How To Play Ouija Board Game Online

Introduction to the Ouija Board Game

The Ouija Board is a game known around the world and has been popular in many cultures since its invention in 1890. It is also sometimes referred to as a Spirit board or talking board and has been used by people looking for answers to their questions, guidance on decisions, or even entertainment. The game’s popularity stems from its origin when the name ‘Ouija’ was patented with William Fuld claiming rights to the name.

The basic premise of playing the Ouija board involves one or more players placing their fingertips on a planchette which then pivots around the board pointing out letters, numbers and symbols in order to spell out words that can answer questions. While some believe these responses are supernatural in origin others are simply attributed to each player unconsciously applying pressure to the planchette, allowing it to move where they imagine it should go. Other variations of the game involve using two separate boards placed side by side that one person actively reads from while another indicates words by moving either their hands directly across both boards simultaneously or over one board at without lifting them from the surface thus amplifying their knowledge base.

Today, there are many online versions of this game available allowing individuals to interact with a virtual Ouija, many using audio and visual cues so that players can have an experience similar to playing at an actual table. These online versions typically require very minimal setup or equipment with some offering free trials in order to see if they are compatible before paying any money. No matter what version you choose, all require active participation within a group setting – making sure every participant is respectful of each other while having fun and understanding the potential outcome before starting play.

Rules of the Ouija Board Game

The Ouija board game is an ancient divination tool that can be used to ask questions of the “other side.” The board has a series of letters and numbers printed on it, as well as the word “yes” and “no,” which are used to communicate with spirits. Players must have at least two participants to play the game. Each player should place two fingers lightly on the planchette, a small heart-shaped device that’s used to move over the letters and spell out words from beyond.

When playing online, it’s recommended that all participants stay focused on the task and remain respectful. It’s important for both players to agree not to ask questions about topics such as religion or death, because these subjects may elicit volatile responses from angry or distressed spirits. Additionally, players should be aware of their boundaries—they should end the session if they start feeling uncomfortable or afraid.

Playing the Ouija board can be an exciting experience, but it’s critical that all participants fully understand the risks before they begin. Negative spiritual entities may use this as an opportunity to contact our world; therefore, it is advisable NOT to proceed with a session unless each player is emotionally stable and has been forewarned of any potential negative outcomes of playing such games. Furthermore, it is essential that each individual understand how powerful such games can be and so all parties should practice caution when engaging in any form of spirit communication.

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Playing the Ouija Board Game Online

There are a variety of online platforms available for playing the Ouija Board Game online. Depending on the platform or website selected, there may be different options available to enhance the game experience.

Some popular websites to play Ouija Board include,, and the Official Hasbro App (for mobile devices). Many of these platforms offer various features, such as voice and video chat, themed boards and other 3D animations.

To get started, find an online platform that you want to use for your game and make sure it is compatible with your device (PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone). Once you have decided on a platform, join the game using your email address or username. You will then be asked to set up your “virtual board” by choosing different customization options — such as size and color — for each part of the board (planchette included!).

After customizing your board, invite some friends/family members/fellow paranormal enthusiasts to join you! You can do this by sending out customizable invites or asking people to input their email/username into a specific room code. Make sure everyone has read any safety rules set in place by the website hosting the game before continuing with play.

The goal of any Ouija Board Game session is usually predetermined by joining players prior to starting; however typical sessions tend to involve seeking out answers from supernatural forces while players utilize tools such as psychic readings or tarot cards within specialized screens matching their boards’ themes. Asking yes-or-no questions with multiple choice options is also common during game sessions lasting 45 minutes – one hour. Some games also provide helpful insights in between rounds as participating players share their individual experiences of successful evocation techniques when communicating with supernatural beings using their own unique methods to guide others in quickly getting results during their Ouija Board play session!

Safety Precautions to Consider

When playing the Ouija Board online, it is important to consider safety measures to reduce the potential risks associated with using an online platform. Playing the Ouija Board can open up pathways for communication with unseen entities, spiritual forces, and other energies. It is essential to remember that despite it being a game, engaging with these unseen forces should be done mindfully and responsibly.

Therefore, before joining a game online and engaging in such activities, it is necessary to create an atmosphere of protection and security. This can be done by creating an intention prior to starting the game which sets out boundaries and rules for the session. It may be helpful to team up with players who share similar spiritual beliefs in order for everyone to understand why some things are not allowed within the circle like crossing barriers set at this stage of the game play or sharing condolences about other people’s beloved ones or family members.

Furthermore, because it is possible to come across negative energies when accessing this type of spiritual activity, taking precautions such as saying prayers or affirming yourself as safe through chanting is beneficial practice prior to starting the game. Creating a safe zone specific for this type of activity by using holy water or crystals boosts the energy around and helps protect those playing from any potentially dangerous outside influences. Creating verbal boundaries ca also help all participants feel more secure while playing, such as asking that no negative influences get involved in your session etc.. Moreover, once you have played your Ouija board games online it is beneficial to end all sessions with a ‘closure’ or ‘protection prayer’ in order for any opened pathways of communication during gameplay close properly afterwords. Being aware of potential risks and incorporating these safeguards into gameplay will help make interaction through online platforms fun and thrilling while still keeping everyone involved safe!

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Pros & Cons of Playing Ouija Online


Using online platforms to play the Ouija Board Game lets players connect with each other no matter where they are located. People can play using devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets while in different cities or countries. It also eliminates the risk of losing physical boards and accidentally misplacing pieces.

The online game has safety measures in place to protect players’ privacy, which is often an issue with real-life Ouija board games due to their spiritual nature. Plus, most of these games come with detailed instruction guides for new players to easily understand the rules and gameplay.


Unfortunately, one of the downsides of playing Ouija online is that it lacks the felt presence or “energy” from actual physical human contact, making it difficult for some people to access the spiritual aspect of this form of divination. Additionally, if playing over webcam or audio chat applications like FaceTime or Zoom, there may be technical issues and unexpected disturbances that interfere with gameplay experiences. Lastly, since you won’t have a physical Ouija board to maintain your focus on throughout the game, it’s easy for your mind to wander and make concentrating harder as compared to when playing live.


Playing the Ouija board game online can be a thrilling and fun experience. It is important to remember safety tips so you don’t encounter any form of danger while playing. It is also a wise idea to preplan some questions you have in mind before you start playing and ensure that everyone participating is aware of the rules of the game. Getting the most out of this game requires keeping an open mind and making sure the atmosphere is comfortable for the participants.

It can also help to have resources close by such as reference books or online materials to further investigate any curious ideas that arise during the game. Connecting with other groups or individuals who may have experienced playing would also be beneficial, as it provides suggestions on how to best achieve your goals. Ultimately, having an enjoyable time with companions or friends can make for an exciting exploration into this mystical realm.

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