to spend time with friends and families in the Middle East. Whether you’re looking for a classic game of Monopoly, want something more adventurous like Risk or explore one of the region’s local board games like Mancala, there are plenty of spots offering board game nights across the Middle East.

On Fridays, locals flock to La Patisserie des Reves in Dubai for their popular weekly Board Game Night, where you can sample tasty pastries and coffee while rolling dice or trading Monopoly pieces. In Tel Aviv, Queen Chess Café is popular amongst chess enthusiasts from all over the world ” as well as those who just want to chill out with a book or some card games. Qatar National Library is also worth visiting if you’re up for trying something new. They host family-friendly activities such as life-size Scrabble boards, traditional Arabic board games session, quiz nights and puzzle competitions.

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The Middle East has seen an increasing number of board game cafés popping up around its streets in recent years ” allowing people to simply come together and enjoy some friendly competition over a cup of tea or coffee. Lebanon is home to a particularly large selection of gaming cafés; Beirut Kids Corner offers facilities packed full of over 600 different boardgames while La Salle de Jeux provides all the classics including Battleship and Pump It Up along with some innovative inventions like Xonix and Junkenstein’s Tower Defense! Other top spots include Task Café in Kuwait City ” they frequently host tournaments across various card, strategy and RPG games ” while The City Mall Entertainment Center near Abu Dhabi Mall is ideal for both small-scale strategic play sessions as well as big-time tournaments too!

Exploring the Benefits of Playing Board Games in the Middle East

Playing board games has been a longtime tradition in the Middle East. Throughout history, people from the region have gathered around tables to enjoy card and dice games, such as Mughamish, as well as abstract strategy games like Alquerque.

In modern times, there is evidence that this tradition is still alive. There are numerous stores in Middle Eastern cities that sell board games either online or in person. These stores range from dedicated game shops to general retailers like Walmart and Amazon that carry a selection of popular titles. Additionally, there are several Facebook and WhatsApp groups devoted solely to trading, discussing and playing board games.

The benefits of playing board games extend beyond just fun group activities ” although that’s certainly an important factor! Playing board games also provides a platform for creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills as players move their pieces while trying to achieve their objectives. Some recent studies even suggest that regular playtime can promote more collaborative forms of communication amongst families and friends, since the purpose of many classic Middle Eastern board games is to work together with opponents instead of up against them.

The most tangible benefit derived from playing board games in the Middle East is the strengthening of relationships between family members, neighbors and strangers alike. From children interacting with grandparents to communities developing sporting traditions based on ancient protocols, these shared experiences create bonds that will last a lifetime. Board gaming sessions bring an element of camaraderie and respect for each participant that can’t be found in many other places in society today – deepening communities’ sense of connection and belonging.

Wrapping Up on the Fascinating World of Board Game Middle East

Board Game Middle East is an incredible and ever-growing destination for a wide range of board games. This is a great way to spend quality time with your family, friends, or even strangers. Board Game Middle East has become one of the most popular hubs in the world for passionate gamers. With over 800 titles, they have a massive selection of games token and card-based, co-op games, strategy games, party games and much more. Each game that’s stocked in the store is meticulously tried and tested by their own team before it ends up on shelves. On top of hosting great events, providing advice and guidance on play styles, Board Game Middle East also provides supplies for all generations to enjoy board gaming as well as encouraging the gaming community in the area to come together fostering friendships through sport! Not only this but with their affordable prices it’s become an accessible activity for those who maybe haven’t had such experiences before! Wrapping up on this fascinating world it certainly looks like 2021 is going to be an exciting year for board game enthusiasts far and wide!

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