How To Make Board Game Coasters


Making board game coasters can be a great way to showcase your love for board games! Not only are these coasters functional, but they also look cool when placed on your coffee table. They also make unique gifts for friends and family who share your love of board games. Making coasters out of board games is a fun DIY project that doesn’t require any special skills or tools. All it takes is some tape and a few pieces of cardstock, so anyone can make them. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make four-inch square game piece coasters from an oldboard game box.

Materials Needed:
Before you begin on your coaster project you’ll need a few materials:
• An old board game box
• A ruler
• Scissors
• Clear packing or duct tape
•2 sheets of 4×4 inch cardstock paper (can be any color you want)

1. Start by measuring the top of the board game box with the ruler and marking where each corner of our coaster should go. The corners should measure two inches in from the edge. You may need to adjust slightly depending on the size of the old box lid. Mark each corner lightly with a pencil or pen so you know where to cut later on.
2. Break out your scissors and carefully cut along the marked lines so you end up with four even squares that are about 4 inches wide and deep. Make sure no overlapping material remains as these will act as our coaster bases for now!
3. Take one sheet of cardstock paper and lay it flat on your work surface. Place one pre-cut square from Step 2 onto the top center part of the cardstock paper and trace around it using a pen or pencil ” this will create an even larger square ” 6 inches wide and deep! Cut this new square out using scissors then repeat Steps 2 & 3 for remaining pre-cut squares (for a total of four 6” squares).
4 . Now we have all eight pieces needed assemble our coaster set: four smaller squares (game piece bases) + four larger squares (cardstock backers). Fit three layers together by lining up two small pre-cut squares onto either ends of one large cardstock square               5 . To secure all three layers in place use clear packing or duct tape around edges ” be generous but don’t cover entire bottom of coaster as this could affect functionality when placed onto surfaces like tables etc…        6 . Lastly, check to see if all four corners line up nicely; add additional tape if necessary until desired shape found then repeat steps 4-6 until have made desired number sets desired (ie: 8, 16 32 etc…) !

What You’ll Need


– 4 pieces of solid-colored cardstock, sized 2 inches larger than the playing cards being used
– 8 pieces of cardstock in patterns that match your chosen theme, sized to 6½ inches by 3¾ inches
– Double sided adhesive tape
– Scissors


– Pen
– Ruler
– Cutting board
– Cutting knife or paper trimmer
– Bone folder or credit card (for smoother corners)

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1. Measure and cut the larger sheets of cardstock according to the exact size of your cards. Make sure to leave a two inch border all around so they can totally encase the treat when sealed.
2. Cut double sided adhesive tape into strips and adhere along the base edge of each sheet and set aside.
3. After measuring and cutting out four smaller pieces of patterned cardstock also using a ruler, you will want to place them onto the corresponding solid color sheet, directly onto one half making sure you line them up perfectly with tape strips facing outwards for suitable adhesion when pressing down. Use a bone folder or even an old credit card to ensure smoothness upon sticking down with pressure from the fingertips.
4. Carefully fold each piece in half, heat seal with a light downward pressure over all four sides – you’ll now have four separate game coaster holders ready for use!

Step-by-Step Guide

Making your own board game coasters is an excellent opportunity to show off your creativity and have fun at the same time. Whether you use a classic board game like Monopoly® or chess or a more modern version, it’s an easy project that will add some fun to any space. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own set of board game coasters.

1. Gather all the materials you need: You’ll need clear silicone coaster molds, sculpting clay in black and white, gloves, brush compatible with ceramic slip and water, a cutting tool such as a sharp knife or cuticle scissors.

2. Prepare the molds: Put on gloves and lightly brush one layer of ceramic slip into each mold before setting aside to dry for about 30 minutes. Make sure the molds are completely dry before moving on to the next step.

3. Add the game pieces: Using sculpting clay in black and white colors, create game pieces similar to those found in your chosen board game. Use a cutting tool to make finer details on each piece if necessary, before carefully placing them into their respective molds. Press lightly so that the pieces sit flat against the mold surface without shifting around too much.

4. Bake: Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C). Place clay coasters with mold tray onto baking sheet or oven-safe dish; bake for approximately 10 minutes until clay is firm and no longer soft when pressed gently with fingertips (careful not to burn yourself!). After baking, let cool completely before removing from molds using gloves if needed.

5. Enjoy! Now your homemade board game coasters are ready for use! Place drinks onto coaster during movie nights, games nights or family get-togethers ” they’re sure to draw praise from everyone! Enjoy!

Finishing Touches

One great way to customize your board game coasters and make them truly unique is to use paint. Paint can be used in a variety of ways to create interesting designs and color schemes, such as painting stripes or circles onto the coasters. You could also try using stencils or a brush to paint abstract art on the coasters. If you’re feeling creative, why not layer different colors and blend them together? Additionally, if you chose to laser engrave the coaster before adding your design, it is easy to add color onto the engraved pattern for an extra special finish. Another fun idea is to print images onto transfer paper before adhering it carefully to your coaster for a more personalized look. For anyone looking for more ideas, feel free to also explore decoupage techniques to paste magazine cutouts from pages with designs that would look amazing on coasters. With all these options available, you can create some truly unique works of art out of board game coasters!

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Show Off Your Work

When you’ve created your board game coasters, it’s time to show them off! Consider hanging up a gallery of your work in your home or studio. You can use poster boards, canvas frames, or pinboards to form a mini-museum featuring the coasters you have created. For a unique touch, try presenting the coasters each in its own individual frame ” either professionally printed and framed art prints from an online store or antique frames that can be picked up from flea markets and secondhand shops.

Alternatively, create a digital gallery of your coasters on social media and on any other websites where digital galleries are available. Displaying them digitally will also allow people to virtually explore your work, notwithstanding having to come physically to your exhibition.

You can even use clever products such as fridge magnets with the prints of each board game coaster illustration on one side and magnetizing steel plates fixed on the back sides; this will allow you to easily switch between different illustrations by merely moving them around on the refrigerator door. Even better, if you wish to replace them regularly, you can cut out pieces of transparent cards for each design/illustration so that when it is stuck on the steel plate magnetizing ribs at the back side of each card; this will enable it stick firmly via electrostatic forces when placed near metallic surfaces.


Making board game coasters is a great craft project that can be done with adults and children alike. Not only are they good for protecting delicate surfaces, but they make great decorations or gifts too. With just a little bit of time and creativity, everyone can create beautiful, unique coasters that capture their favorite board games in striking detail. When it comes to displaying your board game creations, you have several options. You could display them on shelves or stack them by color in a cupboard. Another option is to hang them on the wall”this will add an interesting dimension to any room! Beyond functionality and decoration, the main benefit of making these kinds of coasters is that it allows you to customize and personalize your home in a way that’s truly unique!

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