How To Make Warhammer Board Game Pecies


Warhammer is a tabletop miniature wargame developed by Games Workshop, set in a dystopian future world. The game can be used for both skirmish and large scale battles, allowing players to deploy large numbers of miniature figurines representing warriors, monsters, and other races from the Warhammer universe. With a variety of terrain pieces and scenarios to choose from, Warhammer board games can provide hours of fun and intense strategy.

Making one’s own custom pieces for a Warhammer game can add even more excitement and strategic possibilities. There are several methods of creating customized game pieces ranging from using 3D printing technology to hand-crafting miniatures out of polystyrene foam board or balsa wood. Designing pieces online through various game design software programs is also a viable option. This guide will provide an overview of the possible ways to make your own pieces and give you the information necessary to get started on crafting your very own beautiful and durable pieces that are perfect for your next Warhammer battle.

Gather Supplies and Tools

Making your own miniatures for a Warhammer board game is a fun and rewarding experience. It will take some time, skill, and patience to get them right but if done properly you will be able to show off your work with pride. To begin, gather all the materials and tools that you need which include:

– Polymer Clay ” This can be found in most craft stores or online

– Sculpting Tools ” These are needed to shape and refine the basic clay shapes
– Acrylic Paints- This will be used to add flair and color when the miniatures are complete.
– A Painting Station” You will need this to make sure everything is properly organized while painting so that the colors don’t mix.

Once you have all of these items gathered, it’s time to start creating! Start by rolling out small portions of the polymer clay flat on a plastic sheet or a ceramic tile. Use sculpting tools of various sizes as well as cookie cutters or other similar objects to create different shapes and sizes of pieces. Be creative in designing unique Warhammer figures, whether it is an orc or an elf. Once you have finished shaping your figure into the desired form allow it to dry completely before moving onto painting them. After they are complete use acrylic paints to bring life and vibrancy into each figure. Finally, assemble all the figures on a suitable playing field of your choice for what should become an entertaining game night for everyone involved!

Exploring Different Types of Pieces

Making pieces for your Warhammer board game doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are many different types of pieces you can use to represent the armies featured in the Warhammer universe. Here are just a few examples:

1. 3D-printed or pre-made figurines: Many companies, including Games Workshop, produce high-quality Warhammer figures that look great on the board and are ready-to-go right out of the box. These models come unpainted and can cost anywhere from $10 up to hundreds of dollars depending on how detailed they are.

2. Paper miniatures: You can create your own paper miniatures, often with cardstock thinner than cardboard but thick enough to hold the model easily during playtime. You can also find pre-made printable paper miniatures online for games like Godslayer, Age Of Sigmar, and more.

3. Magnetic tokens: If you’re looking for something more utilitarian, magnetic tokens (also known as clix tokens) are available in every size imaginable and can be purchased cheaply online or at hobby stores. These small magnetic game pieces will stay put without the need for glue and can be re-used countless times if stored properly!

4. Lego: Did you know Legos make great gaming pieces? Build your own Lego models using classic bricks or even special kits specifically made for gaming purposes! For example, “The Wolfpack” offers a collection of unique plastic building blocks that you can use as game pieces in any kind of tabletop game ” no plastic minis needed!

No matter what type of material you choose to create your gaming pieces with ” plastic, metal, paper, or Lego ” there is sure to be something perfect for your next Warhammer project! Have fun exploring the world of tabletop gaming and get creative with what materials bring life to your next battle scene!

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Creating Base Pieces

Making pieces for your Warhammer board game can be a great way to customize the look and feel of the game. Depending on how elaborate you want your pieces to be, there are various materials and techniques you can use for them.

One of the best materials to craft your pieces out of is foam core, which is easily cut using an X-Acto knife or other utility knife. Simply draw up templates and cut out forms to create bases with interesting shapes. To add texture and details, consider using air dry clay or hot glue strips of felt onto the pieces. Once they’re finished, they can be painted in whatever colors you choose to fit the aesthetic of your board game. Playdoh or modeling clay can also make excellent bases that serve both practical and aesthetic purposes, as it comes in many different colors and remains durable even after being played with time and time again.

If painting isn’t something you like doing, consider covering the created shape with fabric scraps or contact paper for an eye catching design. Other options include incorporating small trinkets or accessories from around your home into creating unique board pieces ” such as buttons, jewelry charms, beads etc ” in order to add dimension and interest to each piece when complete. Finally, make sure each figure is distinguishable from one another by adding identifiers such as labels or stickers so players will know who’s piece is who’s!

