How To Play Hop Over Wood Peg Board Game

Introduction to Hop Over Wood Peg Board Game

Hop Over Wood Peg Board Game is a simple, classic game that has been popular since the 15th century! It was reportedly invented by an English speaking farmer named William Evans as a way to entertain himself and his friends. The game requires two players, each taking turns leaping over one peg with another peg in their hand. The first person to successfully jump all of their pegs across the board wins! Throughout history, this game has grown in popularity, becoming a staple in barrooms and taverns across England in its early years. Eventually, it spread around the world and became very popular among children in North America as well as Europe. Nowadays, there have been advancements made to the traditional game – for example, kids can often find different variations involving colors or numbers rather than just plain wooden pegs. Hop Over Wood Peg Board Game continues to be a beloved classic enjoyed by people of all ages all throughout the globe.

Setting up the Game

Supplies needed to play the Hop Over Wood Peg Board game

In order to play the game, you will need four pegs, one board and two dice. The board is square-shaped with 16 smaller squares that are divided into four quadrants. Twelve of these small squares should have holes cut in them for the pegs. The other four should be left blank.

Setting up the Game:

Each player will choose a peg and then put it in any of the 12 holes on their side of the board. This can be done in any order or arrangement. Once all pegs have been placed on their respective sides, players will roll the dice to determine who goes first.

Playing the Game:

The object of the game is to take your peg and hop over an opponent’s peg until it reaches the other side of the board. This is done by taking turns rolling both dice, adding them together and then hopping your peg around your side of the board according to that number. You may only move one peg at a time and must follow this sequence: hop one space away from its spot; over one peg; land on an open space; then back onto its original space (making sure not to land on an opponent’s piece). If you cannot make a move, it’s your opponent’s turn again.

The boards should look like this when set up:

| 2 | 4 | 6 | 8 Player 1 Player 2
| 1 | 3 | 5 | 7 -o-o–o-o–o-o -o-0–0-0–0-o (- denotes an empty hole / 0 denotes a filled hole)

Winning & Losing:

The winner is whoever gets their last peg across to the other side without being jumped over by their opponent before they reach victory!

Step-by-Step Guide for Playing

1. Gather supplies – You will need the “Hop Over” wood peg board, several colored pegs, two different colors indicated by the board and a pair of dice.

2. Determine the number of players – There should be at least two people to play the game and each player chooses a color for their side of the board that is indicated on the board.

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3. Set Up – Assign each peg to a number on each die (each player takes turns setting up their pegs according to their position). Place all pegs in their numbered locations as listed: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14 and 15 for a total of 10 pieces for each side (20 total).

4. Object of the Game – The objective of the game is to eliminate or ‘hop-over’ your opponent’s pegs from the board until none are left while also blocking your opponent from doing the same to you. Keep track who has more pegs by tallying scores at all times with pads/pencils provided.

5. To Start Play ” The youngest player rolls both dice first and may move any two pegs that correspond with those numbers as long as they are located next to each other (horizontally or vertically). All other players then take turns rolling and moving like pieces one after another clockwise around until an opposing piece can be eliminated due to ‘hopping over’ it with one of your pieces that is two positions away horizontally or vertically (the direction must be maintained straight as a line).
When this jumping maneuver is done correctly it takes place in diagonals upward/downward or left/right but not pass through corners past other pieces unless no other points are available within range reachable from either die result numbers rolled by current turn holder . Anytime this occurs score another point for oneself!

6. Winning – The first person to get rid of all 10 pegs or accumulate more points than his/her opponents’ before anyone makes last successful hop wins!

Optional Strategies for Winning

One strategy for winning a game of hop over wood peg board is to begin by quickly removing all the pegs on the outer row. This will leave you with more space to move around and make better plays in the middle section. When playing, it’s important to remember that your goal is to eliminate as many pegs as possible and it’s often beneficial to think ahead to creative solutions.

For example, one study found that experienced players used a technique called “stacking” which involves creating patterns of pegs close together and then hopping over those patterns in order to gain momentum and efficiently remove multiple pieces at once. This strategy can be very useful in late game situations where space becomes limited and it allows players to discard a large amount of pieces in fewer moves than if they had simply been hopping normally. Additionally, adding an element of surprise by deviating from pre-planned moves can give you an edge against an opponent who may not be expecting it.

Score Keeping and Variations of the Game

Scoring in Hop Over Wood Peg Board Game is fairly simple. Each player begins with the same number of pegs” usually four” and will take turns hopping them over one another until all but one peg remains, The winner is the person who’s peg was “hop-ped” last.

Variations of this game may include additional rules like allowing more hops per turn or using a larger board and having to go over multiple spaces instead of just one. You can also set up bonus challenges throughout the game: whoever succeeds in hopping over two or more pegs at once gets extra points, or if they miss a turn they have to put in an extra peg so that everyone else has an advantage.

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For score keeping, have each player write down their pilot peg’s position, who hopped it and the number of hops made per turn, since this will give them an overall count of how much each person has gone. They’ll also be able to track their progress with these scores: if they haven’t been touched yet they’re worth 5 points while 8 is awarded for hopping somebody else’s last remaining piece, 10 for clearing the board entirely.

It’s also fun to let teams play against each other! Set up two sides on each end with two sets of pegs and assign someone for each set; whoever wins by pounding out all the other team’s pieces first advances to the next round.

Fun Tips and Tricks

The most important way to keep players engaged and make the game of Hop Over Wood Peg Board more fun is by introducing modifications or higher difficulty levels. One suggestion could be to limit the number of pieces each player has for their pieces, adding a challenging element to the game as players must use a more strategic approach when navigating around their opponent’s pieces. Another idea could be to increase the size of the board, making it more difficult for players to safely jump over a piece or reach desired goals. Additionally, partnerships or teams can create friendly competition among family and friends, with two players coordinating moves cooperatively instead of individually. Players can also take turns “bumping” other opponents off their designated path. Whichever variation you decided to try, they will add its own unique flavor ” and challenge – to the game!


Playing Hop Over Wood Peg Board Game is a great way to have fun with friends, family and other players. It’s also an educational activity that can develop critical thinking skills while having a good time. This game requires two players, each of whom participates by hopping the pegs around the board until one of them has lost all of their pegs. Players must think ahead as they move their pieces as every move can determine whether or not they win or lose: planning strategies is key! Playing this classic game is both entertaining and educative and strengthens problem-solving and analytical skills. Whether played alone or with friends, Hop Over Wood Peg Board Game will offer plenty of brainteasers and laughter. Enjoying a classic board game like this can never go wrong; it’s sure to provide hours of entertainment for young minds!

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