How To Play Ooops Board Game

Introduction to Ooops Board Game

Ooops Board Game is a fun, fast-paced game that originated in Germany that is suitable for the whole family. It was designed by Emil Gutjahr and was released to the public in 1997. This cleverly crafted game has had variations released over the course of its life, but it continues to draw players of all ages to its colorful, simple mechanics.

Its objective is quite easy to understand ” it’s a race! Each player chooses an individual colored piece (red, blue, yellow or green) with which they will travel around the board heading for the goal line at the end. Whoever reaches that point first is declared the winner. As a classic board game for kids and adults alike, Ooops requires strategy and luck if you are to get ahead of your opponents.

You can make use of different Path cards to try and go straight across spaces on the board or use “Turn Around” cards which help you move past obstacles created by your foes on their turn. You’ll be enthralled with this three-dimensional gaming experience where bumps in the road are common ” luckily there are enough rewards along the path for a brave traveller!

Setting up the Game

Setting up the Ooops Board Game is easy and doesn’t require any tools or prior knowledge. All you need is the board, 26 tiles with letters, 8 white tiles with numbers, 8 shaped tokens of different colors that match the numbers on the white tiles, a dice and a scoring sheet.

Step 1: Unfold the board and place it on a flat surface. Put all tokes of the same color in one corner or in an envelope so they are ready to use once you decide who starts.

Step 2: Roll the die and adjust your order of play by placing the player rolled highest at the bottom centre of the board followed by all players in clockwise direction around them including yourself (the ones presented on the left side).

Step 3: Now get all 26 letter tiles ready. The game works best when each player randomly picks out 11 tiles for themselves and places them face down on their side of their table, whereas 15 remaining tiles should be spread across the open section in center of table facing up.

Step 4: Last but not least each person takes their turn in clockwise order to roll dice and move around as many words they can build off themselves till they reach an endpoint forcing them to pass their turn over to next person. The more words you play more points you earn; once finished arranging total scores will help understand who won ( it goes round sideways from left corner to right corner then crosswise from top corner to bottom end). Have fun!

Basic Gameplay Overview

Ooops Board Game is a game that involves both strategy and luck. The goal of the game is to collect five coins of the same color. To do this, you must move your token around the board by rolling a dice. On each turn you will get two rolls and can choose which one to use.

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The board is made up of different colored squares, each with its corresponding coin type in the middle. To collect these coins you have to land on them first; one roll or two depending on where your token was at the beginning of your turn. After collecting the coin, your token must continue its movement according to the number rolled on the dice and cannot be stopped until it has reached its designated spot according to that roll.

At any point during your turn, if there are no available spots for you to land on, or if one of your opponents coins blocks yours from landing, then your move comes to an end prematurely for that round and you are not allowed to use both rolls (the un-used roll will be returned back into the box).

The game ends when one player has successfully acquired five matching coins while obtaining more than their opponents. In order to score points, players can place their accumulated coins on certain squares within their home area at the start of a round; they will score two points per coin they manage to place there before their parts’ turn begins.

The person who reaches 25 points first will be declared as the winner!

Advanced Tips and Strategies

1. Read the instructions before you start to make sure you understand each rule and how to play the game correctly.

2. Start by separating out all of the pieces according to their color so you know where they are going when it is time to construct your walls.

3. Strategically place pieces in your wall when building, as certain spots will give more help than others when it comes to defending against opponents’ moves. Pay attention to how much more difficult certain sections are that may require more pieces or even different strategies from yourself than other sections.

4. Don’t forget about the Power Cards! These powerful cards can be used at the end of the game for a few points, which in the long run can often determine who wins and loses a match. Make sure you know how many remain throughout each game and plan accordingly for how many you need for a successful ending.

5. After constructing your walls, use positioning wisely – try cutting off portions of your opponent’s wall or sandwiching them between two parts of yours without giving them any space to breathe!

6. Use double plays if possible – this can prevent your opponents from using their tokens while also allowing you to make progress on both sides of your wall during one turn!

7. Check out alternate scoring options – while the most popular way to score points is based on completed walls, alternate methods are allowed including capturing entire rows or sections within walls or completing diagonal lines or other shapes depending on what type of challenge you want during that particular round of play!

Game Variations

Ooops Board Game is an exciting, strategy-based family game. The objective of the game is for players to create four completed Yahtzee-style images on their tiles.

There are some optional rules and different ways to play the game with multiple players or teams. For instance, if playing in teams, each team can select one tile and try to complete it four times as a collective effort.

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If players have a competitive streak, they can challenge one another by setting a certain amount of rounds they must complete within a certain amount of time – whoever completes their images the fastest wins! Similarly, you could set smaller goals like who completes the most shapes in seven rounds; this variation of gameplay is especially helpful when first learning the rules.

Another option is to combine pieces from other players’ tiles; this variation creates added complexity for an even more challenging match!


Q1: What is Ooops?
A1: Ooops is a classic party game for 3-4 players, ages 8 and above. The objective of the game is to get rid of all your cards before anyone else does. Players take turns picking from one of five actions ” drawing from the deck, discarding one or more draws, exchanging cards with another player, playing an action card, or freezing another player. First one to get rid of all their cards wins!

Q2: How do I win in Ooops?
A2: To win in Ooops, you must be the first player to discard all your cards before any other players do. To do this, you must make strategic use of your hand by managing what type of card you are holding closely during your turn. Look out for opportunities to pull off high-risk plays like discarding multiple draw cards or exchanging a hand with another player.

Q3: What are Action Cards?
A3: Action Cards are special cards held within each player’s deck in the game of Ooops which allow for additional control over gameplay. It allows for swapping hands with other players, freezing other players’ turns and more. These can often give you an advantage over others in terms of advantageous game situations!


Ooops is an interactive, fast-paced board game designed for two or more players. This game requires the players to use their memory, coordination, and reflexes in order to win. The game involves the players rolling dice and using various tiles to build their own unique board. The objective of the game is to cover more tiles than your opponent in any given turn before the time runs out. If you manage to do so, you have won the game!

To conclude, Ooops is a fun, exciting board game perfect for family and friends of all ages that combines memory, coordination and reflexes into one challenging yet enjoyable experience. We encourage you to give this game a try and explore various variations that can be created with it.

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