Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood

Discuss the Origin Story of the Game

The Angry Birds board game, Knock On Wood, originated as part of the popular puzzle video game series created by the game developer Rovio Entertainment. It began with a simple concept: make a game about flinging birds at different structures to defeat evil pigs. Over time this sparked the creativity of many fans who made their own home-brewed versions of the game, as well as inspiring many others to create their own content related to it.

The characters from the Angry Birds games came to life in Knock On Wood when players used dice and other tools to build their own structures from wood, representing buildings and castles defended by the evil pigs. To take down the fortresses players used colorful wooden discs painted like birds that could be flung at them, similar to the gameplay found in the video version of Angry Birds. The goal of each round was for players to knock down all enemy buildings with only limited stones in order to advance through increasingly difficult levels.

This classic board game has since become a staple among fans of the series worldwide. In fact, it even has its own fan conventions where people travel just to play Knock On Wood together! So if you’re ever looking for some entertaining throw-back gaming fun you can always look forward to trying out your luck at Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood!

Scope Out Competitors

Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood offers a unique combination of elements from various classic board games and modern design for the ultimate tabletop experience. Players work together to fling birds at colorful wooden blocks, planning the perfect path to score points and topple enemy pigs! With engaging mechanics, clever rule changes and a variety of challenges that scale with players’ skill level, it’s a great choice for families, teens or even adults playing alone or as a group.

Compared to other popular board games like Monopoly or Catan, Angry Birds has the distinct advantage of being timely, familiar and exciting no matter how much experience a player has. Unlike strategy-heavy board games or strategic card games that may overwhelm newcomers or require extensive knowledge, Angry Birds can be picked up relatively quickly, helping keep players engaged in the game longer. What’s more is its recognition factor ” since it uses an established IP like Angry Birds rather than random characters or symbolism (like Settlers of Catan), it doesn’t pose any steep learning curves for non-gamers who are familiar with mobile gaming apps.

Finally, unlike most family friendly board games which revolve around luck more than anything else, Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood incorporates plenty of decision making and strategy elements as well such as angling shots just right in order to hit higher value targets. This means it can provide hours upon hours of fun in testing their problem solving skills while maintaining entertainment factor due to its recognizable check images.

Advantages of Playing at Home

The Angry Birds Board Game Knock on Wood gives players the opportunity to explore the game more privately and enjoy more quality time playing it. By taking advantage of playing at home, those who want a more leisurely pace can slowly play through the game’s mechanics, rules, and strategies without being rushed. Playing alone or with a few close friends also provides an optimal environment for learning the intricacies of the game or discussing strategies without fear of judgment from others in a crowded space. In addition, by playing at home, there is less concern over someone snatching away pieces or cards as players take turns. Games played at home also give players more autonomy over how much time they want to invest in each round, meaning they can adjust their gameplay on the fly to accelerate or slow down the flow as desired. Finally, many times those living together are able to quickly share knowledge after a person finishes his or her turn without needing extra time during regular gameplay that allows others a chance to catch up. All these advantages create an optimal learning experience for players looking for an enjoyable challenge within a comfortable environment that allows them to truly hone their skills when playing Angry Birds Board Game Knock on Wood.

Benefits for Non Gamers

The Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood is an excellent board game if you have a group of people who don’t normally play board games. Due to the fact that it is based on the popular Angry Birds iPhone app and other video games, there are some great graphics on the box and game pieces that may draw in non-gamers. The game itself encourages creativity, strategy, team collaboration, and friendly competition.

Players take turns attacking Pigs which represent the main opponents featured in popular Angry Birds games. Depending on which version of the game you play (Blue Box or Red Box), each player teams up with a bird character and has to use strategy to defeat the pigs by using leverage from towers placed throughout the game landscape. This encourages collaboration between players as they work together against their opponents.

By providing team building exercises within each round, players can learn how to effectively collaborate with their team members and implement new strategies each time they play while having fun too. Furthermore, since this game is best played with quite a few people, it provides an excellent icebreaker for individuals coming together who don’t know each other well.