Crafting Specialty Pieces

Making Warhammer board game pieces is both a fun and challenging project. To create customized pieces for any type of Warhammer board game, you’ll need to take into account the different materials that are available to you. Depending on the type of game you’re creating, you may find it necessary to craft specialty pieces that go beyond what is offered in ready-made game sets. Here are some strategies for crafting unique pieces for your Warhammer board games:

1. Sculpt Pieces from Found Materials: Using found objects like beads, stones, wood chips, or wire can help you create custom pieces that are both beautiful and practical. Depending on what material you use and the size of the piece you wish to make, this process can be time-consuming but rewarding when completed.

2. Design Your Own Pieces with Software: If you have some experience with 3D software such as Blender or Maya, designing original pieces with them can be an exciting challenge. With these programs, you can design highly detailed models that would usually require hours of hand sculpting and create multiple copies of your work quickly and easily. Just remember to save your work often!

3. Paint Customized Designs onto Store-Bought Pieces: If your goal is to make a larger number of identical pieces than could reasonably be done through 3D modeling software or manual sculpting, painting store-bought pieces is a good option. Simply purchase blank figures in bulk and give each one a unique look by adding details with acrylic paints or markers. Consider using stencils if precise detail is desired.

Whichever method suits your needs best, taking the time to craft individualized board game pieces will result in its own reward “” each design original and beautiful “” one sure to impress any friends gathered around the table at gaming night!

Building Character Pieces

Creating pieces for a Warhammer board game is a fun and creative endeavor. With the right supplies and a little know-how, you can easily create pieces that capture the look and spirit of your favorite warring factions. 

First and foremost, you will need to ensure that you have all the necessary materials to build character pieces for your board game. Depending on which faction you are creating pieces for, this may include plastic miniatures as well as other crafting supplies like foam core or cardstock for making bases, paintbrushes, paints and primers for adding details such as highlights or shadows. You might also need to invest in some type of cutting tool that can be used for cutting out the figures from their sprues, as well as some type of sealant or varnish to help protect your characters from wear and tear during gaming sessions.

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Once you have all your supplies ready, you can start building your character pieces. Paintbrush in hand, begin by priming the miniature with an appropriate primer color ” usually black or white ” before beginning details like painting base colors and washes onto the figure itself. Once all your layers are complete, pay close attention to finishing touches like highlights or shadows to give it more dimension. When finished, it’s important to spray sealant over the piece so any future errors won’t ruin its appearance when game night comes around. Finally, prepare some bases by cutting out environmental shapes ” buildings or trees ” with a craft knife and attaching them permanently with glue before placing them on top of round flat surfaces painted in appropriate terrain schemes such as grassland or desert scenes for dramatic effect!

Adding Dimension with Textures and Details

To make your Warhammer board game pieces even more realistic, you can add dimension with textures and details. You can use real-life objects to create detailed textures on the pieces such as wood grain from a piece of scrap wood or stone material from a rock. You can also paint on unique details such as insignias, fur textures and armor plates. The key is to think of what will make your game pieces look life-like and bring them as close to reality as possible. You may need to add a few layers of paint to give the piece depth and texture without looking overbearing or too busy. Also take some time to look up tutorials online in order to get ideas for techniques that best suit each particular piece. With some patience and practice, you can create beautiful and intricate designs on your gaming pieces that are sure to impress!

Painting and Sealing Pieces

Making your own pieces for a Warhammer board game is an enjoyable and rewarding process. For many hobbyists, it is the chance to create something unique and usable in their own gaming. To make pieces for your table, you will need some basic supplies and tools. Cut out your pieces from thick cardstock or foamcore board and shape them to fit the desired piece contours. You can use wood glue or hot glue to attach separate components. Once all parts are attached, sand and prime the entire object. After priming, you can paint your piece using acrylic paints and seal with a matte sealer if desired. This is an important step if you plan on using multiple colors or if painting intricate details as it prevents smudging and makes the colors more vibrant. To finish your piece off, add any additional details such as faux gemstones or special words through painting, decoupage techniques, stamping, etc… Your finished pieces will be sturdy enough to last through years of playing the game!


Making Warhammer Board Game Pieces can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It’s not too difficult to make your own pieces for the game. The first step is to decide what type of pieces you want to make – do you want miniatures, counters or tiles? Depending on the type of piece, the materials required may vary. For example, if you plan to make miniatures, you will need things like polymer clay, mini paints and crafting tools. If you plan to make counters or tiles, then cardboard would be a good material to start with. Once you have decided on which type of game pieces you want and found the necessary materials, create sketches or patterns of what each piece should look like and search online for different tutorials on how to craft them. After that all you need is time and patience! As long as you are willing to put in the effort and stay consistent with your design choices, making your own board game pieces can be very fun and rewarding.

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