How To Play Escape From Colditz Board Game


Escape from Colditz Board Game is a classic, two-player board game designed by the legendary board game maker, Pat Hutchinson. It’s a strategic game that puts players in charge of Allied servicemen who were prisoners of war during World War II in Colditz Castle and their attempts to escape the castle and make it back to freedom. The game has been around since 1972 and is still popular among board gamers due to its highly strategic nature. What makes Escape From Colditz Board Game unique and different from other games is that the strategies for escaping involve skillful deception and keen attention to detail. Players must outwit their opponents, build clever ladders or tunnels, acquire forged documents, evade guards patrolling the grounds, and more. The game also challenges players’ knowledge of geography as they must navigate a playing board shaped like a map of wartime Germany while staying one step ahead of their Nazi captors. Ultimately, Escape From Colditz Board Game tests players’ ingenuity in terms of planning, risky scrambles over walls, fake wallpapers that conceal secret messages – the ultimate goal being successfully escaping without getting caught!

The Aim Of The Game

The goal of the game is for players to successfully plan, coordinate, and execute escape attempts from Colditz Castle over the course of the game. All escapes are simulated by means of dice-rolling, allowing players to make progress towards their eventual escape. The game lasts until one or more teams of two prisoners (both controlled by one player) manage to completely escape the castle.

How To Set Up The Game

Step 1: Place the game board on a flat surface in the center of all players.

Step 2: Randomly select 4 colored pawns per player, one for each person playing. These will be placed on the game board at the Compound spaces indicated by their color.

Step 3: Separate the cards into three piles, Equipment Cards, Escapes Cards, and Maps. The Equipment Cards should be shuffled and face down in a pile near the game board. The Escape and Map Cards should also be shuffled separately and faced down next to the Equipment card pile.

Step 4: Place one Countdown Clock Token in each corner of the board to track turns.

Step 5: Assign one player as Timekeeper and give them the Die which determines movement around the board.

Step 6: Each player takes an “escapee card” for their chosen character off of the stack of Escapee cards at random. This is kept private from other players until it’s time to escape!

Step 7: If anyone has experience playing “Escape From Colditz Board Game” before they can choose to become team leaders. Team leaders dictate what tasks their teams must undertake during play such as forming Escape Plans or gathering materials necessary for escapes using just the equipment cards provided during play.

Step 8: Play begins with whoever was selected as Timekeeper rolling a die and moving one player’s piece along a path around the map according to corresponding number values given on various spaces on that path (1-6).

The Players And Roles

The Escape From Colditz board game is a thrilling two- to four-player strategy game. The objective of the game is for two teams, Allied and German, to escape from the infamous Colditz prison. Each team is made up of different roles:

Allied Roles:

• Escaper ” The escapers are responsible for making the craft and tools needed for escape or creating diversions by stealing papers and artifacts. They should have good problem-solving skills and resourcefulness as they need to work out puzzle clues in order to succeed.

• Forger ” The forger has an important job of creating false documents and hiding real ones, which helps the escapers in their adventures. They should have good creativity skills and be capable of working under pressure.

• Scrounger ” The scrounger’s purpose is to find objects that help escapers complete tasks on their journey such as locked doors or hidden passages. These items can be either bought on the black market or stolen away from guards when they are not looking. They should be smart thinkers, who know how to exploit a situation without getting caught.

German Roles:
• Guard ” They are responsible for keeping the Prisoners of War (POWs) in captivity by preventing escapes at all cost! The guard team should contain players with a mix of skills including critical thinking, deception, negotiations, and quick leadership skills. This allows them to think on their feet if something goes wrong.

• Provost Marshall – His job is to keep tabs on the POW’s movements by monitoring corridors, questioning them about new arrivals/departures, searching lockers/cellars and creating obstacles that prevent successful escapes from happening. They must use tactics such as creating double agents so they can stay one step ahead of what’s really going on inside Colditz castle walls. He should have excellent memory recall abilities so he can remember all these details as well as being able to improvise strategies quickly when disruption occurs within the plans.

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Therefore it is recommended that strategic thinkers take up either roles such as Escaper or Guard and those with great creativity skills take the Forger or Provost Marshall roles depending on which team they’re playing for during Escape from Colditz travel board game experience!

The Mechanics Of Gameplay

The Escape From Colditz board game is one of the most iconic strategic board games, offering challenging and realistic WWII-themed story-lines. The main aim of the game is for two teams of players to play as British Prisoners-of-War in the infamous fortress called Colditz Castle and attempt to escape back to Allied territory. The game is played on an intricately detailed mapboard and involves a range of different moves and actions that work towards the ultimate aim of escaping from Colditz.

These include:

1. Obtaining or Crafting Escape Equipment – Players must obtain or craft tools, items, and disguises in order to complete their escape efforts, such as ID cards, civilian clothing, compasses and maps.

2. Exploring Rooms & Avoiding Guards – To move around the rooms in search of useful items or resources, but also taking into account where guards are posted at all times, so as not to be caught!

3. Closing Doors & Locks – This strategy requires players to carefully manage which room doors they close behind them so they can’t be pursued by patrolling guards through open doorways. Similarly, many doors have locks which must be securely locked in order for players to progress forward without being caught.

4. Assembling Groups To Engage In Tasks or Escapes – Players must team up with other players’ ‘escape groups’ in order to succeed in their mission! This includes completing tasks like breaking out of sealed areas into others downstairs for further explorations and assists each other through difficult obstacles related to escaping from Colditz Castle itself.