Local Businesses and Events

Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood is a great board game for anyone who enjoys the classic Angry Birds franchise. It combines the classic Nintendo DS game with an engaging tabletop experience that makes it perfect for gamers of all ages. It can be played by two to four players, making it a great choice for small groups. The goal of the game is to outscore competitors by launching bird pieces at predetermined targets, making it both a fun and strategic experience. To make things even more interesting, the player can also build structures with wooden pieces that the other players need to clear away in order to win points. As well as being available online, you can also find many stores and events specializing in board games around the country where you will be able to purchase this title or enjoy it along with a group of friends and family. Many local stores have already started stocking up on this title as its popularity has grown exponentially over recent months and with tons of added features like bright colors, moveable wooden pieces, and challenging levels of play; it’s no wonder why so many people have taken an interest in playing Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood!

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Unboxing and Setup

When unboxing Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood, you will find two wooden boards printed with pictures of the birds, piggy fortresses and clouds. The game also comes with four sets of six slingshot disks for throwing at the pigs, as well as four wooden birds to imprison the pigs in cages. To begin setting up the game, players should spread out all pieces on a flat surface and align the boards in the shape of an ‘X.’ Next they should take out all four flingers and choose which color they each wish to play with before placing them at each corner of this ‘X’ shape. Afterwards, separate all four sets of bird prisons into their respective colors in separate piles near the flingers. Finally, roll the included die to determine who goes first with play continuing clockwise around the table. With everyone ready to launch themselves into some fun-filled competition and get revenge against those pesky piggies, it’s now time to start playing Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood!

Unique Features

Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood is a game of physics-based strategy. Players launch their trusty birds from the catapult and attempt to knock down the green pig structures by launching them with perfect accuracy. The game board consists of an array of interlocking wooden pieces, giving it a realistic feel.

Unique features that help enhance the experience include:
* The ability to mix and match pieces for creative construction: Players can challenge each other by creating an endless amount of variations for their buildings.
* The catapult which uses a combination of tension, momentum, and angle: This feature adds an extra twist that requires skill and helps players improve their aim to score big combos.
* An exploration element: As progress is made in the game, players are able to access new unique power-ups, achievements and hidden surprises that help to make the game even more exciting.
* In-game currency system:Players earn coins throughout each level, which can be used to customize their birds or purchase perks while playing.


Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood is a game that’s perfect for the whole family. It will keep kids and adults alike entertained for hours. The game is designed for ages 8 and up, and can be played with two to four players. The cost of the game varies from retailer to retailer, but generally ranges from around $20 – $30.

The price may seem steep at first, but it is well worth the money spent. This board game comes with high-quality components like colorful boards and tokens, along with detailed instruction sheets that help guide players through the game step-by-step. The aim of the game is for each player to launch their birds against a wall in order to break through wooden pieces that are blocking their way forward. With each successful move, players acquire points as they strive to become ‘King Bird’. At the same time, opponents must use every strategy available in order to outsmart their rivals in order to win!

This exciting and unique board game also encourages problem solving skills, logical thinking, spatial awareness and analytical reasoning. Players must plan ahead and strategize their moves accordingly in order maximize their chances of success. With replay value so high Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood provides countless hours of riveting entertainment that everyone can enjoy!

Comparison to Digital Versions

Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood is a simple, fun family game based on the popular mobile game of the same name. The board game features colorful pieces, custom-molded birds, slingshots and an array of wooden blocks that need to be knocked down by carefully-aimed shots from the ‘angry’ bird characters. Players can play the classic levels or choose higher difficulty settings for more strategic challenges.

Unlike its digital counterpart, Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood does not feature levels with multiple objectives. Instead, it focuses on a single task; knocking down all of the blocks in as few shots as possible without going over your allocated number of birds each turn. This requires careful planning and strategy if you want to achieve a high ‘knockdown score’ at the end of the round and obtain victory points – something that is impossible in the digital version.

Furthermore, unlike Angry Birds apps where users can simply restart a level if they miss a shot or lose lives, in Board Game Knock On Wood players are only given three chances per round ” no do-overs or extra lives! This adds a healthy dose of risk/reward and tension to the game that is absent from its phone or tablet version.

Finally, there is also no monetization element to Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood; players do not need to spend real money to purchase anything or unlock levels like they might have to within certain types of mobile games. This makes it more accessible and simpler for people who aren’t used to spending money on mobile gaming experiences.

