How To Play Falling Sky The Board Game


Falling Sky is an exciting and captivating two-player board game created in 2012. Players take on the roles of the Roman Empire and the Gallic tribes, who fight for control in ancient Gaul during Caesar’s Gallic Wars. The game focuses on three different strategies: political, military, and economic. You must achieve a balance between these strategies to emerge victorious!

The objective of Falling Sky is to gain victory points by bringing tranquility to the land and containing your opponent’s influence. Each turn offers interesting choices alone based on the strategic decisions you have made previously. You can go down paths that focus more heavily on military interaction or other routes where you negotiate with your enemies and form them into allies. Crafting and gathering resources is also encouraged as it allows you to craft items which give you advantages over other players while also allowing you to explore more territories quickly than if there were just Roman forces alone.

Apart from these features, Falling Sky also comes with bonuses such as creating secret objectives that only one player knows they need fulfill at any given time ” testing the skill of both players significantly more as they must determine a way to accomplish their task while disregarding theirs opponent’s own secretive plans. Additionally, random events cards thrown into each round will ensure no two games are ever alike.

If all these features sound appealing then give Falling Sky a try! You won’t be disappointed – its immersive story lines and hard-fought victories make for a truly memorable experience for both players!

Setting Up the Board

Step 1: Obtain game pieces. Each player will need a full set of dice, which include 6 battle dice and 4 council dice, as well as their colored discs or markers.

Step 2: Place the game board in the middle of the players. This has seven pillars which are used to mark different levels. This should be arranged so that each player has one side of the board facing them.

Step 3: Place enough chips (called VP chips) into the box for all players. These chips amount to 50 per person, distributed as follows: 20 light grey chips (1 point), 8 dark grey chips (3 points), 7 orange chips (5 points), 10 blue chips (10 points) and 5 yellow chips (15 points).

Step 4: Lay out the cards and tokens next to the board. There should be one Druid leader and Healing Stone token placed near each circle that is drawn on the board. There should also be four Victory Point tokens placed at Intercalaris, Llannonn, Coria and Tallisto respectively.

Step 5: Split up any Special Action cards among the players evenly, who will then set aside these cards where they can easily get to them throughout gameplay by placing them in separate piles according to when they could possibly use them during each game turn.

Step 6: Give each player three blocks; two legions with one leader and one unit without a leader ” all of these are chosen by colour depending on who’s playing it – Green for Julii, Red for Ramessioni and Yellow for Aulerci-Diablintes respectively ” followed by two coins from their respective treasuries (the coins required amount differ between each faction).

Step 7: Select a start player randomly by giving everyone an action card with an image of a wolf on it ” whoever has this card is designated as ‘Alpha’ – then having Alpha pick either The Moon or The Sun symbol which faces up in the middle of the boards marking clockwise what direction play will move in before it begins!

How to Play

Falling Sky is a two-player board game. Each player will take on the role of Gallic Celts or Roman invaders as they seek to gain control of the region. Here are the basic rules to get you started:

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Objective: The objective is for each player to dominate certain regions of the board by using their pieces and resources. Players can score points for controlling certain territories, building forces, and achieving victory conditions. The player with the most points at the end wins!

Set-Up: Spread out each tile around the table sitting in its designated spot, leaving room for individual forces next to each tile. All pieces begin in Start tiles; use these to set up your starting forces as indicated in your faction sheet. Place blue cubes indicating peace and red cubes represent conflict over each tile. Thirdly, place any extra pieces for either side such as a hut or temple. Lastly, deal out the cards according to faction chosen and draw 6 cards from the common card deck; check victory points with other players jotting them down on a piece of paper if needed beforehand.

Gameplay: During play, each turn consists of four phases: organization phase (selecting actions), moving characters, ordering units within tiles and taking actions in that order respectively. At this stage you can also do things like build camps and join councils as well as use strategic maps if desired and so on ” remember it’s all up to you what path you want take! Moving characters involves moving across land tiles, water tiles or terrain hindered by walls etc…depending on faction chosen . When ordering units within tiles, choose one unit ordered from highest command value down until all units have been assigned a command value (which determine how many moves/actions it can take). Finally during action phase players pick 3 resources that match their chosen faction that are applicable to their current situation (as numbers vary per faction) ” this includes fighting enemies attempting to kick them off neutral/conflict regions or move into areas owned by other players attempting a takeover etc… once all necessary turns have been taken then it’s time for victorious count phase where you tally up your points based off which territories were obtained/destroyed etc..