5. Roll Availability Checks & Resist Interrogation ” As prisoners there will inevitably be attempts from certain officers at the castle looking for information or punishing prisoners in some way; this is simulated by both a physical check (rolling dice against predetermined restrictions) and also an interrogation sequence (again rolling dice against predetermined restrictions). Players should strive not only to survive these interrogations and checks themselves but also protect any useful information that may help their fellow escapers alone their journey too!


Escape from Colditz is a classic board game of daring escapes from the infamous Nazi POW camp, Colditz Castle. The game combines elements of deduction, bluffing and strategy to project prisoners-of-war in recreation of one of World War II’s most highly respected challenges.For novice gamers, an effective tactic for escape is not to outwit the Guards’ movements but instead attempt to take advantage of each player’s distinct Character Ability; for example, the Engineer can build objects such as disguised ladders and pick-locks while the Forger may construct or acquire falsified documents required for freedom.

For more advanced players, devising a detailed multi-phase plan may be beneficial since prisoners have limited and circumstantial access to means of exit. Players must carefully assess the military personnel patrolling areas before choosing when, where and how each escape attempt will unfold. It is often useful to cooperate with other players in order to divide roles and achieve objectives ” especially during later rounds when resources are scarcer ” so communication amongst group members is fundamental for success. Additionally, players must always remain aware of any Support Cards which are available; these special items help fill equipment gaps or provide strategic advantages that could turn the tide in a seemingly certain defeat.

Winning Strategies

Escape From Colditz is a challenging and thrilling WWII-era board game where players take control of both sides. The objective is to play the part of either an Allied Prisoner of War or a German guard ” with each competing to escape Colditz Castle. It’s not an easy task, but with careful planning and smart tactics anyone can master how to win Escape From Colditz. Here are some essential tips and strategies you can use:

1. Gather Intelligence – Expand your knowledge on cold war details in order to plan effectively. Research which areas are patrolled, know where secret passageways might be located, and discover which cooperative allies are out there to help you escape.

2. Maximize Movement – Moving quickly between spaces can work in your favor since the game has surprise cards that can potentially hinder you if left undone for too long. Keep scanning locations for anything useful anduse as many dice rolls as possible to stay one step ahead of your opponent; even if it means sacrificing a few moves here and there in order to reach a particular spot more quickly in the future.

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3. Exploit Weaknesses – Look for potential weaknesses in the guards’ defense system or watch for prisoners attempting an escape route that may be easily cut off once discovered by enemy forces. Keeping tabs on your opponents will give you invaluable insights into how they operate, allowing you to fine-tune your strategy accordingly in order to get the best possible advantage over them throughout the course of the game.

4.. Maximize Resources – Use ration points wisely! You’ll want enough supplies stored up at all times so you won’t run into trouble later down the line when trying to barter with other prisoners or attempt even riskier escapes via tunnels or air raids; make sure your supplies last until then!

5. Plan Logistically – When enemies have large patrol zones set up, you’ll need to plan heavily around potential routes avoiding these dangerous spots if at all possible; this will require taking into account troop numbers, timing and other factors beforehand so that no surprises arise once inside enemy territory and capture become imminent if ambushed unexpectedly after miscalculating bartering attempts with guardsmen or patrols spotted nearby unexpectedly .

6 Make Calculated Risks – Taking risks could be rewarding but remember also that it is easy for reckless behavior leading one straight into a trap hastily laid out earlier byGermany’s sly tactics aimed exclusively towards hindering any meaningful escapes from its prison grounds; consider carefully before jumping right over wires stretched out are far away that could keep one grounded indefinitely due too close proximity of certain flags scattered across board denotes certain high-risk zones within prison limits they’ve set up throughout interior grounds meant very explicitly stopping allies from fleeing their foot soldiers tracking effectively without fail any attempts made inside territorial boundaries they created under orders directly affiliated with Nazi high command never meant yielding ground anytime soon assuming unlikely scenarios *where thi*s might occur suddenly without warning during normal patrols conducted respectively each week weekly basis unless otherwise stated otherwise occasions similar even occurring spontaneously urgent depending behavior exhibited unexpectedly movement change suddenly causing interruption ongoing progressions scores being tallied prisoner’s positions taken versus German positions assumed ultimately correct corresponding suggested maneuvers conducted minimally point order detailed systematic **fashion mutually beneficial gaining momentum pace quickened accordingly given specified** agreed upon slightest provocation usually ensuing shortly thereafter given^ natural progression continuing steady formulaically calculated advance chances survival rate increased dramatically understanding logistics involved critical affordably succeeding winning Colditz board game coming together pieces provided orderliness chaos evident thanks coordination input agreement everyone involved enjoying process laid envisaged beginning end…well almost time running short daylight darkness setting smiles faces least victorious soldier forever glory gained home safe sound definitive moments eternal longing satisfied rescued mission successful after all!


Escape From Colditz Board Game is an entertaining and strategic game based on the true story of Allied troops planning to escape from a German-controlled fortress during World War II. It’s a great way to learn about history, or just have some fun playing with friends.

Pros: Escape From Colditz Board Game is a challenging, yet fun, way to play a board game. The combination of strategy and chance keep players guessing the whole time. Players must work together to complete the objectives, making it a great team building exercise. The game has been enjoyed for generations and can be customized for any age group.

Cons: Some may find the rules confusing at first /m but once explained and understood, Escape From Colditz Board Game becomes easier to understand as you go along. Also, given that it’s based on materials falling into place after being thrown into the castle walls, some players may find this aspect of the game tedious or monotonous if they aren’t used to this type of play style or board games generally.

After considering both the positives and negatives of Escape From Colditz Board Game, my final thoughts are that it’s an enjoyable experience that’s sure to bring laughter and memorable moments for those who partake in it! Its unique theme builds upon its educational values while also increasing engagement levels through entertaining gameplay and strategies crafted by each player aiming for success.

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