How To Play Hard Ass Board Game


Hard Ass Board Game was created by two friends over a decade ago and since then has become one of the most celebrated board games worldwide. It was designed to be an entertaining but competitive team game, ideal for game nights amongst family and friends.

The objective of the game is to outsmart your opponents by punishing their mistakes and rewarding clever strategy. Up to four teams can play and each team is granted ten pieces, which they move around a designated area in order to score points. Points are earned when players captures their opponent’s pieces or manages to place five of their own pieces into a formation resulting in a “win”.

Unlike other popular board game such as Monopoly or Risk, Hard Ass does not rely on luck or randomness, rather it forces players to strategize for victory. It is considered much more intense than it’s peers as there is no forgiveness when it comes to errors – you will be punished heavily for any careless moves! The element of surprise found within the board provides its challenge by limiting what players know about where their competitors are about to strike – making every turn unpredictable and full of tension!

Overview of the Game

Hard Ass is a board game that can be played by two to four players. The goal of the game is to complete as many stunts as possible in order to collect points. Points are collected by staying on a stunt for a certain amount of time, succeeding in the stunt, or performing other feats that grant bonus points. Players take turns rolling a dice and moving around the game board collecting power ups, such as extra time, dice multipliers and bonus squares.

Game Objective: The objective of Hard Ass board game is to collect the most points by completing stunts successfully while avoiding being sent back to the start position by sending your competitors back instead.

Strategy: The optimal strategy for playing Hard Ass involves balancing risk and reward. When you roll the dice you can choose whether you want to attempt a stunt or try and send one of your opponents back to their start square. Players need to carefully consider their options before deciding on their move because if their opponents prevent them from completing a stunt they lose their turn! Additionally, if players choose to successfully complete stunts they will get rewards in form of additional points but also face the risk of getting eliminated if they challenge too risky stunts. Boosts like extra-time or dice multipliers can provide temporary advantages over your competitors so it’s important for players to utilize these boosts as much as possible throughout the game play.

Examine Different Types of Game Pieces and Their Uses

When playing Hard Ass Board Game, each player should familiarize themselves with the different types of game pieces included. This will allow each player to better understand their purpose and how to use them effectively during the game.

The most common type of game pieces are tokens, which are placed on the spaces found on the board. As a player moves around the board, they can place tokens in order to keep track of where they have been and which spaces they’ve occupied. Additionally, tokens may be earned as rewards while playing the game, offering advantages or additional points during gameplay.

The second type of game piece is an active card deck, with each card containing various aspects of gameplay. Players must draw from this deck during their turn and then interpret and use these cards accordingly in order to progress in the game. Active cards can range from providing extra bonuses to allowing players to create shortcuts or options for advancing further in the game.

Finally for Hard Ass Board Game, there are special dice that are rolled at random by players each turn. Depending on what number appears after rolling this dice, various instructions may have to be followed as dictated by instructions on a corresponding card in the pool. The outcome of dice rolls is often integral when it comes to determining how far along a player moves in their turn across the board or what form of action they must take before ending it.

Setting Up and Playing the Game

Setting up Hard Ass Board Game is quite simple. To begin, each player should choose a character to represent them on the game board. All of the available characters can be found in the instruction manual that comes with the game. Once your characters are chosen you will need to distribute all of the cards, tokens and dice that come with the game among all of the players. After these items are distributed, it’s time to start playing!

The main objective of Hard Ass Board Game is to be the last person standing by navigating various challenges and pitfalls in each round of play. In order to do this, each player takes their turn rolling dice, drawing cards and ultimately trying to build up their character as much as possible before making it back to their starting point intact. As each round progresses, players will have to make strategic decisions about which actions to take and what values they should assign their individual attributes; from stamina and speed, to charisma and cunning. Depending on where they land they could find themselves facing off against unexpected enemies or even winning valuable rewards such as new gear or helpful allies! If a player manages to get all of their pieces back home before any other players do, then they win! So strategize well and remember: no risk no reward!

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Break Down the Basics

Hard Ass is a strategic board game for two players. The object of the game is to achieve maximal points by occupying more spaces on the board and avoiding punishment from cards. The game consists of 3 rounds and 4 different phases.

Round 1 – This round includes 4 phases; Start, Spy, Internal Affairs & Wrap-up:
1) Start: Players will each select pieces (numbered cubes which represent the spy’s agents) and place them on the board according to the instructions given at the beginning of the game.
2) Spy: Players can now move their agents around the board, trying to avoid punishment (if an opponent’s agent lands in one of your agent’s space that player receives penalty points.) Special abilities can be used such as invisibility cloaking and secret meetings with allies in order to avoid capture.
3) Internal Affairs: The goal is to maximize your points before ending this phase. Any player obtaining all four special abilities earns maximum points. If no special abilities have been acquired, you must still try to acquire more spaces than your opponent has when the round ends!
4) Wrap-Up: Each player scores points based on their accomplishments during this round before moving onto Round 2 and then Round 3.

Round 2 – This round only has 3 phases; Build Up, Coup D’état, & Final Count Down:
1) Build Up: Players now use their accumulated resources (money, contacts etc.) in order to recruit other agents in an attempt to expand their agency’s influence and take control of more spaces on the board.
2) Coup D’état Players now battle it out against each other as they attempt to wrest control of spaces off one another by using special abilities, claiming resources or trading with opponents etc.
3) Final Count Down : The final scoring takes place where each player counts up how many total spaces his/her agency controls at this point in comparison of who controls more so that way one can determine who wins!
Round 3 – This round has two phases; Head To Head & Show Down:
1) Head To head : In this phase players attempt to score victory points by placing their spies around locations where valuable items are hidden (such as secret documents or informants). Points are also awarded for successful mission completion and carrying out assassinations as well as sabotaging enemy efforts!
2) Show Down : In this final face-off between spies both players choose one spy piece each then throw dice with modifiers applied if applicable in order to see who comes out victorious ultimately securing victory for themselves !

