Mad Moves Board Game

Target Audience

The intended target audience for the Mad Moves Board Game is children aged 6-10. This game is a fun, exciting way to get kids up and active while having a blast! It encourages physical activity and helps educate young players about the importance of exercise. It is a great way to engage family and friends in an entertaining board game that involves lots of physical actions and activities. This game can provide hours of interactive entertainment for children and adults alike.

Latest Developments

Recently, Mad Moves Board Game has made several updates to keep the game exciting and interesting. One of the changes includes introducing additional cards with wacky and wild moves that must be performed by the players. This adds a new level of challenge to the game as players must be creative in their attempts to complete each move successfully. Additionally, a new action-packed 3D board has been added that allows for multiple players at once. This board is also reversible so that one side provides a different colour palette and game board layout than the other, giving players more options when playing the game. Finally, custom character pieces are available to give players a unique avatar they can identify with while playing the game.


Mad Moves Board Game accessories can include a wide variety of items tailored to make the game more enjoyable, such as fun props like hats, tambourines, streamers, and even instruments. Having different theme-related props to choose from when playing Mad Moves can help add to the festive atmosphere of the board game and make playing it more engaging for all participants. The additional props can also lead to a variety of new challenges within the game itself as players continue to explore different aspects and possibilities within a particular challenge. In addition, having extra pieces and pieces of clothing (e.g., shirts or vests) available so that teams/individuals can customize their characters adds an extra level of delight and participation in the game.

Relevant Videos

Mad Moves is a fun, fast-paced board game that’s perfect for those who want some laughs and excitement! The aim of the game is to move around the board, collect three cards and make it back to home base before anyone else. To do this, players must step into different shoes — from running, skating, shuffling or even flapping their wings like a bird — in order to go a certain distance on the board. As you move through each space, there are chances for bonus moves ” if you roll the special dice ” and exciting (but crazy!) challenges that you must complete in order to become the winner!

Board Game Logo Design

Here are some video links that can help with learning the rules and playing Mad Moves:

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In Mad Moves Board Game, players score points in two ways. First, players receive five points for successfully matching color and shape from a card drawn from the deck to one of the available game pieces on the board. Secondly, players receive an additional ten points for successfully matching two colors or shapes from a card drawn to any two pieces on the board at the same time. If a player matches all four colors or shapes on their card to four corresponding game pieces on the board, they will receive a “quad” bonus of 50 points. All completed quads are marked with an extra playing piece so that players can keep track of their quads easily throughout game play.


Mad Moves Board Game is a fun, family-friendly game that can provide hours of entertainment for all ages. Parents and children alike will love the bright colors and fun artwork featured on the pieces and cards. The game itself is fairly simple and straightforward, yet allows plenty of room for creative interpretation when playing. It also encourages socialization between players, as they must cooperate in order to achieve their collective goal of finding enough wild tiles to win the game. Some reviews have noted that Mad Moves is easy to learn but provides an enjoyable challenge regardless of your skill level. Players often find themselves coming back to this game due to its replayability and variety of strategies it offers. Additionally, some reviewers attest that Mad Moves offers an unique insight into communication and cooperation that’s invaluable even outside of the board gaming world!

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Tips for Players

• Familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. Take your time to review them before each session of play.

• Utilize strategy in your game play. Be mindful of the moves you make and try to plan ahead as much as possible.

• A major key to success at Mad Moves is to complete your goal cards quickly. Try to work towards completing a goalcard first instead of collecting more pieces or gathering more resources.

• Keep an eye on what your opponents are doing – if one opponent is close to completing a goal card, consider blocking their next move with one of yours.

• Don’t be afraid to take risks! You never know what move may end up helping you win the game in the long run!

• Have fun! Enjoy yourself and the company you’re playing with – embrace the creativity that board games can bring and keep track of your overall progress from round to round.


Currently, Mad Moves Board Game has a daily tournament leaderboard and offers weekly prize giveaways. Every day, participants may enter the competition by submitting a score or taking part in a high score challenge. Participants with the highest scores will be featured on the tournament leaderboards and are eligible to win prizes. Prizes vary depending on the week and include exclusive rewards such as limited edition game pieces and upgraded playing boards. Additionally, players that accumulate points during their gameplay are rewarded with XP tokens which can unlock even more rewards, including access to exclusive game material not available in stores.


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