How To Play Battlestations Board Game


Battlestations board game is a unique gaming experience that combines the complexities of a strategy board game with the intensity of an action-filled battle. It pits players against each other for absolute control of a distant star system known as “The Verge”. Unlike most traditional board games, there are no turns–action and decision-making in Battlestations is simultaneous and continuous! Players must construct fleets, launch ships, deploy troops and satellites, as well as use a variety of weapons to dominate their opponents. What’s more, ship customization allows players to tailor their fleets to fit their individual playing style”which can make quite the difference in gaining total victory!


Battlestations board game is an exciting combination of tactical ship-to-ship combat and exploration, combining the adventure of a role-playing game with the strategic challenge of classic war games. Utilizing miniature models of starships, fleets and spacecrafts, you take on the role of Commanders in a future space war. As Commander, you must explore unknown galaxies to find air, fuel and other resources while engaging in battle with potentially hostile forces.

The goal of Battlestations board game is to achieve total victory over your opponents. To do this, you must build up your fleets by constructing larger ships and gathering more powerful weapons and equipment. You can also research new technologies that will give you an advantage over your adversaries. Additionally, gathering resources will allow you to purchase new vessels for your fleet as well as repair any damages incurred throughout the game. Winning each battle nets you rewards and points. The player who accumulates the most points by the end of the game wins!

To play Battlestations board game, players start off by choosing their alignment (Alliance or Syndicate) from a predetermined list found within the rules booklet. Then they select their factions (human or alien). Afterwards, they set up their fleet accordingly and position it at predetermined coordinates on the map. The map consists of various navigation points or “nodes” which represent different places within space that contain components such as planets and asteroid fields that can be explored for additional resources. Players then move around on the board while interacting with nodes in order to collect additional resources or engage in combat with other fleets or AI-controlled units known as “Skirmishers”. Combat occurs when both fleets are completely revealed to one another through maneuvers such as sensor sweeps which can reveal concealed enemy ships or radar signals which reveal ships at traditional distances according to each faction’s line-of-sight rules found within the rulebook. Once both fleets are revealed then combat commences using a variety of different weapons systems based upon what type of units are fielded. Attacking units exchange fire until one side is victorious according to specific combat resolution rules found within the game manual itself! By successful completion of combat encounters players are rewarded with experience points and items from defeated enemies which can be used to upgrade their own fleet components thereby becoming even more powerful than before!

Setting Up the Playing Field

1. Prepare the board. Place the Battlestations game board in the center of your playing area. Position it in a way everyone can see and reach easily. To make sure the game lasts a more enjoyable length of time, make sure all players are comfortable with how the playing field is set up.

2. Assemble your fleets and stations. Gather your fleet of starships and fortifications into two distinct fleets, with both sides having equal numbers of ships and fortresses to start with (if possible). Make sure each player has an equal number of pieces they can use throughout the course of the game, this should be clearly visible on the board. Some games may require you to have certain ship types too.

3. Place fortification tokens on areas marked as “safe zones” on the board. Once there are no longer any safe zones on the board, these tokens represent any kind of Stronghold defense at each player’s disposal for that turn only – although some rulesets may acknowledge upgrades or refuelling at other safe zone tokens as well, if desired).

4. Locate starships from opposing fleets within sensing range using cards provided alongside physical pieces ” making sure each side has an equal pool of enemy vessels for them to locate during a game turn’s initial phase action phase, and also ensuring enemy movement cards are distributed equally between both teams (with appropriate variants depending on rules).

5. Choose which faction’s command staff will move first, either by designating mutually agreed colour-codes to teams or by rolling dice/using various lead selection methods agreed upon before moving forward with battle tactics – after which each team will take turns according to whom was chosen first when organizing their respective forces so as each group opens hostilities against one another at regular intervals than previously determined moves/distances until one side is destroyed or a winner begins tallying up victory points respectively ” usually depending on individual rules sets tailored house styles unless playing specific variations considered part of tournament play structures in such cases…

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Ready, Set, Play!

1. The first step in learning how to play the Battlestations Board Game is to read through the game instructions completely. Additionally, all players should be familiar with the rules and objectives of the game before beginning.

2. Depending on the number of players, each person will either select one ship or draft a small fleet of multiple ships with their side pieces, such as marines and fleets.

3. With their selected ships and pieces, each player should place them in accordance to their color on opposite sides of the board/ playing field. All of your pieces as together considered your “battlegroup” which will help better define gaming partnerships throughout battles.

4. Once all players have created their respective battlegroups, it is time to set up zones or regions that are predetermined prior to gameplay that can be played off of for card-collecting events or battle challenges throughout the game rounds. These regions include things like asteroid belts, resource nodes and other possible distractions from completing mission objectives/ winning points during competition rounds.

5. Moving forward in learning how to play Battlestations Board Game, introduction cards will be shuffled and passed out amongst players if necessary at this point in game progress. Introduction cards may include a particular mission objective (such as collecting resources) during specific competitions that each player must agree to take part in without violation for success during respective round(s).

6. Following Introduction Card setup, each player is responsible for playing their turn “in order” so not to disrupt gaming flow as it pursues an endgame state at some juncture prior or after drawing certain cards within deck distribution routine amongst team members (depending on variation being played). Commands such as “attack” are permitted by any Commander who chooses which allows turns and phases within gaming round(s) run more smoothly as moves potentially win points essential for reaching mission objectives initially laid out dur introduction card arrangement at initial stage..
Overarching though all variances + editions played across multi decade span includes two primary mainstay parameters; (1): Victory Accumulation; & (2): Resource Acquisition [Throughout Rounds]

Attack and Defense Strategies

Now that you know the basics of how to play Battlestations Board Game, let’s discuss how attack and defense can help you win. While some strategies may be generally applicable to most gameplay scenarios, the way you maneuver your fleet is the key to a successful victory.