Winning Strategies

Hard Ass is a fast-paced board game that tests your skills in the cutthroat world of hard-nosed negotiations. Players take turns selecting and placing tiles on their boards to build their own empires and purchase new territories, attempting to outmaneuver their opponents in every step. With strategic placement and savvy tactics, a player can make a killing or take command of valuable resources ” but luck plays an important role as well! Here are some tips on how to play Hard Ass like a pro:

1. Choose Your Pieces Carefully: The most important factor for success in the game is making sure you have the right pieces for each situation. Look for pieces that will benefit your plans, such as ones with adjacent powers or those that can link key locations quickly.

2. Plan Carefully: Take time to plan out each move carefully before executing it on the board; giving yourself even just 30 seconds of thinking time can help you come up with the best solution. Try mapping out possible future turns so you’re prepared when opportunities present themselves.

3. Stay Aggressive: If someone else ahead of you has control of different regions than yours, try to amend this by being more assertive during business transactions or placement moves by sacrificing beneficial tiles for maximum gain. Don’t be afraid to pick up bargains when others leave them available, since these may give you advantages further down the line.

4. Use Deception: Block opponents from taking advantage of your plans by switching strategies mid-game; use bait-and-switch tactics and other trickery to keep them off the scent and claim victory! Few things can throw off another player’s plan more than not knowing what cards they have in hand or where they intend to move next turn, so don’t be afraid to surprise your rivals unexpectedly as needed!

Different Ways to Play

1. Choose a different Hard Ass spinner each round: This can allow for longer games if there are more spinners available in the game, as well as ensuring that each round doesn’t feel like a repetition of what has been previously played.

2. Change up the playing pieces: These can be anything from toy soldiers, miniature cars to various shapes such as triangles and squares. This will not only make the game look more interesting but will also offer players additional levels of challenge if they use non standard pieces like mini figures that make strategic movements more difficult.

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3. Draw more cards or mix up existing ones: The same 3 cards may be used every round with no changes, so to avoid burnout or boredom shake things up by either drawing fresh cards or mixing up existing ones to change the risk/reward ratio and difficulty of play.

4. Allow players to create their own strategies while playing: If you want extra challenge and complexity add in optional rules that allow players to construct their own strategies to win the game – this could involve setting starting positions differently, placing limits on knocking out opponents’ pieces, setting limitations on 4-in-a-row formations etc

5. Incorporate handicapping rules: Depending on skill level, apply different handicaps such as allowing all pieces to move twice per turn for some, or granting them protection against certain moves etc

Improving Your Skills

Hard Ass Board Game is an exciting game that requires strategy, concentration and quick-thinking. Players need to make logical decisions to achieve the ultimate goal of winning. To become a Hard Ass Master, it is important to stay focused on the game in order to outwit the other players.

One key aspect of becoming a Hard Ass Master is to form a good strategy before beginning the game. Players should assess their own competitive traits and plan accordingly for how they can best use them against their opponents. It is also helpful to use trial and error tactics when playing so that mistakes can be learned from and improved upon in subsequent rounds.

Additionally, taking notes during play can be beneficial for recognizing patterns or strategies that are effective or ineffective. This will help players improve their decision-making skills by remembering what worked previously and reflecting on past moves that could have been better executed. By analyzing why certain strategies may have failed players can hone their abilities and aim for victory in future battles.

Overall, playing Hard Ass Board Game often will help any player become a master strategist by reinforcing smart strategic decisions as well as providing experiences with various scenarios that require different solutions. Developing an understanding of useful tips such as bluffing playstyles and considering the most effective move under certain conditions can enable higher levels of success across games played against both familiar and unfamiliar opponents alike”ultimately leading anyone closer towards becoming a Hard Ass Master!


Hard Ass Board Game is a great choice for players of all ages! It’s easy to learn and provides an exciting experience. With its fast-paced gameplay, you’ll be challenged to think quickly and stay ahead of your opponents. Additionally, it also has support for multiple players, so you can play with friends or create a game night in with family and have an epic time. Furthermore, while Hard Ass Board Game incorporates strategic aspects and requires some luck, it turns out to be a lot of fun for everyone who plays. You’ll be able to develop skillsets such as problem-solving and come up with creative ways to win the game. All in all, this board game is sure to provide you with memorable moments that are filled with laughter and friendly rivalry.


Hard Ass is a fun and entertaining board game for friends and family to enjoy! If you’ve never heard of the game before, it’s all about making your opponent laugh with outrageous comebacks and witty jokes.

To set up the game, you will need some supplies: one board (such as a checkerboard), Chess pieces, cards, dice and/or chips. To start, each player places their pawns on any black square on the board. Then the cards are dealt randomly and placed face up on each space around the board – this creates a “circuit” for the players to race through.

Next, the players choose an object or location to serve as the “hard ass” or challenge for that round and then take turns answering trivia questions or responding to zany jokes ” whoever can stay focused in this mad rush of insults and doughnuts wins!

Once all players have completed their turn, everyone checks their answers before moving onto the next player in line. As they make their moves around the board they can collect points if they answer a question correctly or lose them if they miss one. Alternately, they may choose to use a chip instead of risking points; this allows them to remain in control even when presented with tough questions. At the end of every round, players tally up their points ” whoever has collected more at that point is declared the winner!

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