How To Make A Star Wars Board Game


Making a Star Wars board game is a great way to bring the excitement and adventure of Star Wars into your home. For any fan of the franchise, this type of project can provide a special connection with all aspects of the beloved characters and story. Fans who choose to make their own Star Wars themed game will not only gain an appreciation for the intricate details within the mythology, but they will also create a unique form of entertainment that can bring lasting enjoyment in good company.

Firstly, it is important to come up with a plan for your game that includes objectives and roles for all players as well as items, equipment, and locations needed for play. After you have established these components it is time to decide on factors such as ability strengths/weaknesses, money/points systems, goals, chances, luck and timing elements. Additionally when crafting the instructions for the game choices must be made about rolling dice or drawing cards, movement tracking (ie: pieces on board) , establishing rules about player interaction and finally designating winning conditions. Finally all these details must be included in a written instruction set that is provided together with the game equipment including die/cards/boards/tokens etc.. These steps may seem daunting at first but creating your own Star Wars themed game gives fans an opportunity to express their passion through an imaginative and lasting outlet ” one that can give numerous hours of meaningful entertainment while connecting us to the celebrated world created by George Lucas many years ago

Preparing to Make the Board Game

Creating your own Star Wars-inspired board game is a great way to combine two hobbies ” board games and the beloved franchise, Star Wars. Before you begin, it’s important to explore examples of existing Star Wars themed board games. Doing so provides ideas for gameplay styles, themes, and dialogue elements. Once you have an understanding of what exists in the genre already, you can build from that creativity.

Creating a narrative for your game is essential and can be shaped by articles written about the franchise’s universe or, of course, borrowed directly from renowned movies like The Empire Strikes Back or The Phantom Menace. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to Star Wars’ seven main films since Disney’s numerous new-age prequels and spinoffs offer plenty of source material as well. In any case, aim continue to create something unique and out of the ordinary with your game-making experience while making sure that it contains all the basics expected in most traditional tabletop experiences.

You may find yourself wanting to include multiple goal paths through which players can compete against one another in pursuit of victory conditions such as collecting coins or crossing virtual lines on a physical map. You could also make use of cards or dice rolls with characters possessing unique abilities that aid them depending on the route they decide to take in order to win the game. The possibilities are limitless so it’s best to think outside the box when designing elements for your novel board game!

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Designing the Board

When making your own Star Wars board game, you will want to start by designing the board. Consider incorporating iconic themes from the films, such as droids, Jedi, rebels, and iconic battles. You could use a variety of resources to create your board design such as a board game software program, or printable templates available online for free or for a small fee. Resources to help you can include example designs and printable Star Wars themed game boards which feature recognizable elements like star fields and spaceships. Once you have planned out your map and all of the other game elements, you can begin constructing your game. Have fun!

Crafting the Pieces

The first step in making a Star Wars inspired board game would be to craft the pieces. This can be done using materials that are easily accessible such as Lego pieces, card stock and other similar items. You can also use paint and markers to create custom pieces with a more distinct Star Wars theme. For example, you could come up with your own custom action figures, spaceships or planets that are unique to this board game. Additionally, you could download templates online to quickly print out any detailed designs onto card stock material that can then be cut out and glued onto the game pieces. Furthermore, you could even embark on a customizable 3D printing project by using open-source applications such as TinkerCAD to design and craft unique figurines for your board game without having any prior knowledge of 3D printing.

Writing the Rules

The rules should accommodate different playing styles and Star Wars levels of knowledge. To include a Lightsaber Duel, each player would have to have their own miniature Lightsabers and an arrangement of blocks, perhaps depending on the Force Points they possess. The players take turns attempting to knock down their opponents’ blocks with their Lightsabers. This could be done through testing reflexes or requiring cards be drawn with certain tasks to perform, like spinning your Lightsaber three times before striking at the blocks. The winner of a round is determined by who can successfully knock over the most blocks within a set amount of time or number of turns. This can also be varied depending on the game mode (ex: team play). In addition, special abilities could be activated by drawing specific cards or rolling dice to gain certain bonuses, such as extra strikes for a round or bonus points for successfully gaining control over certain territories on the board game map. With this in mind, other elements apart from the dueling element can be incorporated – such as trading spaces, collecting resources or defeating predetermined enemies on specific areas in order to win and fulfill pre-determined missions that can vary from player to player – making it even more fun and interactive!

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Putting It All Together

Using a 3-D printer for the game board can be an incredibly efficient way to put together your own Star Wars Board Game. With the ability to print a 3-D model of the game board and various pieces needed, you can construct your very own take on a classic favorite. Additionally, with modern advancements in the field of printing technology, you can create board pieces that are infinitely more detailed than traditional plastic ones. It is also possible to print pieces in bulk orders leaving you with plenty of options for creating unique customizations or multiple versions of the game.

Another method available to those wanting to make their Star Wars Board Game is creating electronic cards as a means of tracking progress within the game itself. By utilizing technological means such as swipe cards or virtual access codes, players can be able to keep track of their scores and record their moves accordingly. This approach simplifies the overall structure of maintaining and management in-game data without needing to keep track with paperwork or manual entries like markers for keeping score. Creating these electronic cards requires additional steps, but adds an extra layer of complexity that many collectors might find attractive when piecing together their custom version of a Star Wars Board Game!


Creating a Star Wars themed board game is a great way to entertain yourself or your child. This board game can be designed with special pieces and elements that make it even more enjoyable while also having a unique look and feel. With all of the different characters and themes within the Star Wars universe, you can create endless combinations of captivating boards and pieces. To add excitement, creativity and fun to your game you can attach small figures, tokens and cards which will give the players additional objectives. Making certain characters more powerful than others, making certain tiles more useful or adding special powers can be great ideas for enhancing the standard version of the board game. With so many options available for designing this type of game, you can transform any other basic game into something truly unique and special – creating an unforgettable experience in your own home.

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