Strategies for Winning

Falling Sky is a two-player game of risk, strategy, and surprise. It’s important to think strategically in order to be the last standing!

Before starting the game, it’s helpful to assign each player a certain role. For example, one player might be assigned the role of aggressor and attack with troops in an attempt to gain territory. The other might be assigned the role of defender and use their forces for defensive manoeuvres, attempting to protect their home base from being taken over.

It’s also important to keep an eye out for unexpected opportunities. Don’t let your opponent lull you into a false sense of security! Make them worry about what strategic moves you are going to make next ” look for ways to surprise your opponents by attacking from unexpected directions or settings up ambushes with forces or positioning troops where they don’t expect you too. This will always give you an advantage in the game!

Finally, consider using some negotiation tactics when playing Falling Sky such as alliance-making or exchanging resources with your opponent. Many times during a game a good trade can benefit both players and turn out in your favor!

Variations on the Game

Falling Sky includes a number of interesting variations that you can use to extend the game and increase replayability.

Scenario cards are included that allow players to create a custom scenario by combining different elements such as board setup, victory conditions, configuration of units, and even random events. By building your own game scenarios, each game session can be tailored to the time available and difficulty level desired.

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You can also add additional layers of difficulty with ones or both Roman armies commanded by an optional AI controller. The AI makes for an unpredictable play experience as it moves its pieces randomly and does not follow set strategies specific to either race. This added challenge requires extra strategy from the player’s to find ways to outwit the AI and complete their objectives in order to win.

Finally, you can take it step further by using the Advanced Rules expansion which adds more complexity including control markers on hexes, counters for multiple army leaders rallying troops on multiple fronts, special abilities for some leader tokens, cavalry charges with shock rules, evasion tests for defending tribesmen, season changes (summer & winter), surprise attacks against villages and strongholds, historical characters (like Vercingetorix) and so forth ” as well as expanded objective cards with secret goals that provide greater points. Utilizing additional components will bring a new depth of tactics and interaction between opponents while delivering a even more enjoyable gaming experience than before!


Falling Sky: The Sword of Caercyrell is a Euro-style strategy board game for 2 to 4 players. With various objectives and elements of chance, the game is an addictive blend of tactical planning and luck. Set in pre-Roman Gaul, it offers a perfect balance between narrative, theme, and gameplay.

Each player commands a powerful tribe who must explore new terrain as they fight to expand their territory while thwarting their opponents’ progress. At the start of the game each player is provided with four warriors and resources they can use to purchase additional troops or tokens, construct cities, build ships, develop new agreements with neighboring tribes or recruit druids which offer unique magic and powers over nature. As much as it is about maintaining a strong military presence on the battlefields, players must also focus on trading goods with other tribes for long term advancement in wealth.

To make things more interesting, Falling Sky: The Sword of Caercyrell puts the power of fate into play by adding elements like random “Events” and unknown objectives which force players to adjust their tactics on the fly and adapt their strategies. Victory comes down to one who plans ahead while executing tactical maneuvers decisively and efficiently. All in all Falling Sky: The Sword of Caercyrell makes for an exciting game full of strategy twists which will entertain gamers in search of a truly creative board game experience that captures both history and imagination.


Falling Sky the Board Game is a great way to bring family or friends together for an exciting, interactive game night. Not only does it provide hours of entertainment, but it’s also a great learning experience. The main goal of the game is to become the most powerful tribe in ancient Gaul. While doing so, its players must use strategic thinking, creativity and social/diplomatic skills that can easily be applied to real-life situations. By playing this game, family and friends not only get valuable bonding time with one another but also develop key skills that they can take away with them afterward. Playing Falling Sky is an inspirational way to come together and benefit from both fun and knowledge-building activities at the same time – a winning combination!

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