How To Make Board Games Out Of Cardboard


Making board games out of cardboard is not only enjoyable, but it can also be a great way to save time and money on buying pre-made board games. Cardboard is cheep, easily accessible, and it’s the perfect material to customize any game. Plus, building with cardboard isn’t complicated–it’s quite easy! You can make a wide variety of gaming boards from classic designs like checkers or chess boards, to new themed creations such as outer-space quest-esque board game. Ultimately, making homemade board games out of cardboard will bring your friends and family together for memorable game nights!

Creating a custom board game from cardboard requires few supplies–just the basics: some basic drawing materials (pens or crayons), cardboard pieces (colored or white) scissors, markers/felt-tip pens/pencils for detailing characters and routes. Depending on the type of board game you want to make, you may need additional components such as dice, counters or playing cards (if planning a card battle game). In addition to these items, it’s good practice to gather a few reference images that will give you an idea on what types of features you would like to incorporate into your game design. Once you have all the necessary supplies laid out in front of you, including the references images if needed”you’ll then be ready to start CREATING!

Gather Supplies

To make a board game out of cardboard, you should first gather the supplies you need. You will likely want to use different types of cardboard for different aspects of the game. This can include corrugated cardboard for the structure and rigid card stock for playing cards, pieces and tiles. As far as adhesives go, some popular options are glue, hot glue, rubber cement and spray adhesive. You may also want to have additional materials like markers or paint so that you can add extra details and color to your board game. To finish up the project, scissors or an X-Acto knife will be needed to properly cut all the pieces you have created. Having all these supplies gathered together ahead of time will mean that when it comes to putting your board game together, it will be a smoother process that is quick and fun!

Preparing the Cardboard

To make board games out of cardboard, you will need to first get the materials ready. You will want to gather a few necessary tools and supplies including craft knife and ruler, cardstock, glue, acrylic paint or paint brush and paper punches. Be sure to wear safety glasses whenever you are working with craft knives or other sharp cutting implements.

To cut the cardstock into desired shapes for your board games, use a straight edge guide (a ruler) with a craft knife. To ensure accuracy, measure twice when cutting and mark any desired shapes before placing anything under the blade. Cut slowly and gently along all the marked lines until each piece is complete. For more precise details on the game pieces, consider using paper punches instead of cutting out each piece by hand.

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Glue should be used to attach components into place such as scoring pieces or game stations onto the boards. Spread an even layer of adhesive glue along all key contact points–the surfaces that will be touching–and allow time for drying completely before proceeding in your project. Additionally, acrylic paints can also be used to decorate & colorize custom game boards & components according to theme or preference; it’s best to apply light coats & multiple layers over time then later affix with a gloss sealant like polyurethane in order to protect game components from potential damage or normal wear-and-tear due daily playtime handling by small children or family members alike!

Crafting the Playable Board

To make a board game from cardboard, you’ll want to craft the playable board itself. Begin by designing the shape and size of your board game with a pencil. Depending on the board game you wish to create, draw out hexagons, triangles or any other desired shapes for parts of the board. Cut carefully along each line with scissors to form the piece. Next, place adhesive backing along one side of each shaped piece so that it can be attached to another cardboard piece (the actual playing surface) or foam core backing. You may want to draw out the squares or other design elements onto the surface before attaching if certain pieces need to stay in certain spots (for game pieces, etc.). Once everything is attached and secure you can begin placing your game pieces like pieces markers and pawns around the playing field in order to create an interactive gaming experience.

Adding Details

Cardboard is an excellent material for creating board games. With a few simple steps, you can quickly make exciting and entertaining game boards using some cardboard, scissors, and glue.

The first step in making a board game out of cardboard is to sketch out what your game will look like and then transferring the design onto the cardboard. You’ll need to cut out all the individual pieces from the cardboard, including player pieces, pawns, dice towers, cards and other accessories. Once you have all your pieces cut out carefully place them onto the board in order to get the entire layout right. After this just connect each piece with glue or tape so that everything stays in place.

Decorating your cardboard board game can be fun and creative process. Depending on the type of game you want to make you can use paint or colored tape to mark important spots on the board and create interesting pathways between spaces or players’ turn order. Further personalize it by adding colorful stickers and other embellishments such as fabric squares or pompoms around elements of interest like treasure chests or monsters. Finally set up a frame for your game using more cardboard strips to hold everything within one area on your table for easy storage when it isn’t being used!

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Finishing Touches

Once you have the components of your game assembled, you’ll need to playtest it. This means that you and/or your friends can play a round of the game with the various components. It’s important to watch your players as they interact with the game. Look for areas that may be too difficult or confusing for them, and make sure that all of the different pieces of your game work together seamlessly. When errors are spotted, make changes and adjustments so that your game runs like clockwork.

You should also ask your players for any suggestions they may have; these suggestions often help you improve upon an already established idea or corner. Consider what they tell you even while keeping in mind any specifics that couldn’t be changed due to design limitations. Additionally, establishe rules of play, as this provides structure and boundaries while guiding your players in their gaming experience. Write down clear instructions on how to move around the board, collect points and win”and ensure everyone knows how to do these things before beginning the game!


Creating a board game out of cardboard is a fun and creative project that anyone can do. The most important element is having an idea for what kind of game you want to make, followed by choosing the right materials, tools and supplies. You’ll need thin cardboard sheets in various shapes and sizes, as well as cardstock or paper to create the cards that come with your game. Additionally, you’ll need color markers or paints and glue to decorate the boards and cards to your liking, plus scissors or an X-acto knife for cutting out pieces. Once all these supplies are gathered, it’s time to start putting it all together!

Once you have finished creating your new cardboard board game, there are lots of tips for making sure you get the most out of it when playing. Start by reading the instructions carefully so that everyone playing understands how each rule works during play. Secondly, make sure all participants take turns when it’s their turn; board games tend to be more enjoyable when people take their turns strategically rather than randomly. Lastly, don’t be afraid to make changes if something isn’t working; the great thing about homemade games is they are customizable! With some creativity and patience you’ll be able to enjoy your unique cardboard board game in no time at all.

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