How To Play Go For Broke Board Game


Go For Broke is a fun and engaging board game that is designed for two to four players. It’s the perfect way to spend time with family and friends or for just some solitary fun.

Go For Broke, also known as Shut The Box in other countries, can trace its origins to 16th century France. Your goal of the game is to roll dice and remove numbers from the board based on the numbers rolled. Once you’ve done this, add up the remaining numbers on the board to see who wins.

To play Go For Broke, each player takes turns rolling two dice before removing a numbered tile from the 9-tile gameboard based on what they’ve rolled. If a number appears twice, it can be removed twice. After each turn, the players add up the remaining total of all their tiles on the board to get their score. The player with the lowest total wins. Special tiles like doublets and triplets allow you to rely on luck rather than skill during your turn, so you might be able to take a risk and gain an advantage over your opponents!

Strategically playing Go For Broke requires careful planning – if you roll too high at any point, then it’s likely that there will be no tiles available which correspond to your roll and you will have lost that round. Additionally, mathematical thinking can help because if you pay attention when your opponents are playing then it will give you clues as to which numbers are likely left in play when it’s your turn – giving you an edge when selecting which tile(s) to remove next!


Go for Broke is a classic board game that’s fun for the whole family. It’s a roll-and-move board game with some absorbing strategy elements. The goal of the game is to ‘go for broke’ and win your opponent’s money to become the wealthiest player in the game!

The Go For Broke Board Game can be purchased online, at major store retailers, or secondhand. To play the game you’ll need two to four players and a pair of dice. The board consists of five concentric circles representing earnings levels: ‘A’ (broke) through ‘E’ (Rich).

Each player takes $20 in starting cash and draws a playing piece which they place on ‘A’. On each turn, players roll both dice and move clockwise according to how much they rolled. Along the way, there are various spaces with positive and negative consequences as dictated by game cards that participants draw when they land on them. If you’re lucky, you’ll take one giant leap up an earnings level after drawing a high-paying card; if unlucky cars can send you back down several notches — including all the way back to broke! The objective of this fast-paced, highly strategic game is to build your earning level up from A to E faster than your opponents by trading luck and strategy.

Rules for playing Go For Broke may vary from edition to edition but can be found online as well as on product packaging. Various variations or rule changes may also be used when playing this popular board game so it’s important to discuss any changes prior to beginning play if possible.

Game Setup and Rules

Objective: The goal of Go For Broke is to be the first player to successfully move all of your pieces out of the Starting Area, across the Home Stretch into your safe zone.

Game Setup: Begin by setting up the game board and sorting out your 14 playing pieces. Each player will choose five colored pieces in their corresponding color ” yellow, green, navy blue, white, or purple. Place two cubes and one ladder onto the board as well. Decide who goes first and then begin play.

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Basic Terminology: When it’s your turn you may move any combination of four of your colored playing pieces with either one pawn for three spaces in any direction (on-square only) or with two ladders for six spaces (on-track only). A cube lets you land on an opponent’s piece so if another player lands on them their piece is sent back to its Starting Area and that player loses a turn. Ladders let you jump over other pieces as long as if ends up landing on an empty square (off track), which can be strategically useful when jumping over opponents too!

Game Play

Start the game by dividing all players into two teams, Team A and Team B. Each team begins with the same number of coins. Place your pieces on the “Go” space and take turns rolling two dice. The total of the dice will determine where on the board you need to move. If you land on a Moneybag space, then it’s time to receive some coins! You may take coins from either your own pot or from another player. Should you land on an Event space or an Enemy Encounter space, you’ll have to follow specific instructions as noted by these spaces before continuing on!

Throughout the game there is a chance for team members to “trade up”, meaning players are able to exchange different denomination coins for coins worth more in value (ie exchanging 2 five dollar coins for a single ten dollar coin). At the end of each round, competitors must tally their total scores – the team with the most coins at the end of round 5 wins!

It’s important to remember three things while playing Go For Broke board game:
* Move strategically- as this can be pivotal to maximizing gains and minimizing losses
* Stay aware of how much money every other team has- as this helps ensure that no one is unexpectedly robbed by their opponents
* When exchanging money, make sure it’s beneficial- since trading up can be key in helping increase one’s score but exchanges not always beneficial can hurt overall scores


Go for Broke is a popular board game that pits players against one another in a light-hearted race to the top. The aim of the game is to be the first to move all of your pieces from the starting point to the finish line. It sounds simple, but there are elements of strategy and tactics that can help increase a player’s chances of winning.

Before playing, it is important for each player to understand what strategies and tactics may provide them with an advantage. First, working with dice rolls is critical to success in Go For Broke; understanding which combinations can help you reach your target destination quickly can benefit the right players significantly. Additionally, predicting how opponents will play their turns and denying them their desired moves is another way to increase one’s odds.

Moreover, managing risk and reward appropriately during gameplay helps wise players win more often one well-timed risk may be worth taking rather than slowly advancing along a safe path. Players should also pay attention to any new pieces or cards acquired as these could offer additional chances for positive plays or rewards later on.
Strike balances between aggression and patience: if necessary, sacrifice early steps in order to gain an advantage over your opponents later in the game. Use safe moves judiciously: pass up less certain paths when considering long term gains versus short term losses. Finally, remember that there are hidden opportunities available in every situation ” spotting sharper moves quickly will help reduce drastic strategic swings while greatly increasing victory odds!

Variations and Alternative Rules

Variations and Alternative Rules: Go For Broke board game is a simple but fun classic that can be played with a few people, or a larger group. You can explore variations to keep the game fresh and exciting. One variation could be by creating teams of 2 to 4 players each. These teams would compete against each other and try to win the pot. If you are playing in teams, then take turns like usual, but any money won goes into the team’s ‘pot’ instead of being divided evenly among players. The team who makes it to the finish line first with their entire pot intact wins!

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Another variation could include cards that introduce challenges. Players draw cards as they land on certain spots on the board ” each card describes what challenge lies ahead for them. These challenges could include something like collecting money from other players or having to take out a certain amount from their own pot.

For advanced play tactics, the goal should not just be surviving by making it around the board safely – aim higher by trying your luck at taking out big sums at once through correct estimation or strategic picking of die numbers. Dedication and practice will have you bring up an expert level of play as you get a hang of this classic game!


Go for Broke is an exciting and fun board game that can be enjoyed by all ages. It is a great way to bring family and friends together to share in some friendly competition and laughter.

To recap the basics of how to play Go for Broke, the game requires two to four players with each player beginning the game with five pieces, represented by dice. The goal of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible from your pieces on the board before your opponent does. While on your turn you either roll your five dice or use one or more of them in order to move around the board and gain points ” however, you may also choose not to move any of your dice if playing strategically. At any time during your turn, you may also choose to sacrifice one die in order to receive bonus points, which is known as “Going broke”.

In addition to knowing the basics of how to play Go For Broke, successful players typically practice strategies such as calculating their expected value so they can decide when it’s profitable to go broke; pushing bonus squares in order to gain advantage over their opponents; counting their moves (in other words planning ahead) so that they land their dice closer together; preventing their opponents from landing on bonus squares whenever possible; planning a clear path ahead through outplay bonuses that provide extra points when needs; and lastly relying heavily on luck because there is always an element of chance no matter how much effort went into a strategy.

Hence this board game can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or size group ” all its takes is an open mind, good spirits, quick thinking and lots of luck! So what are you waiting for? Gather up some friends or family members and give it a try today! Have fun and enjoy yourselves while you compete against others using tactical decisions while watching out for luck at every corner!

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