How To Play Impact Board Game

Introduction to Impact Board Game

Impact Board Game is a team-based strategy game that was first created by the designers Jonathan Helandowski, Kendra O’Neill, and Joshua Talber in 2017. The game has players take on command of powerful factions in a magical land called Ultor, where they battle one another for supremacy. The objective of the game is to capture key strategic resources and use them to defeat your opponents.

Players choose one of three factions to form their team – Praetora, Ledarda, or Zernik- and depending on which faction they choose will dictate how their characters move around the board and which cards they receive. Throughout the game, players must make smart tactical decisions as well as maintaining different types of scores such as action points, fort levels and controlling strategic hexes.

The impact board game offers two different levels of play ” Frontline (for novice gamers) or Supreme Commander (for advanced players). It supports up to 6 players however it can be played with 2-4 just as easily. There are also dozens of unique scenarios set up for each faction allowing for re-playability for even seasoned veterans.

Setting Up Your Game

Impact is a simple and exciting board game for 2-4 players. Assemble the board by laying out the modular hexagonal tiles in an 8×8 configuration, making sure to orient them correctly so that all the white arrows point outward from the starting tile. Each player then chooses a color and places their pieces on the board, on their respective starting tiles. Choose your pieces carefully”each one will have an important part to play in the strategy of your game!

Once each player has positioned all of their pieces, it is time to turn over the top card of each Impact deck. Read each card aloud so that everyone is aware of how many turns are available as well as what type of Impact they grant when used (projectiles, explosives, etc.). Place these cards face up next to the game board so that everyone can see them clearly.

The oldest player should go first”once they’ve established which direction they’re heading in, they can move one space at a time in any direction that isn’t blocked by another piece or an edge of the board. When landing on a space occupied by an opponent’s piece, its owner must reveal their Impact card; whichever player plays their Impact card with its corresponding symbol first gains control of that square! Proceeding players may alternate turns in this manner until someone captures enough squares to reach their goal and win!

Learning the Rules

Intermediate Rules

1. During your turn, you may pick up to two cards from the Draw Pile.
2. Roll the dice and choose either one of two bonuses; a Race or an Impact card even if it’s not your turn (e.g., when someone else defeats their opponents).
3. If you have both a Race and an Impact card, play only one per turn, but you can always choose which one to play first.
4. You must play both cards in the same round (no going back and forth with multiple turns for each card).
5. To win, roll the exact number (or higher) on either a Race or an Impact card that is equal to the points already attained by your other cards during the game round.

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Advanced Rules
1. Instead of picking up two cards from the Draw Pile at once, try picking up just one each time throughout your turn; this puts greater emphasis on higher-value numbers and strategic choices throughout each round.
2. If you draw a Wild Card during your turn instead of picking up cards, you may discard any one card ” including wilds ” in order to replace it with a new card from the draw pile chosen at random.
3. If a player has invested heavily in Races but decides they want to switch focus after seeing how many tokens other players have acquired, then they may switch their own strategy by discarding any number of Race cards from their hand and re-drawing new ones from the draw pile before playing their next move (this does not apply for Impactcards).

Playing the Game

Student: A student player might approach the game by using strategic planning to figure out which resources they should use to reach their long-term goals. They might also use the rapid response options to help them gain a foothold in different areas and beat other players quickly.

Strategist: A strategist might approach the game by coming up with a long-term plan that will lead them to victory. They would probably focus on building their resources and establishing connections with other players, while doing their best to maximize the impact of their moves and outwit other players.

Risk Taker: A risk taker would likely take bold steps in the game, taking risks that could potentially backfire, but hoping for big rewards if they pay off. They may rapidly expand into new areas as well as make risky investments in order to get ahead of opponents.

Businessperson: The businessperson approach would involve looking at the game from an economic perspective and trying to maximize profit. They would carefully consider how resources were being used, how much money they had invested in each area, and weigh up whether continuing down the same path is worth it or not.

Strategies and Tactics

When playing Impact, there are many strategies and tactics an individual can use in order to gain the upper hand against different types of opponents. For example, when playing against an aggressive opponent who likes to attack quickly, a good strategy is to wait for their attack and then respond with an equally strong defence. This allows you to not only defend against your opponent’s attack but also potentially open up new attacking opportunities by forcing them into unfamiliar territory.

Against more conservative players, a good strategy is to make as many small attacks as possible in order to put pressure on them. This can be achieved by placing smaller pieces near their main pieces in order to limit their movement options while giving you greater mobility. Additionally, by keeping constant pressure on your opponent you can force them into making mistakes that you can capitalize on later in the game.

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Finally, when playing against someone who is prone to making mistakes, it can be beneficial to make traps and bait moves that encourage them into taking positions or committing resources that they rather wouldn’t have. This allows you advantageous opportunities when they least expect it and is often the key difference between winning and losing difficult games.

Tips and Tricks

1. Setting Up the Board: Make sure that each player selects different color tokens, as well as generates their respective boxes at each end of the board. It’s important to also make sure that all pieces are placed in the designated spots given to you.

2. Understanding Resource Tiles: Throughout the game, players will look for impact tiles to increase their score. Some of these tiles consist of resources such as water and wealth, while other tiles have special effects that can lead to moving forward or even backward on the track. Knowing how these tiles work is key in winning the game!

3. Planning Around Your Own Actions: Depending on what your opponent decides to do during a round, try to plan out with resources you can use in order improve your chances of scoring more points. For example, if you have lots of water tile resources in your box then try to plan around bonus spaces which grant extra points when water resources are used!

4. Utilizing Opponent’s Moves: Throughout a game round, always pay attention to what your opponents are doing since it can affect how many impact tiles they will be able access and use during a turn. Think about any strategies that could help take advantage of those moves and capitalize on them for yourself!

5. Last Round Advice: The last round is often one of the most pivotal points for gaining additional victory points and ensuring overall success throughout the whole game. During this part, focus heavily on obtaining resource tiles with high scoring potential and continue working towards victory even after it looks like all hope is lost!


If you’re looking to find out more information about Impact Board Game and how to play it, check out this page full of helpful resources. The page offers video instruction guides, game play reviews, and tons of photos. It also features a discussion forum where experienced players can answer all your questions. So if you want to master the game and become an Impact board game pro, this is the page for you! Get your hands on one of these popular strategy games today and start leveling up!

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