Inspiration to Create Your Own Games

The Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood is an excellent example of how simple game mechanics can inspire creativity in our own game designs. The game requires players to launch knocker birds into a wooden frame and score points by knocking the most pins, triggering various bonus points awarded by the board itself if certain criteria are met. This design forces players to think outside the box and become creative in their strategies in order to gain the highest score possible.

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By playing this game, people realize that creativity goes far beyond just innovative ideas but rather extends to clever manipulation of existing game mechanics. Players may come up with new ways of using the launcher bird strategically or they might find entirely new methods of maximizing scoring potential. Through this experience, they learn that to be successful in any board game, it is important to continually explore new avenues for increasing one’s score.

This encourages players to look at familiar aspects from other games, such as eggs, bombs and slingshots, and apply their creative thinking skills in creating something entirely new for their own games. This allows them to develop completely unique experiences that appeal specifically to their own audiences or which introduce exciting elements like bonuses or multi-level objectives. In addition, Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood allows players a unique opportunity for collaboration and team-based strategy through both competitive and cooperative modes. In this way it allows people from all backgrounds, levels of skill and ages the chance to play together while simultaneously fostering communication skills essential for problem-solving within more complex gaming platforms.


“Getting the entire family together and playing Angry Birds Knock On Wood was amazing. My kids were completely engaged and yelling with excitement throughout the entire game. It’s a great way to get everyone together and have some real fun!” – Chris, Dad

“I’ve played many board games over the years, but never one as unique as this! Playing Angry Birds Knock On Wood was so much fun. The rules are easy to learn, but it has a lot of depth in strategy.” – David, Board Game Enthusiast

“This game brought out the competitive spirit in us! We had an incredible time trying to outsmart each other and we laughed for hours. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a challenge or just looking for a good way to spend time with friends.” – Amanda, Mom

Future Releases

The Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood is a highly anticipated game for fans of the Angry Birds franchise. Now, developers are previewing future releases and expansions to increase excitement among players. The developers have announced that this game will receive additional content following its release, offering new experiences and challenges to those who play. These expansions will provide new objectives, more complicated tasks, and plenty of strategic possibilities that weren’t available before. This extra content allows players to continue developing their strategy and gaining a deeper understanding of the game in between playing online or with friends. While these expansions are not yet released, these previews have generated tremendous interest among gamers looking to take their experience to the next level. As fan anticipation builds up as these future releases draw near, it looks like the Angry Birds Board Game will be an intense gaming experience in the months ahead!

Historical Context

Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood is a popular game that provides fun and entertainment for the whole family. The game was first released in 2013, by Spin Master Games, and has since become a fan favorite. This board game was inspired by the classic mobile phone application “Angry Birds”, created by Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

At the time of its release, the launch of Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood came at a perfect moment to capitalize on the huge success of ‘Angry Birds.’ It topped the App Store’s list of best-selling paid apps within hours of its debut. By the end of 2011, it had been downloaded over 500 million times and earned $70 million in revenue, becoming one of the most successful mobile games ever created.

The game itself is quite simple but enjoyable for a wide audience. Players are expected to complete goals by trying to knock down as many pigs as possible using wooden catapult launchers with special bird tokens as ammo – reminiscent of shooting birds from bats to knockout pigs from towers in ‘Angry Bird’s original version. The goal then is to earn enough points for each player’s team before all their bird tokens have been launched in order to win.

The popularity of ‘Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood’ parallels other popular games such as Battleship or Jenga whose use accuracy and strategy stand out as attractive qualities in gaming experiences. Like those games, ‘Angry Bird’sBoard Game Knock On Wood’ requires players to make tactical decisions regarding how they use their resources with each move having unintended consequences later on in gameplay. These elements add an extra layer of excitement which bring people back to Angry Bird’s Board Game Knock On Wood time and time again.


Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood revolutionized family game night by taking the classic board game of Angry Birds and adding a digital element to it. Players can now use their phones to help locate pigs and knock them over with balsa wood birds. The game is designed for two to four players, so even smaller families can have fun playing together. Families are instantly engaged in this digital twist on traditional playset games: they spend time working together, having fun knocking down pigs, and challenging each other in a competitive and hilarious way. Ultimately, Angry Birds Board Game Knock On Wood brings an exciting modern digital twist while still basing it on the beloved classic of a board game that has been cherished for years.

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