When attacking your opponent’s ships, try to spread out your firepower around their vessels instead of focusing all your shots on one ship. If they have fewer ships than you do, this will also allow you to weaken their defenses from multiple angles. Additionally, positioning your ships such that they are in range of other enemy targets helps you eliminate them faster and allows for easy target shifts when it comes time for evasive maneuvers.

Generally speaking, defense should always take priority over offense when playing Battlestations Board Game: by strengthening the shields and shielding generators on each ship in any given fleet, it helps make sure that more of them survive each encounter. Furthermore, use the reinforced hulls available for special shield capabilities; not only do these provide extra protection against enemy gunfire but can also give an important positional advantage in ship-to-ship engagements. Finally, using two or three different types of weapons in combination (such as missiles or lasers) can help dissolve a tightly-packed formation of enemies with careful tactical planning.

Reaping the Rewards

Battlestations Board Game is an exciting sci-fi adventure game in which players command fleets to explore, fight battles, and complete missions. While it might be easy to determine how to win battles, there are much more strategic ways to reap the rewards of Battlestations Board Game. Here are some of the most efficient routes for skilled players to accumulate points:

1. Exploration – Players can gain points by discovering new planets and objects out in space. Moving around and mapping the universe is rewarding as it will help rack up resources and gifts from unexpected discoveries. Nothing feels quite so satisfying as slowly filling out your map with discoveries!

2. Combat ” There are several enemy ships that you’ll face throughout the game, each with their own unique personalities and capabilities. Strategize your combat moves carefully as taking risks during battle can come with great rewards”including victory bonuses!

3. Complete Missions ” Every player starts out with a set mission they need to finish before they can move on to other objectives. Successfully completing missions means gaining points along with newfound knowledge that could lead the way forward in future explorations.

4. Resource gathering ” Various resources scattered throughout the map are essential for proper progression through Battlestations Board Game, so collecting them efficiently can also pay off big time when it comes time for tallying up points. Strategic use of various items like currencies and relics earned through successful exploration can earn even more rewards like upgrades for ships or access to interesting quests!

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Optional Modules

Battlestations board game is a cooperative real-time game. Players work together to fight off enemy ships, protect their own fleets and complete heroic objectives. When playing the base game, each player takes on roles such as Commander of Engineering or Captain of Weapons or Helmsman. The players must effectively coordinate their actions in order to defeat the hostile vessels, defend their sectors from incoming attacks, and accomplish specific mission goals.

The base game is great fun but there’s now also several enjoyable variant rules for Battlestations board game players can try out. Included are scenarios that add an extra tactical challenge to the original gameplay, new weapons and modules to activate during battle, more advanced ship systems with special abilities that provide unique combat capabilities and bonus rewards based on successful mission goals achieved. Some scenarios even allow different players to take control of friendly vessels complete with their own protocols and strategies. In addition, different planets can be set up to further boost the replayability factor as well as adding a modular element to how the battles unfold from one session to the next. For those wanting more of a narrative thread there’s also team-specific events such as alien contact or lost crew members providing potential storylines for dedicated long-term play. With all these optional modules added in Battlestations board game offers endless tactical possibilities for adventurous space miniatures gamers!

Playing with Friends

Before playing Battlestations board game with friends, it is important to be sure everyone knows the rules and can agree to play. All players age twelve and over should read the instructions and understand what is expected of them before starting to play. It is also a good idea for the host of the party or gathering to provide snacks, drinks and additional entertainment such as music during down times or while everyone is waiting for their turn.

In addition to having snacks and drinks on hand, it’s important that the host communicates clearly with all players by explaining the setup, rules, and any changes or clarifications that may arise during gameplay. It helps if everyone takes a few minutes at the beginning of each session to talk about expectations. This way, no one feels left out or confused about how the game will work. Furthermore, certain house rules should be established ahead of time; usually set by mutual agreement between all players before beginning combat. This could include whether Lord High Strategists will be allowed to provoke a Battle Response without provocation from enemies; sharing scanned food rations with allies instead of scavenging them; refining resources in battle situations instead of trading between ships; etcetera.

Once all these decisions have been made, participants can now head into battle! Try mixing up teams between different battles for a more competitive environment – this keeps everybody engaged no matter their allegiance in any given round. Be inventive: try new strategies together and don’t forget to talk tactics freely amongst each other even when playing in separate rooms (or stages). Finally, award badges of honour accordingly – bonus exp points aren’t just earned but also shared!


Battlestations board game is an intense strategic game that gives players the tools they need to defeat their enemy. Players build fleets of different robots, aircraft and ships and use strategy as they work together to achieve their objectives and destroy the opposing team’s base. You can customize your fleet and control them using a combination of card playing and dice rolling. With amazing artwork, unique storylines, challenging levels and ever-evolving battlefields, Battlestations delivers an expansive world that everyone can join in on! It’s not only fun, but also offers enthusiastic gameplay for those who enjoy tactical challenges.

Continuing with this conclusion, join the revolution today and see what Battlestations Board Game has to offer! Take part in exciting battles as you venture into unknown regions of space where only skilled strategists will survive. Enjoy a thrilling journey full of surprises, twists and turns that will leave your head spinning. Whether battling against friends or complete strangers from around the world, this naval warfare game promises some interesting encounters that are sure to leave you wanting more. Test your strategies against the best players or take on all the enemies at once if you think it’s a challenge you can handle ” no matter how you decide to play, Battlestations Board Game is sure to provide hours of entertainment that will keep you engaged long after the dust settles.

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