How To Play World Of Warcraft Board Game


World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world, and now it’s a board game! World of Warcraft: The Board Game lets players join forces as they battle their way through the game’s iconic zones. The board game pits two to six players against each other in a race to level up and defeat formidable foes. Here’s how to play World of Warcraft: The Board Game:

Objective – The objective of the game is simple: traverse 30 zones, advancing forward by appealing to monsters that your hero encounters. Defeat all monsters on each page to move onto the next map. Reach level 60 before any opponents do so you can be declared the winner! Equip mythical weapons at different stages along your journey and use Strategy cards to increase your hero’s abilities.

Set Up – Begin by placing the game board in front of all players. Each player then chooses one hero character and removes their accompanying deck of cards, tokens, dice and pieces from the main box. Shuffle your Hero Deck of twenty-five cards and place them face down in front of you within easy reach. Place your hero piece at starting position on the quest track near zone 1; also make sure everyone has enough resources for their turn (e.g., hit points, gold). Everyone takes turns rolling the dice and taking their turns according to those numbers, then passing clockwise around until someone takes out the final monster on zone 30 and wins!

Gameplay – To begin each turn, draw a card from your Hero Deck or obtain resources from an unclaimed Quest or Treasure figure on your path (note some locations may require a dice roll). Then choose whether you want to take part in combat with nearby creatures or pass on which will end your turn without spending any energy points (EP). And if you decide to engage, carefully select which attacks or abilities you’ll use strategically until either yourself or nearby monsters are defeated ” watch out as some enemies will counterattack if provoked. As you progress through each zone take into consideration that how far behind other heroes are represented by how far along they are on their boards compared with yours; be mindful that staying ahead is key but don’t forget buying important items throughout levels can always help too! Ultimately when one player reaches level sixty first ” they win! To determine who made it there first conditions is simplified into comparing everyone’s score after everyone has completed level thirty route consecutively; whoever has taken out most number foes and collected/stacked up greatest rewards wins overall victory!

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1. Pay careful attention to spells and special abilities when deciding which cards to play. These can give you an advantage if used correctly.

2. Plan ahead and think a few moves in advance. Try predicting what your opponent might do or how their strategies will affect the game.

3. Take advantage of your resources ” consider whether it’s better to use a card or expend an resources for the same effect (such as using a spell instead of risking hiring an NPC).

4. Don’t be afraid to take risks, but also always keep an eye on the end goal. Some bold moves may work out in your favor, but sometimes it pays off just to stay conservative and bank on steadier progress towards victory conditions.

5. Consider building up your defenses before going on the offensive as well ” some battles are won by outlasting opponents rather than overwhelming them with force!

Variant Rules

1. Quest Deck Mode: When playing this variant, players draw cards from the quest deck instead of drawing an event cards when they enter a new region. These may be short or long side quests that grant bonus rewards when successfully completed and all have a different level of difficulty.

2. Cooperative Gameplay: In this version of the game, players are working together against a common enemy (represented by the board) with each of them taking on different roles and abilities to complete the mission presented on their respective event card or venture card.

3. Custom Adventure Mode: Players create their own customized adventure by placing their sub-decks and other materials in randomly drawn locations to form unique maps, creating custom NPCs/enemies as well as unique adventures for play. This mode uses all the core rules plus whatever house rules the players choose to create their own story line!

4. Dungeon Crawl Mode: This is a more traditional video game variant where each player takes on an individual hero role and must explore various dungeon areas for treasure, enemies and experience points by navigating chasms, caves, lairs and dungeons located within certain regions using only what they can find inside these areas.

5. Open World Mode: Take away the idea of ‘turf wars’ completely in this version and allow your players to explore wherever they please whilst still retaining the resources vs rewards element but with no random events thrown in at junctions or while travelling across continents/worlds within your chosen game universe!

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Solo Play Options

World of Warcraft Board Game has a built-in solo play mode! In solo play, players can choose from one of the five avatars ” human warriors, orcs, night elves, and undead ” or simply create their own character. Players are able to create goals for themselves and strategize how to achieve them. During their turn, players can explore dungeons, fight bosses and enemies using specialized abilities unique to their character’s class/type and use magic spells, weapons and items that they have collected along the way. With each battle won or quest completed, the player will gain experience points and loot which they can use to upgrade their powers and equipment in order to become more powerful. The ultimate goal is to defeat all of the other avatars in the gameboard by either obliterating them in combat or completing larger quests before anyone else does. Once one avatar has done this then that player wins the game!


Q: What do I need to play the World of Warcraft Board Game?
A: You need at least two players, a set of playing pieces, a dungeon board, character cards, 2-6sided dice, and optional power cards.

Q: How long does a game of World of Warcraft Board Game typically last?
A: The length of each game varies depending on the number and level of experience possessed by the players. However, for a standard game with 4-5 players and basic level rules, a game typically lasts about 60 minutes.

Q: What are the main objectives for each player?
A: Each player has their own unique quest to complete (achieved by drawing from their character cards). Generally speaking however, all players must work together to defeat powerful monsters and advance through different dungeon levels in order to win the game.

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